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The Pimlico VDS Legacy 1.5

So last time we visited the Pimlicos, it was quite an eventful update. Paddy and the triplets grew into teens, being all straight. Vicky had a miscarriage in her 3rd trimester....which pissed me off, and she got herself knocked up again. We rolled the wonderful challenge of a mini-ISBI with Paddy being the only genius...worrying me to no end about Vicky's pregnancy, which had a happy ending at the end of the update with a single baby birth, a cute little boy named Alperton.

So our wonder bitch, Vicky manages to make sure the poor baby didn't fall on the ground. She even broke her arm to make sure. I kinda love Alpie already.

With Paddy being the only brain in the house, I make him do all the repairs...hey they can barely afford the damn nanny.

So Paddy is actually getting very close to graduating so I kinda need to make sure I keep the homework is done.

While I am proud that Vicky is cleaning her shithole of a house, I would be more shocked if her ass was paying attention to her child rather than the damn toilet bowl.

Paddy, why do we eat nothing but grilled cheese?

Mom had some sort of head injury when she was a teen, and it's all she's thought about since. Or at least that's how your dad told me about it.

These two are kinda adorable keeping each other occupied. Too bad they are complete morons unless being controlled.

See what I meant? I can't even afford the nanny today!!

So, If the nanny had waited about 5 minutes, she would have gotten her full fee with no issues. Vicky comes home with a promotion and Ethan Simpson. I totally need to use him for something, he's too hott to waste.

But with him being a vampire, he doesn't stay long. But seriously...WTF is with the kissing?

North Wembley is actually taking care of Alpie for once...I have no idea what gave him the impulse to do such a thing.

And Kew Gardens is slowly losing his marbles...Poor guy...I guess it really hurts when i can't see what you want...and how you're doing.

Why are you two sleeping in your mother's bed? And where is that dopey ass?

No idea where she was, but she's actually going to work. Glad to know paying the nanny to work is money well spent...

Especially when these three idiots manage to stay at home.

Like I said, those two can keep their stupid selves occupied...but only Kew Gardens being the dumbest of them all could manage to try to go to bed while starving to death.

So he goes outside...I'm surprised he isn't dead yet...moron.

Well that is just going to oh so help them get into Uni.

Listen dude, I need a pizza. I don't care if it has pepperoni on it, just get the next pizza here and I will give ya 40 bucks.

Be right there!

Oh My God!!! This pizza is AWESOME!!!!

This kid is a nutter.

And apparently it's Angel's birthday. I feel bad for the poor girl...she's like the wicked stepchild that gets neglected.

She's all grown up...and Paddy is a graduate...though he'll stay around until Monday to finish the week.

Stats for that's actually stable turn ons/offs.

It's also Alpie's birthday, and I have no idea who the red head is that decided to barge in and oogle Angel.

OMG! He's adorable...and look...Faux-hawk!!!

SO our mother of the year decides that the only way to quiet your child is to throw their head through a wall.

Paddy is actually outside getting his fun level up so he can be a productive member of the household unlike some other people in the house...damn morons.

To make sure his older brothers actually graduate high school, he does their homework while they sleep and think of things like Margaret Thatcher naked in a cold shower...ya everyone cringed at that thought i bet.

Seriously...why the hell are you in your mother's have one of your own you know.

They actually didn't go to school again today...I'm scared they may turn out to be like Paddy's mother...the queen of all the morons.

Isn't grilled cheese awesome?

What the fuck's all we've eaten since we could chew...quite frankly I crave school lunch over it.

So one of the kids brought home Deep Space Sparkle Crayola leenyland, but North Wembley would rather play with his little brother than flirt with the pretty eligible girl.

What the hell! Why is this girl in the way of me doing my job?

Bitch don't do your job, you read the fucking paper!

Vicky gets promoted yet again. She has done AMAZING with promotions...and brings home weird looking alien townie dude in a velour tracksuit *gag*

I guess one good thing about the beach lot is that at least the creativity skill will get some points because everyone and their mother wants to go play in the damn sand to build castles.

High five for sexy women.

Oh yeah I'm sexy!!

So Paddy has still had the pesky be besties with a quick call...

..and they became besties!! It's nice to know that the kids from my legacies get along well.

Mom, this bowl of cereal tastes like a sundae!! We could use to have more of this and less grilled cheese.

The hell you say devil child!! Watch your damn mouth before I disown you!

Poor Paddy, thankfully he only has 2 more days of slaving away because his family is full of morons.

Morons that can't even pee in the toilet when it's 2 feet in front of them...very depressing Seven Sisters.

Creativity abounds for this girl...look at that castle!! I'm impressed.

Hunny, You are not as fat as a sumo wrestler, where would you ever get that idea?

I will get to the top of that. No one calls my girl fat and gets away with it.

Birthday spam.

I don't even know who the hell knocked it over...But I had directed Paddy to pick it up after he got off the phone with Candy Mix...but he took too long...damn roaches.

And of course Look who decides to be an idiot.

Stupid bugs! Why are they here?

Go back inside stupid, you're gonna get sick!!!

Don't call me stupid asshole. I bet it's you're fault I have bugs.

Um not that I know of anyway...but...hey did you just call me an asshole?

Mom, quick step on the roaches. They ruin the equity on the house.

It's all that asshole's fault for putting them there.

What the fuck! I didn't fucking put them there you dumb bitch!

Shut the fuck up ass, Look what you did to my son.</i>

I can't believe you gave us roaches. I hate you!

Oh wonderful...Yet another one to hate me...well thats reassuring.

