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The Hunter Awesimsauce ISBI 1.4

Sorry that it's been so long since I updated but I had my vacation where i didn't even touch sims and then came back to work and had someone get fired and 3 people go on vacation...and then i got caught up playing the damn game...I have all my houses playing now but i do still plan on making the ultimate hood. Or at least redo the Simpson/Pimlico hood since half the character files are gone and I've lost the graves of most of the simpsons. This weekend you will want to kill me because I will try to update all of my families.

TO recap the Hunters anyway...when we left off, Drew decided that he needed a second baby momma, and went out on the town. Along the way he came across Taylor Leippert, my gift to rikkulidea who's destined to be alone, and decided to hook up with SHAKIRA SOWHUT leenyland. After Ananke Randolph rikkulidea set him up with the very underage papergirl, Drew returned home to his home business. Indigo became a child, after growing up badly and started to take after his mother by screaming at the garbage disposal. Athena Randolph rikkulidea also strolled by the house and Drew decided he found his new baby momma and seduced her. The twins grew up to toddlers and then everything became chaotic. Athena moved in and then got knocked up relatively quickly. Él went psycho and saw the first shrink visit, quickly followed by a second as the twins grew up to children. Athena died and was saved by Drew and gave birth to a baby girl named Violet right before Indigo became a teen with the joy of pleasure.

A big happy wouldn't know that they are possibly the dumbest sims ever.

And Athena is back to her second love, the exercise bike. At this rate she'll get a plaque in no time.

I really do hate chance cards, even with winning them. The Freetime ones are the worst ever!!

No Aphrodite, he isn't for you, go back to homewrecking the IDKs.

Grrr >:|

Oh what the fuck! You get dejected at school so you come home and ruin a painting. You little bitch!! Why can't you be like your twin?

For this picture...I have absolutely no idea why Drew is hanging with a random townie on the sidewalk. She can't get into the family anyway.

Though this, is kinda pushing my creep limit...*must resist urge to cancel sleep action*

Kelpie Mythos tinykatsims has become quite a bit of a stalker of the family. She calls daily to talk to Drew. Probably trying to squeeze herself into the family.

Tyche Randolph rikkulidea and SHAKIRA SOWHUT leenyland decide to pop on over to the house...SHAKIRA may cause a bit of drama is she mentions sleeping with Drew at the park.

Athena shows that it doesn't matter who comes by the house, she will kick anyone's ass if they try to steal her man, besides his wife.

Drew is happy enough though, his baby girl is having a birthday. I bet she's daddy's little girl.

Pre-makeover...she kinda looks like LOL IDK with that hairdo.

Tyche has taken to trying to charm Damian Moore simsforaranya for some loving.

And here is our little beauty Violet with her purple makeover. Aren't you entranced by her beauty.

Athena is such a wonderful mom though, she feeds her daughter, bathes her...Such a nice change from Él.

Él and Drew decide that sexy time is very much needed at this point. Its been a while since she got some loving after all.

Buuuuut Athena has super sensory abilities to know that Drew is cheating on her through the wall.

And races out to beat the snot out of is Él not going WTF is going on here...they should have so programmed that into the game.

Then the chair got buggy, and somehow Él got stuck and so did others so i actually had to delete and rebuy it.

A bit of homework help for Mulberry...i think Drew would wear PANTS at least with kids around the house.

I don't remember exactly who this is, I do think its one of simfinite's Lutzen gang though.

Mulberry, really? Don't torment Violet into the staircase. That is just not nice.

Sweet...Violence in front of the children is always appreciated.

Drew is using his points to start getting the perks. Hey every little bit helps out.

Yes my pretties...beat the snot out of each other. I love it.

Bala Pomponia Alicecat racing_oatmeal calls constantly for Drew. If only she had more chemistry with Drew, she may have been the spouse.

Someone didn't wanna finish their homework before, so now we get to finish it at 6am. Damn pain in the ass.

Meanwhile, Indigo is being a wonderful bug brother, even if it is his half sister. I love that the teens can be so awesome with their younger siblings.

Well this may not be good. I would hate for all of my legacies to go gay. IDKs have been gay since generation 2, Simpsons have been gay a while up until Happy...I kind of want to get away from it for at least one legacy.

Violet is so over-exhausted that she fell right through her bed instead of crawling the foot to be on her bed.

What happened Athena? why are you crying? WHO WRONGED YOU?!!

So she decides to go back and get herself buff like no tomorrow...really Athena...go kick some ass?!

Platinum Element racing_oatmeal, STFU IDK and random townie show up at the house. Maybe i should delete the regular townies?

What the hell? Bitch you were just crying your eyes out, outside, in your underwear? Ok so she's unbalanced as well as Él then.

Indigo comes on home as Adestria Randolph rikkulidea decides to come to the house. Sorry Adestria, you can't marry into the family anymore...I already have 2 wives for Drew even though Athena technically isn't married.

Athena is just so excited for her bike, that she forgets to do simple things like bathe or sleep.

Birfday spam for you all, almost have 3 teens in the house and a kid. That is something lemme tell you.

Damn Drew, when did you get that spare tire around your damn waist, you so do not look sexy enough to have 2 girls fighting over you.

Not that either of them have half a brain combined...Athena is passed out and Él is losing her mind.

Indigo, what is wrong with you?

