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Uggh so to play the IDKs is so horrible, and quite frankly i think my computer may need an upgrade...so tomorrow I am going to see about getting myself an upgraded CPU at Staples...or at least to figure out if it can be upgraded...I don't really want to buy a new computer as my mom bought me this one so heres to hoping.

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quinctia March 11th, 2011
You might have to get an entirely new motherboard to change the CPU, but I've never done that sort of upgrading. You do have a desktop, at least, right? I've got a laptop, so I'm pretty much stuck replacing it.

Which I'm probably in the market to do, soonish. This computer is four years old and my CPU is definitely the sticking point in just about anything I want to do.

Funny, I thought I'd run out of RAM first. :P

kingmike1224 March 11th, 2011
uggh dont i know it, but i mean for a 10 yr old computer its faired very well...i upgraded the video card and the ram with no issue...cpu might be a bit trickier since i dont know exactly what i can get...im not looking for the top of the line best ever cpu just prolly a 2 GHz or a 2.4 GHz...right now its operating on a 1.6

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