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The Hunter Awesimsauce ISBI 1.5

So what exactly did happen last time? Well there was the first fight of the legacy between Athena and Él. Eggplant grew into a romance teen and Mulberry thirsts for knowledge. Violet grew into a rage filled child wanting to kill people, and Él broke down 2 more times. Indigo got his butt abducted a few times as well. Oh and the entire house has come down with some infatuation with Michael Charvat.

Eggy starts off this update by showing us his goods. I mean is there any better wat to start the update?

And...Él can't even make it 5 pictures into the update without failing. What is this world coming to?

The poor kids are starting to worry about their mother, shouldn't you have been worried ages ago then?

Phosphorus, while I understand you don't really wanna play basketball in whatever outerwear I gave you, I don't think it is wise to play basketball shirtless, in the snow.

I'm not living a life of pleasure if I'm not having any fun.

So go entertain yourself...hell you are a teenager, go do what most teens do!

This update just feels stat-tastic. I mean 6 pictures in and 2 pass outs already. Mulberry is just living that knowledge sim dream of sleeping on the floor.

Athena shows me that the last baby of this generation is definitely on its way. I guess it's fair that each lady gets to have 2 pregnancies.

Not that the pregnancies have helped Él at all. She is kinda going off the deep end little by little. I wonder if she knew what she signed up for when she did.

And these three stayed up all night of course, so they missed the bus. Good thing I'm not worrying about college this generation.

THIS is the reason these assholes slept all day away. I'm very tempted to delete the bikes but they could be interesting later on.

Awww Violet is daddy's little girl. Well she is his only girl so she has no competition right now...and she's the only child too.

And it's birthday time for Drew, so we teleport in the family as well as the customers apparently. I think I did a party and invited Danilo or something. who knows.

Apparently Eggy has decided he needs to get it on and fill some needs that a man has. Athena, mind you, is like 6 months pregnant with Eggy's sibling.

Drew grows up well of course. He's been platinum as far as I can remember anyway.

And his very blue makeover, or rather just his new blue clothes. and Hello there Kelpie Mythos.

And visual proof of this ultimate betrayal of Eggy. Look at those self satisfied faces. Maybe I should turn down the autonomy on ACR?

No clue why Cordate is calling up Indigo, but whatever. A friend is a friend.

Good time, thats probably the highest one of my parties has ever gotten without me actually trying to get it good.

Run, Taylor. I think Violet is trying to torment you. I mean she can't torment the mentally unstable Él right now anyway.

Damn magnetism to the is getting very annoying that everytime I look around there is at least one of them on the damn bike...maybe it will kill someone when Drew isn't home.

Not that he would mind at this point. He's the only one actually cleaning and fixing everything. Sometimes being the only genius in a house of idiots is a bad thing.

Now this is adorable, but a bit creepy for me. I mean it's her kid and all but he's like 18 and she's reading to him while he's sleeping.

And Athena finally gets herself into labor. I want this pregnancy over.

And it's another girl, named Cabbage, with Violet's exact coloring. Where's the damn diversity?!

Look bitch, now that I'm not pregnant anymore, I won't put up with your bullshit.

Who the fuck do you think you are?!

Él won't take shit from anyone, and shows Athena that. Quinkie sims are very vengeful!

Though they aren't the brightest bunch of sims, fighting right next to the baby. Poor Cabbage may get hurt from this violence. you can see the pain already.

Ya know, Indigo isn't too shabby either. Very nice body. It may be tough to make an heir choice for the poll.

I wonder when they are both old and senile....or well just old since they are senile already, will they calm down a bit or not.

Look, just because I'm making you clean the damn tub doesn't mean you should get yourself sick over it.

I forget why I took this picture...probably to show that Cabbage does get off the floor and they aren't horrible people, but it is a touching picture.

Probably another pass-off, but Eggy really should use the toilet. I do believe I potty trained him.

Bad Eggy, don't pee on Cabbage. It isn't very nice of you.

OK he may be hott, but he sure is as dumb as bricks...the fridge is behind you, go feed yourself.

So someone in this house needs to paint or something, I'm tired of being the only bread-winner.

Well if your lazy bitch of a wife would actually get a job, it won't be an issue.

Drew, I'm gonna gut her while she sleeps if she doesn't shut the fuck up.

While Drew is a sexy mother fucker, I don't think playing red hands with Violet is healthy for her at all.

Birthday spam. I'm kinda interested to see what Violet will look like grown up.

Why can't you be quiet like Eggy, Indigo. And if it's been terrible, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Alot of bonding going on here, with Drew and Eggy biking, and Mulberry and Indigo playing hacky sack.

Too bad they are doing this over Cabbage, well they definitely aren't gonna be parents or siblings of the year or anything.

