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Kingbee Challenge epilogue and poll

So I decided that you know what...I gave birth to 80 kids by 10 different men and now its time to pass the torch to a new bee...but I'm gonna get a happy ending damnit! So we invite over all the drones to see who my heart pitter patters for.

The men start off strong what with their love for me, though why Tyler must want to joke and pillow fight is another thing.

Bubblegum and Furbolg decided that since I was busy, they would totally start hitting on each other.

Not that I minded so much what with Hsigo macking on me.

After that short rendezvous, I sent everyone home for the night and had 2 options...so I thought I would let my wants make my choice after a date with each of them...So I call up Hsigo for a date.

And well while Michael calls up happy to hear that his father and I are still hot for each other...it does kind of kill the romance...Dream date but no wants for marriage/engagement. So the only thing I can do.

Try eligible bachelor #2, Furbolg. I decide a nice evening date in will be a nice change of pace.

Upon greeting Furbolg for a romantic evening, My sim has made up his mind. He wants the hott alien Furbolg, not only rolling an engagement want, but a marriage want for him as well. (I have never seen that before).

/engagement spam

But with lot jealousy off, I decide that I need to throw a party for it all, and invite over almost all the drones.

Who come together (they do live together after all) they come with a unique style.

LOL why not, they are all 6 months pregnant with my kid...yes they all got a surprise for themselves.

While I do feel for Hsigo, he really just didn't do it...even if he thought we were going steady.

/marriage spam

And with a good party, we take off on our honeymoon.

And giving a little surprise...but to find out...gotta wait til it happens. :P But with my happily married life, I can't honestly cheat on my new hubby...so I pass the torch onto one of my kids...I picked one from each dad, and you get to pick the new Bee.

Willow Crayola-Andrews (Asparagus Crayola leenyland)

Haley Laurince-Andrews (Ivan Laurince rikkulidea)

Charles Broke-Andrews (Andrew Broke simgarooop)

Emmett Emery-Andrews (Kirk Emery simrenity)

Lana Mosher-Andrews (Peace Mosher bondchick_nett)

Carrie Peet-Andrews (Tyler Peet dothesmustle)

Will Von Prism-Andrews (Bubblegum Von Prism radiationpoison)

Travis Mythos-Andrews (Hsigo Mythos tinykatsims)

Waikiki Niji-Andrews (Lava Niji racetrackd)

Hellhound Magicakes-Andrews (Furbolg Magicakes brilliantsims)

Poll #1730080 Next Bee
This poll is closed.

Who should be the next King/Queen Bee?

Willow Crayola-Andrews
Haley Laurince-Andrews
Charles Broke-Andrews
Emmett Emery-Andrews
Lana Mosher-Andrews
Carrie Peet-Andrews
Will Von Prism-Andrews
Travis Mythos-Andrews
Waikiki Niji-Andrews
Hellhound Magicakes-Andrews

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olivethegreat April 14th, 2011
I loved the wedding. Very cute. :)
I voted for Hellhound. I just love her face shape.

kingmike1224 April 16th, 2011
I dunno..i had alot of beautiful kids, it was hard to pick one from each dad...but I have to say that Hellhound was by far the favorite from Furbolg

And dammit, I wanted my happy ending :p

lil_pixiedevil April 14th, 2011
Awwww, what a cute way to end this round of child bearing :D Whoever is chosen next will have beautiful babies; they're all gorgeous!

kingmike1224 April 16th, 2011
LOL do you have any idea how difficult it was to pick the one from each for the poll...i was going at wits end and decided that it had to be 5 girls and 5 boys

quinctia April 14th, 2011

kingmike1224 April 16th, 2011
LOL you had better get some campaigning then, cuz she's losing right now

brilliantcat April 14th, 2011
*SQUEE* Aww he married Furbolg! This was too cute for words!

Now to vote, why must it be so haaaaard?

kingmike1224 April 16th, 2011
Haha i was surprised considering how head over heels he was for Hsigo since he met him...but i guess everything works out and I got a hott alien...or at least he did LOL

OK you think its hard to pick from 10...i had to pick from out of 80 kids the 10 for the poll :p

la_bellavita April 15th, 2011
i wanna start to play again. think you could give me good websites and good cheat codes ? lol

kingmike1224 April 16th, 2011
meh cheat codes arent that hard to come by...if you look up snootysims they have the full list of every cheat...as far as sites go...definitely take a look at Garden of Shadows...and stay away from The Sims Resource

radiationpoison April 16th, 2011
I love Willow, she's so adorable! ♥
And I totally giggled when all the men came waddling up to the wedding, haha, priceless!

kingmike1224 April 16th, 2011
haha All the comments seem to be anchored for Willow, but the poll has Hellhound in the lead.

LOL Well trust me, so did I :p

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