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The Simpson Legacy 9.5

I guess it helps that I have had this cropped for a while so I should definitely start posting this. I am going to get on a posting spree now watch. Last update, Fox and Randy died, which was a surprise. Emmett, Aidan and Giovanni moved out for the final time, and Ian became a fortune seeking teen just like his mom. The lot got laggy and they moved out and back in again, causing a loss of the family paintings. The trips became toddlers and were quite cute. Ian decided to hook up with the evil witch and then moved off to Uni. Ian grew into a knowledge sim, making him even more to the point of evil genius. The trips also became children as well. Iago then got abducted, came back and went off to school. Poor hott stuff.

So we start by Ian actually going off to uni. I was kinda hoping his mother would join him but its a nice father-son bonding moment.

A tearful goodbye, or a sign that Sly is getting old. You be the judge people.

Here's Ian post clothes change. What on earth was EA thinking sending Ian to uni in what he grew into.

I have no idea why i cropped the picture this way, but yay for a new friend.

birthday spam again. Wow everyone is just getting old...Griffin and Harle are grandparents and just becoming old. I guess i need to start cutting back on the time frame for a while.

Iago is totally being all sexy, but why on earth are the townies fighting with each other?

After all these years, Harle and Griff are still totally horny for each other. Now that's true love.

Poker game is serious business...I think the adults are taking advantage of the teen.

I am trying to keep these 2 very close, so they skill in the same room, and if it's something that 2 can do, they do it together.

Really, WTF townies...get lost if you are going to abuse each other.

o.0 seriously, it was welcome to the Hunters, but I don't need it here.

Kinda embarrassing that the woman kicked his ass. Not that i'm against women empowerment, but kinda sad.

Homework help is a good thing, but in the middle of the street is absolutely ridiculous.

Or you could totally go get yourself abducted, just don't come back pregnant.

Heya Hermes Randolph, you could totally marry into the family at any point.

I have to really again say my hatred for Freetime chance cards. They are just horrid.

Happy comes home with someone who isn't Victoria Pimlico. It's actually Delphina Simpson (or Delphina SOWHUT if you read leenyland's SOWHUT legacy)

I could totally fertilize your eggs, I may be young but I can go for days.

*giggle* you know I'm related to you right.

slightly creepy there Iago.

The kids are doing well in school and Ian is calling his mom before the semester starts. It feels like one of those Hallmark movies where everything falls into place.

Hunny, what do you mean you need to retain a lawyer? What happened in the week you've been gone that you could need a lawyer for?

Guess it wasn't that big of a deal, cuz she is still in the house. Probably sent Delphina or Victoria to handle it. Look at Iago though, getting promoted and topping the career. Is he an overachiever though?

Yes he is, but ahh...Ian grew up badly...that's probably why he needs a lawyer.

Birthday time...time to throw a party.

Hey hott stuff...wanna join the legacy?

LOL so the guest list wasn't exactly was actually just Gareth, cuz I knew i could keep him entertained.

So you know you have a kid, right? Cuz I haven't received child support like ever.

But it's ok, I have enough money for him to live well.

I have a kid? Really?

Yup, how about we make another one?

We could try over and over again.

Old man time.

Party time...and I teleported Ian here as well to celebrate.

OMG! Halre is bald. Makeover needed right away.

Not bad for Griffin though, just a clothing change.

Ya the cop needs a makeover as well...bandanas are so 1980s.

Harle is back and rocking the green mohawk. Not much of a change here.

Oh yes Officer, lets have the discussion with the teenager who is quietly studying. Sure I bet he's the badass who is throwing the party.

The following morning, Iago maxes his last skill. I have no idea what to do with him until i send him to uni. I have the time frame part of inteen where he has to wait til he's "18"

Right now it's just focusing on school and work. He really needs some more teen friends.

Or he can call up his brother to have a good chat. Either way it keeps him occupied for the time being.

Happy got exactly what she wanted from her dad's birthday party...a fetus.

Guys night poker game...Harle is out this round because he is gonna hang out with Igor.

Hot damn, I am totally in love with him...though he has been a favorite for like ever.

It's birthday time...Iago finally has someone to hang out with.

Wow he even grew up into decent clothes...color me impressed. For once EA did good.

Now see i pictured him to be a popularity sim, but I can work with this.

