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The Pimlico Legacy 1.4

Last time, was months ago because I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation then got sucked in by work. Victoria failed very badly at challenge #2 which was to max her charisma, and subsequently gave birth to Dean's lovechild, a beautiful little girl named Angel, which rikkulidea says is a bad omen. Challenge #3 was the Co-Parenting challenge where we had to alienate poor Dean and he had to run...which we did by inviting over Dionysus Randolph...who left Victoria with a impending baby.

Somehow I lost some time, but to start here is a walkby from Finn Underwood stakeit_uk. Bask in his hottness.

And Beta Simpson-Massey decides to take a stroll past the house. She knows she's not eligible for marriage, as she is already married, but decides to show off anyway.

And at 6pm we get the wonderful pop-ups, my little Paddy is all grown up. He deserves a party damnit!

So we throw onne, Hera and Dionysus come by. Hera for her parentage, and Dionysus cuz he's banging Victoria.

Not bad, definitely a looker, and I love him to boot.

See even half high and in Maxis clothes he looks great.

So he's sick of grilled cheese and doesn't wanna be like the dad he's known his whole life.

Even Angel looks great with her dislocated jaw and everything.

Paddy's now to do something about his wardrobe because seriously who wears a robe these days?

Ahh, some nice Aikea Guinea underwear to go with his grungy look.

Wow for once no toddlers, I should just enjoy it while it lasts, because with the little one almost here it will suck.

Preggo needs some cake to try and stay alive?

Shut up, I get hungry quickly being pregnant, asshole.

Catch me if you can bitch. :p

*Its a good thing Angel wasn't adopted, she's my favorite sibling.*

Hera, I know I'm pregnant with your great-nephew, but I do love you. If only you wanted to get married.

I love you too Vicky, but I honestly can't marry you. You are a whore.


I can't believe I gave up the good steady life because she was cheating on me. Maybe these flowers will help her bring me back?

So I figured possible heir portraits since my favorite picture of Victoria was her just sitting on the beach, and I have almost everyone doing it at least once.

And Paddy and Angel have a great birthday party...ok well at least it wasn't a snoozer.

So Paddy decides to show off his great looking body by sprawling out in the front yard. To be honest, I have no idea if it's a Friday or Saturday in the game.

But Nathan Byrne (I believe he was a random roll CAS) decides to take a stroll by and reminds me that he either needs to be married into the Simpsons or to donate to the gene pool.

SO of course I sent fattie out to greet him, what else is she good for?

Oooh networking, I don't think dumbass is suited for the law field anymore.

I will gut you in your sleep! Stop calling me dumb and fat.

Umm You aren't supposed to give birth til later...why are you grabbing your stomach?!

FUCK ME! Well that was a waste of two days of your life!

Oh now you start crying, I saw you smiling before.

I broke my arms to cry you jackass! I'm in pain.

Well I guess she got over that quickly, though she stinks to high heavens according to Zeus Randolph.

Look, I am a big person in this town. Be nice to me and I'll make sure you are the family heir.

Dude, you are seriously being creepy, please leave.

So, the gutter skank here wants to gain cooking skill...why I have no idea. She can already cook her favoritest meal EVER!!

Paddy, when I grow up I wanna be as good looking as you.

Maybe you should just lay off the grilled chesse then.

And then the dumbass of a nanny was left alone. She kinda looks sad because of this.

Paddy comes home from school and decides that he needs to clean. I guess he feels filthy in this disgusting hovel.

By the time Paddy is done, Vicky comes home to a wannabe rocker blocking her, and Ethan Simpson coming home with her. I really need to do something with him.

Vicky decides to get a bit of quality time in with the kids, after all, one of them is coming back home after this.

Then she called up her boo Dionysus because well, DAMN IT ALL, She is gonna have a kid with him.

and well she tried...and tried and tried.

While everyone is passed out, and Vicky is having fun with Dionysus, Paddy had a want locked for becoming besties with Igor Simpson. Buuuuuut Igor doesn't have a phone. Oops.

So Paddy gets himself to bed, and Vicky stays up to learn some more cooking. Why she is obsessed with cooking is beyond me.

Oh I so wish your mother would stop with the grilled cheese. I am so going to have a heart attack.

Funny that was my wish.

Well look who decided to show up with the help of a teleporter, its Iago and Igor. Guess who got cell phones too, and if you guessed Igor and Iago, give yourself a cookie.

So with the peeling paint and creaking floorboards, when the hell are you moving to college to hang with us?

We have peeling paint?

Why yes, Paddy is easily fooled and Iago is a blatent cheater.

God I wish i could throw a baseball at the old hag in front of us.