Dude, the damn toybox is in my way of playing kicky ball with Kew.

You may not wanna play with him.

Why not? *gets roach flu*

Never mind!

Paddy keeps away from the roach flu gang by teaching Alpie some skills and just generally paying attention to him.

That is until someone decides they need to try and infect him. Stay away from him Vicky.

Mom how could he give us roaches?

He's always been an asshole hunny, He wouldn't let me shower when I was pregnant with Paddy.

Shut the fuck up, I was trying to keep you alive by getting you to find cash!!

I don't even know HOW she got sick. There was no one around her, and she was no where near the roaches. But at least she cared that she got sick.

OK Seriously, Roach flu sucks. Kew sits next to Paddy and gets sick...Kinda annoyed now.

Slowly but surely, the house gets better and over the flu...that no one hacked up a lung to.

Angel decides to actually pitch in more than just cleaning the dishes...maybe the rest of the week won't be so bad...except that it's Sunday.

And they tackle the bathroom together...Paddy fixing and Angel cleaning.

One last bottle feed to Alpie for Paddy. The week went by quickly to be honest. And thank God Kew isn't sick anymore.

So it's officially new challenge time, and yes I actually passed mini-ISBI do you feel Paddy?

Can I go to Uni and get away from this nut house?

New challenge goes to Seven Sisters. Paddy got removed from the list because he's leaving for Uni before the week is over.

Kew just became healthy...and these are his stats people...Good job on this one game.

LOL oh well I'm sorry you had such a horrible week could have totally fixed that for yourself though.

And Paddy is off to Uni. You will see him soon.

With Paddy gone, I kinda got sad that Vicky would get old and die on me. So her slutty ass bought some Elixer of life...since her birthday is today and I couldn't bear her getting old just yet.

She takes a drink, and gets younger...and then quits her job because this week's challenge says that we can't have jobs.

And if she'll be home, we can fire the nanny. *collective applause*

Mom should totally win an award for getting rid of that old bitch and quitting her job!

Ya Alpie shouldn't have to be subjected to that dumbass they call a nanny.

Um Mom why the fuck is the nanny here?

HOLY FUCK!!! STOP THE PRESSES!!! Vicky is actually teaching one of her kids a skill...

And follows through! *dies of heart failure*

Oh and the kids are facing the repricussions of ISBI week. (PS If Alpie makes heir...I am so turning this picture into a picture for his house.)

Seven Sisters starts off his trophy week by bringing home Coffee Siriorca racetrackd from school.

And gets himself to work immediately.

Don't you think you can grab my ass mister. I am not that kind of girl.

Aww baby, what do you mean? You're the only girl for me.

Wow that was a quick first kiss option.

Now this is adorable...It helps when they are the same height.

And snuggles. Awwww.

Hyde Emery simrenity Why do you have to steal my invisible newspaper? We need that for heat in these poor times.

Oh hunny, you are just so hott.

You pull away from a kiss for that? Come here so I can snuggle you.

These two are so super cute together. I kinda wanna put them together regardless.

It was kind of a quick trip to the top...I had to end it before it had a chance to plummet.

So with Coffee gone, We use the magic crystal ball...and well we just need to get some action here...but stupid me picks the one that ISN'T the damn townie...oh well.

Excuse me! I am not having any fun since my brother is on a date.

Sucks for you?! *shrugs*

Ok, you are either trying to get some tips...or you are just being fucking creepy...stop that!

And awwww Alpie is a real boy....and well he could have done worse with his outfit.

Nothing says a date is going well rather than shoving your head through your date's shoulder blade. Now lets just say ouch now.

WTF! You took his virginity...damn you Fallon...I know you never did get lucky but that was because you sucked and weren't as entertaining as your sister.

Date is going well, but honestly I can't remember if I got it to dream, even with him giving up his V card.

But Arthnír Moore rikkulidea could always use a good greeting since he is shirtless and DAMN SEXY!!! He should have been heir DAMMIT!

But he apparently isn't pleased about something.

Dude, there is a very hot 16 yr old right there...go for her. North Wembley is making that dreaded phone call.

While Arthnír finds himself sexy...Um whatever you wanna think Art.

Off to Uni North Wembley goes. Sorry you were my hope to be more interesting.

Coffee, you sexy thing, How are you babe?

Do I wanna go downtown with you? Absolutely!!

Off to one of the only places I ever use downtown...Crypt O Night Club

Good date progressing to crush...having 3 bolts...what more could I possibly ask for.

Oh well these 2 having a bit of public woohoo...Well at least it's not Angel where I would fear a pregnancy.

Congrats on the wonderful sex kid. If you ever wanna get into the porn game, gimme a call.

I just had the best sex with my boyfriend.

And away from the lot we go...after all it was a sausage fest...though as I call the cab something catches my eye.

Gigi Creelman steezie_k happened to walk on the lot. Well a greeting will get a relationship to get going anyway.

-LOL well I had this for a while but lemme just say that my past month has been utter crap...I had a mini vacation which was nice then came back to chaos at work cuz the senior VP of the company was coming. But he's been and gone and now I should get back to simming like normal. I have an IDK update for tomorrow...

-Simpsons are basically done...there was nothing really to make an update before I sent Iago and Igor to Uni...where the big hood switch will happen...They are actually already created in my new hood...and I have been going nuts downloading and townifying sims. but its been an interesting project. Theres like 3 more Pimlico updates, 3 more hunter updates and I dunno how many more IDK...I hope by september to have the hood started...I also am going to be adding to the list of challenges (ya I suck already so this will make it worse) but there are a few other challenges I want to try.
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