I'm just praying that she will be ok.

God she smells, tell her to shower

Athena is probably the reason why the business is doing so well, why did it go down?

Oh cuz her ass died...AGAIN. This is really just starting to get pathetic now. Indigo, go do something worth while.

Hell Ya! I beat the grim reaper agian!!

Is Grim a man or woman?

I dunno Indigo, the world isn't ready to know yet.

Tonight's visitors are Dale Forest simsforaranya, Nick Laurince and Adestria you know who they come from already.

Drew races to start teaching Violet her skills now, because as we all know it's getting close to that time.

Birthday spam again...its aging time. and WTF game...Drew was just hanging out with her, and now she's asleep.

Haha, I locked the damn house so the customers can't get in. Sucks for them.

Eggplant, Mmm he is gorgeous!!

and Mulberry, he could barely study and do homework, yet he is a knowledge sim...oh this should be fun.

No Violet, you smell too bad to play with, why don't you go shower?


Ya, so I wouldn't reject this girl for anything.

OMG! Violet you are so funny, I'm going to push my arm through my body and totally dislocate it.

SO all of these creators have been mentioned already so I will not bother to retag them. But Pollux Randolph has a bite, while Calcium Element and SOLAR SYSTEM SOWHUT look for something to nibble.

Athena is looking up some fitness she actually divorcing the exercise bike?!

Drew is loving that the kids have A+'s and JESUS Violet i'm not demanding you do anything, DON'T GO YELLING AT ME!

OMG! Someone else has found the bike...and OMG he won't be fat anymore.

*prays for a fight*

Eggplant apparently doesn't wanna see the cat fight that is about to go down, but Athena is ready to brawl!!

I think Drew is starting to feel a bit sorry for Él, he seems to be swarming her lately.

You are so beautiful Él, that's why I married you.

He's so hott

Why the fuck did that bitch move into this house. Kick her out now.

Fucking homewrecker!!


Oh God I don't want to deal with this crap. Both of them will tear each other apart.

How exactly did you get fit?

LOL Fail and a cry-baby...see how much fun this family can be :)

And Athena comes out the victor...maybe she needs to start buffing herself up.

Danilo ya they really were just fighting over me. It's totally surreal.

Ya I kinda gotta go now, it's getting a bit awkward.

How on earth have they not castrated him yet is beyond me.

So I bought tons of bikes so everyone can start exercising, and hopefully I won't have huge fat family members. These two are working themselves to the bone so one can take the other next time.

Now the shoe is on the other foot, cuz Él just found Drew cheating, not like Athena though, cuz Él was actually in the room.

Violet gets to have a Ballet bar to work with, because she can't use an exercise bike as of yet. Poor girl.

Congrats on having mom as a best friend dude.

Is that an insult or something?

I'm such an embarrassment aren't I?

Yes Él, you completely are.

See, Eggplant is totally a hottie. Even in his gym shorts I wanna molest him. ANd he is just gonna get himself sexier.

So here comes a conundrum. It's 730 in the morning and all the kids are going to bed...NOW. They have to catch the bus in half an hour. So i cheated a bit...I put a radio in each room to get them up. And they still missed the damn bus.

So Drew takes them all to school. I did not need this dammit.

Oh GREEEEEAT! Athena decides hey, i need to get knocked up again so late in the damn legacy.

and while were at it, lets get some food poisoning. Is this bitch for real?!

Poor Drew is so old...I can't believe he's gonna be an elder soon. I may actually cry. I miss him as a teen.

But hanging out with his son will keep him young right? please say yes.

and Indigo is getting himself abducted. Good job. Bet your ass if you're pregnant you are getting kicked out right now.

Athena...whats wrong?! why you holding your stomach?!

Again with a close call...really?! Is this going to be your first pregnancy all over again....are you going to die again?

so she crawls into her would be step son's bed. Go sleep in your own bed.

Someone's home and not pregnant. thats a plus for him.

Another perk...I really don't know what on earth I will do with them at the present moment, but i still have time.

Haha, Athena popped, at least I don't have to worry about her working herself to death and causing an abortion.

That Michael Charvat is hott.

Son what about the girls, are you finding any girls hott?

Who's Michael Charvat?

I'll go call him and see if he wants to go out with you.

I think Indigo may be gay Vi.

Will Michael be my brother in law?

*blank stares*


Eggy that is funny.

Vi, don't encourage him, it's disgusting.

I'm outta here, it reeks.

Can i get a working hack that will downgrade the damn magnetism for the bike? Everyone rides it.

Somehow Eggy winds up melding with BJ Lutzen or Noah Lutzen...But i damn well know its a Lutzen. and they are staring down the ugly townie chicks.


Ok Diva Boy, take a chill pill.

Random Jazz Crayola sighting.

OK JEEZ! What on earth is it with the swooning over Michael Charvat? Is he like sex on legs or something?

Haven't we learned yet? stay away from the telescope.

Though lucky good old Él is there to go nuts. shrink visit number 3 already.

Haha back home very quickly too, the aliens realized he can't have a kid right now.

But I got probed!!

But you need that practice if you wanna marry Michael Charvat.

Your hottness is going to help again, I'm knocked up again

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 3
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 2
Self-Wettings: 4
Pass-Outs: 11
Fights: 1
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 2

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: hunter, idk

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