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The Pimlico VDS Legacy 1.3

Last time...was waaaaaay too long ago. Victoria gave birth to a baby boy, Paddington, who's father is Hera Randolph rikkulidea, and Dean Fry simnels stepped up to be the man of the house. He spent alot of time with Paddy. That didn't stop Victoria from hooking up with David Peet dothesmustle and getting pregnant. They made it through the first challenge of getting locked out, only to stumble into the new challenge of Victoria having to max her charisma....good luck with that as she proved to be very birth to triplet boys Kew Gardens, Seven Sisters and North Wembley. We left off with Victoria getting knocked up by Dean...and on with the show.

So we left off with the suspense of the nanny and wondering if she'd pick up the diaper...well shock of all shocks...she hasn't picked it up yet...

Yet she has taken to cleaning up the rest of the house.

Dean comes home with a promotion, but whats with the creeper old man outside?

Not that Victoria cares anyway, she's off to sleep...Pregnancy seems to kill the crap out of this girl lemme tell you.

Mmmm Dragon Snort Glittergaze...I need to get him into ONE of my legacies.

It's Paddy's birthday, look at how he celebrates...sleeping. Love him to death.

Victoria though, well having to make sure the babies are all good, has given up control of her own motives. I kinda feel bad for her...if she hadn't told me off in her first update.

You've made me soil myself, Fuck off!

What the hell bitch, I'm not the whore sleeping around and having multiple kids

Oh really?!

God, why won't you let me go to sleep?!

Cuz you have three toddlers, how else do you expect them to be taken care of?

That's why I have a live in boyfriend

Well Var Bork didn't sleep for days when she had her quads, be lucky I don't make your ass stay to the caffiene.

Dean, I think I may be pregnant.

That solves the mystery then, I can put this book away.

Well they ARE blonde after all.

Sorry wolfie, but no inside for you...I really do hate the pets expansion sometimes.

Well I'm soooorry game, but Victoria is on the brink of death and Paddy's bar is only yellow...give it a rest.

SON OF A BITCH! I am not having a miscarriage this early in a legacy where I can control everyone.

Enough of that!!

Shut Up! I want attention!

Then win the fucking Nobel Prize!!

Mommy, please change my diaper.

Who are you? I will not change your diaper, go away

Mother of the year ladies and gentleman.

Oh and she is indeed bringing in another one. I dunno about this.

HEY ASSHOLE! Over here.

Ok seriously, why are you so nasty to me?

Cuz you are making me have a baby.

Correction...that is baby #5, you do have 4 MORE roaming around the house, and You are the one who humped Dean like a rabbit.

Hey bitch, don't need you anymore today. Go away. *smug*

Are you always this crude?

Have you not heard how she talks to me?!

Hey Einstein, aren't you like 5 months pregnant? Why are you outside without CLOTHES on?

Cuz the snowman needed a hat and broom.


Holy shit! She changed a diaper since she moved indoors.

SO today is birthday day...its Paddy's as well.

Can we get the smelly bitch out of here?

Ahh someone has been hanging out with his mother...This is just screaming a visit from social services.

I really don't know why I took this picture..but it was too nice to leave out.

LOL this bitch is gonna drive me nuts with her pregnancies.

WTF?! How is that bad...he stood up for the truth...its the damn mother's fault anyway.

Dean comes home not so pleased and brings home Drew...well some good came out of it though.

Dean does step into the fatherhood mode though, walks in and takes care of the baby...doesn't even take care of his own needs...what a good guy.

Still on with the challenge...I'm gonna fail this miserably.

I don't know who's sim this is...and I will probably never see him again...but I WANT!

This easily defines her pregnancies...She sleeps, eats and lets Dean watch the damn kids. Damn woman needs to be sterilized.

And the trips finally grow up...I'll show you who they are after their makeovers cuz quite frankly I don't remember LOL.

Dean still being the best dad figure ever, making sure he spends time with Paddy even though there are 3 toddlers that want a lot of attention.

So here is Kew Gardens,

and North Wembley,

and this little cutie is Seven Sisters...they came out totally adorable.

OH HELL MOTHER FUCKIN NO!!! I am not winding up with a grilled cheese sim who has the cuisine hobby. FUCK THAT SHIT!


The baby kicked my bladder and made me pee.

Mmm Hmmm, you keep telling yourself that.

Thank you so much Ava for stealing my...invisible...newspaper. WTF?!

Yo Bitch! The baby woke me wants out.

How am I supposed to help you with THAT?!

Let's live dangerously.

And we have one adorable little girl, named Angel.

I could totally fall asleep right here.


Family shot...and their house from what I made of it so far.

We come back to the house to find...North Wembley being left in a landfill...OK seriously the nanny is fucking useless right now.

Well he was trying to survive in a landfill, can I clean him off before I feed him?

Meanwhile, these two have been getting along smoothly...Its very adorable lemme tell you.

SO Paddy, Grilled Cheese is the perfect meal for you to have. It has carbs, protein and even a good dose of dairy for you.

Hun, don't scramble his mind this early into his development.

It's how I met your other mother Paddy.

Family issues...yup this family tops them all.

Last ditch effort people. It's getting close to the new week.

OK game, I get it...I have to feed just North problem.


SON OF A BITCH!! but YAY birthdays.

This is such a sad scene...poor Kew Gardens just couldn't get to a mat.

Don't yell at your daughter for shitting her diaper...change it dammit.

Here's Angel, totally adorable and pinchable cheeks.

North Wembley and Seven Sisters grew up well as well...holy shit this may be surprising.

Well there went the trifecta...damn you Kew Gardens.

Victoria decides that its time to shower...and its challenge. Last challenge...Failed miserably.

You have got to be kidding me?!

Even Angel can't believe this shit...what next?!

Craig Dorsey decides to come by...where were you a few days ago when you coulda been a baby daddy?

And Iago Simpson decides to come home with North Wembley...kinda scary how much they look alike. I need to stop using that hairdo.

And the key to getting Dean out is here...Hi Dionysus.

Is Victoria cheating on me?

Sorry dude, You knew it was bound to happen.

Well fuck this then, I'm out.

Bye Dad.

Remember, if your mother has another baby, it's not mine.

Do you really think they will care about that? Not that she is going to have one more kids!!

But they can have some fun trying to have those kids though.

And Kew Gardens decided to start a fight with someone and quite frankly I don't remember at this point...its been forever since I actually played.

OK seriously...A) Paddy doesn't need the birds and the bees this early...B) Hello Creeper! and C) YOU EVIL BITCH I HATE YOU!

As creeper goes after Angel, the boys keep themselves occupied. I was almost tempted to use the Paddy picture for the teaser. Isn't he adorable?!

These 2 end their date and start a new one at like 3 am...cuz someone's energy bar is full from sleeping all day.

LOL but the second she starts getting morning sickness...he bolts for the door...BURN!!

Hi Pomegranate!! *waves*

While Victoria is helping the kids with their homework...Something happens.



Aww well at least there is ONE person who's happy there's gonna be a new baby.
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