New clothes...Yes i know he looks very similar to Iago but I like it.

So its time for a night out on the town...So lets get these two out and about. Then i realized that I wanted to set up a community lot for them, so I exited and set up the lot.

Family shot...I'm only missing a few of the family. The family will hopefully shrink sooner.

Happy pops again, and Harle is goin around hang loosing everyone...damn viral things.

NOw here's the lot...I used a lot by my_sims_reality and gutted it and well I call it the Urban Pit. Here is the very sexy bartender. *marks her on list of possible spouses*

We also have Brad Simpson and Nadia Laurince. Nadia is lookin awesome with her purple hair. She looks like the eccentric type.

Hot tubbing in the club...It would be amazing except for the fact that every single person that came to the lot was a Simpson relative. So they left.

You that club was hoppin

I know I wish our cousins had stopped showing up, I want some action

I felt bad for poor I gave into his want of adopting a kid. It would be a nice companion for Happy's kid too. No one should grow up alone.

It's sexy time around the Simpson house, with Happy and Sly goin at it, and the boys strutting around in their skimpy underwear. Though I don't think Ivy appreciates her brother coming into her room in his underwear.

Happy is enjoying her last and i mean LAST pregnancy. Sly and Griffin get to have a heart to heart while we wait for something to happen.

Iago and Igor come home and one of them brought home Max who quite frankly is just being a nuisance to my damn game and needs to go away.

And random kid hugging random townie? I can't even explain this picture.

I am totally hungry but damn I am good looking.

I forgot Happy was a primper...or if I even knew if she was one.

I have them re-work on the paintings...I dunno what happened to the ones I had to be honest...its been months since I played this.

But I do know that Happy is in labor though.

Lets live dangerously.

Just one baby girl, Inga. Last baby feels like she should be from Sweden or something.

Igor got up out of his sound sleep just to take care of the baby...I swear teens are just amazing with kids.

And just in time too...because here comes the adoptee. Lets go with a baby :)

Good job there Social can bet your ass I am reporting you...putting a baby on the ground in the snow...for shame.

Good thing the butler is around, though I did direct Griffin to get the baby. Its a boy named David, and he doesn't follow the theme because he's adopted.

Is that my new baby?

Yes sir, I am just getting him off the ground so he doesn't get sick

Hello little guy, I'm your new daddy.

Aww this is an adorable picture...I think I may put this into the game as a picture for their walls.

Harle takes to being a father all over again...It's nice to see such devoted dads even at their age.

Birthday spam some more...Its embarrassing that these guys are going to be teens and Happy just has a baby...kinda reminds me of Good Luck Charlie.

Burned food everywhere...and Marion Simpson is around to try and discuss all the fun with Irving.

Yes back when I played this round, is when we had horrible snow when I did get this I groaned.

The ONLY reason why I took this picture was that the two of them were doing the same thing at the same time...It was so in sync with each other.

You bet your ass everyone is growing up right now.

Party time...and yes Ian was brought over again.

Stats for the boys because for some reason Ivy was glitched and had to redo hers.

This was super adorable..Ian bringing David to the cake...Yes I did it too LOL.

Ivy's stats.

WTF. Ivy?! Where are your clothes?! Apparently I have a mesh with no textures or something so after this horror, I deleted them all.

David is all adorable looking...and Ireland looks like a nerd...makeovers.

Now I'm only missing Iago...Wow scary.

Haha Ok then...easy enough.

*waves* Bye, enjoy. Don't come back pregnant.

LOL Great party, someone got their ass abducted by aliens. how much better can it get.

Rough landing for poor Ireland...who knows what will happen.

Awww Happy is being adorable with her little brother...I bet he loves her as much too.

Someone done graduated High School...haha he's a Uni lecturer but hasn't even gotten to Uni yet.

And just who peed in your cheerios Ivy?

I don't get to have a teenhood because I was a boring child and you already had the heir picked

Damn skippy now move the tush.

Haha whoops Igor gets fired and Iago gets promoted...but Igor still has a few days before he graduates.

Bye Ivy...go enjoy Uni.

So Ya it isn't that wonderful but I liked the damn update...There is probably going to be one more update before I send Igor and Iago to Uni and then they will get sent to a new hood. As if you couldn't tell, it will be a co-heirship with the 2 of them.
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