This family should just buy stock in Depends or something, what with the amount of times they pee everywhere.

Violet has taken to cooking for herself...I really hope she doesn't get as stupid as her brothers.

OK seriously, you basically just fucked your stepmom and you are dreaming of Michael Charvat...what the fuck is it with him?

Thanks Indigo...the stat wasn't gonna move at all without you passing out in your omelet. /sarcasm

Drew maxes his LTA, has way too much desire for his kids to go to Uni which isn't happening.

Nadia Laurince actually takes a stroll by the house, I love the look of her with that hair.

Él grows up to look like one of the professors, god that hairdo is hideous.

There we go, she looks alot better with her makeover. Now senility can take over completely.

Awww family dinner, without Athena of course, but it actually does look nice.

Eggy gets sent up to help Cabbage with her birthday, but I guess he took too long so it fell out of queue when he picked her up. But awww for cute pictures.

Cabbage grows up being all Violet-like but still looks adorable...she just needs a bit of purple. LOL Athena got her dumbass demoted.

Oh and then decides to pass out, thanks Athena, couldn't have you not fail even more.

Time for Violet to grow up, wonder what she's wishing for.

That definitely couldn't have been her wish. Ugly hair, ugly clothes. Definite not gonna stay.

Much better, she looks absolutely amazing purple-fied.

That is the second pleasure sim this generation...seriously?! I think it's rigged.

OMG! There is nothing fun in this house.

God please bring me a video game system.

OMG! I am such a failure! I pissed myself.

Grow the fuck up and learn to use the toilet. And don't pee on my sister, bitch.

No idea why on Earth I took this picture, but there is alot of underwear in it.

GO Athena, it's your birthday! It's a repeat plaque but it is one gained in THIS legacy.

Double bladder failure...and it sucks more because one of them is the smart one. I can't even use him being old as an excuse.

Well hello Andrew Broke, my you are looking super-ass sexy today.

IMHO IDK decides to come by Drew's as well, probably trying to scope out sexy new Quinkie sims to get him pregnant.

Or to watch domestic abuse that doesn't involve his family. Whatever floats your boat dude.

LOL Athena passes out in the boys bedroom, no idea why she didn't go to her own room. Big old double bed with no one in it.

Drew and Él cuddle up to show even though she's needed the shrink all the time, she's still the most competent.

Wow it is definitely a bad sign when everyone stares at you because you pass out in your food.

And everyone neglects the poor toddler, who is now passed out somewhere in the top floor of the house.

Chance card win, though I think Drew's skills are maxed.

Helllllllo Aquaphobia, Seriously, I think the basketball hoop was the best thing EVER!


1 passout

2 passout

3 passout

and a death. I knew the damn bike would be the death of someone.

OMG! My baby is dead *cries*

OMG! The value of my house will depreciate now. *cries*

And Drew keeps all the women happy by beating Grim. Él is kinda good friends with Violet.

What on fucking Earth is with the triple passouts going on?!

God I hope we don't get anymore additions to this family, there's no more room.

I think it would be more honest to say we are all psychotic.

Thank Cabbage for the alarm call, maybe it will keep the two of them awake.

Oh well, at least it got one of them awake.

Violet decides to get her fun up by jumping on the couch. At least she does stuff on her own, and doesn't whine and complain unlike someone who should remain nameless *cough*Indigo*cough*

Though she does fall just short of the toilet, yet another stat count...I'm kinda saddened by this.

Well done Indigo, too bad I now have the damn plaque 3 times over.

Fail, poor Drew, but seriously this intern should have been fired. I'm reading way to much into the damn chance card.

Why on God's green earth are the two of you trying for the same bed, Indigo...there are two other beds in the damn room?!

So I cheated a bit, I needed a bit of help around the house so I had Drew hire a butler for a bit.

Birthday time in the house...first kid to adult.

But why can't I go to college?

Those are the rules...maybe it'll change for the next generation.

Dude, he's actually hott. Who woulda thought?!

He's also lost his damn mind. Well at least he gave his mom some company with the shrinks.

and Cabbage grows up bad too...and boy does she look pissed.

Poor Athena doesn't look like she's having any fun.

Stay away from Athena, bad bad Eggy.

Indigo post make-over...I am very impressed. He gets the hard rock look.

FUCK THIS TRASHCAN! Why can't I get any love?

You have gotten more than most ISBI kids ever get in their teen years, so shut up.

Indigo goes to hang out in the lot bin, Maybe you will see him again, or maybe you won't. You never know with heir polls.

Well that is one out of you can tell, Cabbage is too far behind to be in the running but who knows.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Shrink Visits: 4
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 2
Self-Wettings: 9
Pass-Outs: 26
Fights: 2
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 2

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: drunkenmiller, hunter, idk

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