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The IDK Legacy 5.6

Last time, which was super long ago because of lot lag and work, we saw some new births in the family. LOL gave birth to a boy, DNK who's father is Eros's brother, Deimos. IMHO gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named AKA, who's father is Arthnir Moore. IMHO went out stalking a new Quinkie sim for another baby daddy, and came across Nick Laurince, who he romanced and dated...and had public sex with while voyeur sim Norah Deline watched with delight, making her the most epic creeper ever. Anything else was very minor.

So for some strange reason that house lagged forever, so i kicked them the process losing all the adorable pictures I had, but well worth it.

I also got rid of that god awful skin that IMHO wound up with so now he's back to normal, as is ASAP. He's on his way to work in the adventurer career...his 2nd LTW :)

And the kids are off to school...sometimes it's super nice to have a fresh week on the lot.

Chance card idea why on Earth i picked that option though.

Haha this is what the house looked like when all the kids were at school...7 sims home, how could you complain?

Bailey Lutzen came home with someone, and she seems awfully happy about that. Wonder what she has going on in her mind?

I can totally marry into this family! The house is huge!!

Gold digger syndrome, but we'll see.

Eerie Crayola decides to take a stroll by, probably saw the school bus and was feeling pedo.

DNW decides to come greet IMHO as he comes home with a bigger paycheck...ya they have alot of money right now, whoops.

And NSFW decides to try her luck at finding a boyfriend from a creator I've used...lucky me, I won't need to have her get heartbroken then.

Hey Nate,I haven't seen ya in a while and would like to catch up. How you been?

It's been a long week at a thankless job.

Gotta get the relationship up for the next baby.

LOL comes home with a promotion, but her kids don't care enough about her to actually come and hug her. I guess they are still pissed that she cheated on their dad with their uncle.

Birthday spam...only 4 this

ANd while RTFM tops the teen career, ASAP gets promoted that he didn't top his career yet...bastard.

And this gorgeous young lady would be none other than FOAF, wow even in the maxis clothes she looks decent.

Important stats for her...not that it matters anyway...she is kinda dull to me.

And the toddlers grew up too...But you don't get any good pictures of them because I'm a dumbass and forgot.

ASAP greets this cute walkby...she isn't so known yet but she will be known soon. I don't wish to give away spoilers.

Fuck these flowers! Why do they get better property than me?

Chill pill you, they don't even know you yet.

I figured that ASAP wouldn't be heir because I can use stakeit_uk for another generation. I use the heirs parents as my rule out factor.

IMHO and James decide to try and scar RTFM with their romance. Remember, she is not pleased with homosexuals. So like she had a shot at heir.

Eerie is now stalking poor DNW around the house...Even if he does turn out to be gay Eerie, you will not be marrying him.

Date Spam/

/Date Spam but ASAP did get a girlfriend out of the date.

The following day, IMHO asks Nate out on a date... and gets a pop. Looks like someone is going to be a daddy...Should we call Nick and tell him?

Not that Nate minds it, I guess he feels that as long as IMHO is pregnant, he doesn't have to worry about protection.

God really?! This is the reason why I hate Freetime chance cards, IMHO just starts the date and JAmes is about to come home...what the hell.

Oh Yeah, such a good week, you got demeoted! If you got fired, would it be an excellent week?

He did bring home Orchid Laurince though, sadly I'm very tempted to move her in and let her have a kid with IMHO. *must restrain from adding another sim into the house*

I so want a hat like Carmen Sandiego, but it has to be in blue. Red just isn't my color at all.

I know, who wears red these days anyway?

Bus pulls up at 1, and NSFW bring home Marquis Pooklet...Or as in pooklet's game, Marquis Sloo with a bit of a makeover, I think he looks better this way.

FOAF shows us that she's a lesbian by getting hot under the collar for the bus driver. She is pretty cute, I will give FOAF that.

And one of the other kids brings home Nadia Xpinkyhayzx. Hey the last names help me keep track of the creators.

We gotta get the homework help out of the way so that we don't have to worry about it later.

ASAP gets himself promoted to the top of the teen education, and gets to be an overachiever. I swear if he had elf ears I would be set.

DND is apparently very bitter over something so she attacked ASL. I mean really this house may be crowded, but not very rage-worthy.

So I decided that we needed a quiet night in the house and made them all study, I needed the peace of mind too you know.