I know, why is she even here?

I bet she is asking herself the same question.

Wow Vicky comes home with a promotion and Ethan again. Is this what I have to look forward to everyday?

Are you sick in the head? Grilled cheese is great, and why are you here? Paddy is like 16, and has been doing a great job with his younger siblings.

Hey I'm getting paid to sit around and do nothing.

So when you are at college, you should totally major in political science. It's easy classes, and you don't have to do any work.

Really, then that's what I'm gonna do.

Igor, you really have no place to talk, you haven't attended a class yet.

You know I think the world of you Vicky, I'm just not the marrying type of guy.

Did I ask you for an engagement ring? Just do me!

Ya she's a slut, and the kids are almost teens already.

I honestly don't know what happened, but I think Angel is trying to blink away Dionysus.

Well, Vicky and the family have no money, despite her bringing home money daily. So all the house repairs have to be done by the people in the house.

Doesn't help that this stupid bitch clogs the toilets with her vomit.

Poor North Wembley was a favorite as a toddler but he really just gets no attention from anyone...and that includes me. Maybe I should just do 2 kids a generation from now on?

Oh please no...not that!

Why me you evil whore

I'm the one in pain asshole.

Ahh just a case of Braxton-Hicks. Bitch you better take care of yourself.

*drools* Wha- Oh sorry got distracted for a minute.

So Paddy meets this cute townie teen that has no shot in hell of marrying him, so get over yourself you tramp.

Besides, Paddy's hungry and needs to have some grilled cheese to put his mom into platinum aspiration.

Its the only way I have to keep her ass sane. And Paddy you are waaaay too young to think of marriage right now. You still have college to go through.

Busy day in the house for once, gotta get everything ready for the birthday.

Of course Paddy has to fix the clogged toilet, after all, Vicky did clog it. (wow the update sounds kinda lame right now).

So I will be your best friend if you grow to love grilled cheese. We will have just so much to talk about.

and it's birthday time. I didn't wanna waste a single second.

Important stats for the triplets. Wow that is a huge variety.

They all look awesome, sadly enough those are the clothes they will have to stick with. They have NO money...I really have no idea why they are dirt poor though. now with a facial hair turn-on I woulda pegged North Wembley to be at least bi or something. I think this is the first time I have had not one even bi kid.

OMG! I'm pregnant.

Thats what happens when you have sex with no protection. Didn't we learn anything from Paddy?

Not that Kew Gardens actually cares anyway. The townie chick is hitting on him, now she has a shot with him.

And as you can see, Paddy still has the pesky Igor bestie want now paired with the Iago bestie want. Why not give it to him.

And that was like midnight, so 5am challenge....Mini-ISBI, and Paddy gets to be the only genius (I didn't include Angel because she can't cook). OH fuck, she's gonna lose the baby isn't she?!

Monday morning comes, and look who decided that building sand castles was more important than GOING TO SCHOOL!! Day 1 of being an idiot and he's already failing.

Freetime do I really have to do these chance cards during the week. (I did it anyway)

Now I don't know who she is, but I WANT her genes.

Oh boy...we better restart the batch.

Well that didn't exactly work out well for him though.

Not that it matters, but Paddy wasn't unemployed for very long. Awww he wants to fall in love.

I'm hungry.

Go eat something bitch, I can't help you.

At least these 2 are getting along well, I don't have to worry about their fun bar.

Pop 2 for I have to cross my fingers...this is how far she was last time.

And this is why the asshole missed the damn bus today...he stayed up all night building sandcastles.

So Lightning McQueen got a yellow paint job , and no one was able to recognize him.

I think I'll wait for the movie on Friday, Kew.

I'm watching you two, I won't be having any incest in this house.

Kew takes in a midnight snack before bed though. Such the good student.

Wow for once, they all actually made it out of the house. Color me surprised with the ISBI world.

She has the day to herself, and she pees, eats some grilled cheese surprisingly, and complains of hunger. Wow what a day in her life.

The teens come home, and well one of them brought home Candy Mix Behr with them. Potential spouse?

Well at least all that time at home made North Wembley a good creative body. Look at that castle.

Paddy decides to try his luck at the sandcastle building, but I need to watch them in the back...then i had a good idea.

Why not have Paddy start wooing Candy Mix. Hey a good relationship is worth holding onto.

And while those two flirt, Vicky decides to go into labor...whew.

Living dangerously as always.

and its a single baby...Thank God. Remember poor Paddy has to watch the poor baby.

And it's a beautiful baby boy, with Dionysus's hair, Vicky's eyes and possibly a mixed tone. Say hello to Alperton.
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