While I love that he has the priority for the child care, he kinda needs to be more aware of the damn food he's cooking so he doesn't murder the babies. Even the baby knows that fire is bad for them.

Not to mention that the child care will be growing soon, with the impending fetus growing in IMHO.

I dunno what it is, but with all the damn teen townies I just made, Pooklet's and Xpinkyhaysx's just seem to keep coming on the bus...not that I mind too much with Harmonia and Brannion out of the equation anyway. (Norma Pooklet)

And I believe this is Beatrice Pooklet.

I guess RTFM had a good day at school, either that or she's looking to get lucky.

But it's birthday time for the babies...and while LOL is at work, IMHO gets the birthday duty. First up is AKA, his own little girl.

HOLY SHIT!!! She's bald?!

You should totally go out and meet new people like me, cuz I am so awesome.

God, you are so full of yourself, go away!!

*he has a good head on his shoulders*

Next up is DNK, I think Eros has gotten over the fact that his brother slept with his wife.

Not that the party is all positive, James and ASAP have become enemies on this fine day..and we are bringing more kids into this house. Oh what fun.

He's adorable...he has elf ears...and a horrible haircut. Overall, I approve.

DNK after his makeover, he could totally be a looker.

AKA is pretty too, i dunno, I'm kinda scared I will start to become partial to them as they grow up.

Oh Deimos, the poor girl is 8, leave her be for now.

No dude, my 8 yr old niece is not around, call back in a few years.

I do kinda fear James getting himself pregnant again, I so don't have a plan for him getting pregnant.

*I am so gonna cook that fucking kid's ass the next time he hits me*

I so love our private school, the desks are nicer and less kids to a classroom.

*how does she say that when she's failing and I have an A+*

Well he may have an A+ but she has the balls to attack people.

Not that she wins all the time, but she has the guts to attack.

*pees self*

Baby you are so hot when you pee all over yourself.

Am I going to have to clean that up?

Morning comes, and things in the house seem normal. AWOL is bed jumping, ASAP and James are beating each other senseless,

Eros and LOL are sleeping and cuddling, too damn adorable.

And IMHO is belly rubbing.

Hey Nate, wanna come on over for a date?

Sure, I'll be right there.

A cute romantic hug to greet. I swear that he shoulda been the Deline heir DAMNIT!! yes I'm looking at you rikkulidea

This rose has no comparison to your beauty Nathan

Awww *gets weak in the knees*

And they have their first kiss...and it's Nate's first kiss. Aww true romance.

And how much classier can you be IMHO, outside in your underwear, giving birth to a bastard child, and all the while the kids bus pulling up.

Of course I have to live dangerously, how can you not play dangerously?

Phew! Just one baby though, that could have been dangerous.

And we have a very beautiful little girl named BFF, I am so quickly running out of names.

RTFM brings home Marquis again, and IMHO gets the vacation time...lucky him.

So IMHO hands off BFF to Eros so he can go bang Nate, and Marquis is swooning over IMHO. Hmm that could be a bit disastrous.

Seriously?! Why on Earth does he ALWAYS have to come home when IMHO is on a date with Nate? I mean seriously.

Chance card win. Teens get cash, adults get promoted. DAMNIT!!!!

FOAF gets a bonus, though I dunno. Would I really add the bricks or would I actually rebuild the wall?

Well this won't be good, now will it? I mean which one is worse, the kissing or the fact they are on a date.

And this is where my game started going fucking nuts.

I mean look, I wound up having to do a complete re-install of the game, and that didn't even help it but that was way past this update.

Well if that don't beat all, Nate done knocked up IMHO...are we surprised? >:)

Yet another dream date for IMHO...I wonder how many dream dates he's had.

Birthday spam...yes with all of these people in the house It's bound to happen.

Ya, well this will NOT be happening. *x's out of action*

Surprisingly, these two got over their furiousness very quickly, and started making out in the bathroom. IMHO didn't stumble into what I saw though.

I love you hunny, here, have a rose.

OMG! I love it

Morning sickness is always an aspiration boost to me, isn't it for you?

Well this Einstein definitely will not be heir...he may kill himself before he hits teen.

And to end I give you an adorable picture of IMHO and AKA. Yes you know your heart is melting from this picture.

So I played it finally...and I have at least one more update on the IDKs, like 2 on the Pimlicos to crop. Soprry for the backup, but I got addicted to playing.
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