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The IDK Legacy 5.7

So last time with the IDKs, they got a new start at their house. Having solved the issue with their lagging, alot happened. There was a quiet day at the house with only 7 sims in the house...5 of them being below school age. There was a ton of walkbys that are totally pixel_trade eligible. There was a ton of birthdays...With FOAF growing into a knowledge sim, and ASL, DNC and DNA growing into children. ASAP put the moves on an as of yet unknown sim, who is totally Cabbage Hunter. IMHO showed that his romp with Nick Laurince has resulted in a baby while he was on a date with Nathan Deline. James almost caught IMHO cheating and brought home Orchid Laurince, and NSFW brought home Marquis Pooklet home from school. During his second date with Nathan, IMHO gave birth to yet another girl named BFF. When going to bang Nathan, James came home and found them going at it, and got pissed. We ended with them patching things up and adultery child # i dunno anymore getting cuddle time with IMHO.

And starting off, Eros is actually being fatherly to this bastard child...of his brother....with his wife...I think he may be on crack.

Minerva Wotcher-Starling tinykat decides to run past the house...without stopping. Think she knows what goes on when no one was around.

So while I have DND doing her homework, DNW decides to pass out standing up right by his homework. Good Job on you DNW.

Awww I guess I should be nice to him, after all it is his birthday. (holy shit, it's like everyone's birthday.)

Kitten came home with, I'm assuming FOAF, I guess she just wanted cake. Also creepy ass little girl needs to go away.

And newly impregnated IMHO decides he also needs to potty train AKA. After all it's her birthday too, and she has skills to learn.

I bet he would be an awesome long as he wasn't knocked up every other day.

and we have a pop. rikkulidea your sims are multiplying here.


First to start with the now to be teens, DND, DNW and AWOL.

They all grew up well, surprisingly. And hell, even their clothes are actually decent.

Important stats...2 damn popularity sims...where the hell is the variety?

Next up are IMHO's 2 babies...AKA and BFF...big brother DNW gets to help with the birthday.

Awww but she's so cute and small. When she starts talking, I'll be ruined

AKA stays as adorable as she was, just a bigger version of her adorable self.

Well, She got alot from least eye color and shape.

Before I could get a good makeover shot of her, DNW races her to the toilet...she musta had a low bladder.

And for those that care, Deimos's son is actually adorable...I'm kinda sad that LOL had to cheat to get him.

Quick family shot...Apparently we lost a shitload of the kids for the portrait.

DNW is trying to win the readers over to show that he is actually a good sim to have around the house. Sorry that there is no poll and its who I want to be heir that gets it.

I dunno, I think there is a resemblance with AWOL and LOL. NSFW is playing with one of the younger kids.

Here's a better shot of BFF, I dunno she looks charming with those eyes. Emotion probably looks so good on her.

Well, it's about time I got to work on some of their other skills, I mean it is fall you know, skill boost :)

So DNW loves sports and IMHO loves being pregnant...Hey IMHO aren't you a romance sim or something. :p

OH HELL NO! I do not need to keep my eyes on you two now do I?

SO I decided that IMHO needs to start searching for his next baby daddy, he may as well take some of the kids along...Ya like you didn't think they would be heir potential.

Arriving at HOOPLA, made by rikkulidea, the lot is completely deserted...hopefully some eligible sims come onto the lot.

David Ugries sounseelie, a potential bachelor, sees his opportunity to try to get into the family.

And in walks Juanita Dobis, a birthday gift I had made for rikkulidea way back when. Both her and Taylor seems to wander the neighborhood aimlessly looking for love.

Also being on the new lot where Juanita walks in, we have Rhea Andrews from xpinkyhayzx,

And Bubble Charm Glittergaze simtasia, and in the background there is Parker Carter-Roberts leenyland, and Coffee Siriorca racetrackd. At least it's good luck for DNW

While DNW starts to chat up Coffee, AWOL goes to charm her way into Roach Green's roadtogreen life.

Then DNW sees the beauty that is Bruce Vidar simsforaranya, and ran like hell to meet her. Poor Coffee got dumped.

She actually doesn't take to the flirting right away, Probably not the best thing to flirt right away.

BUT LOOK AT THIS SHIT! Bolts everywhere!

Sorry hunny, you ship sailed from my kid. He isn't all about the blonde, just the sexy.

Is there anyway I can get him back?

Delusions of grandeur.

AWOL gets to touch Pippin Summerdream-Grunt simgarooop You have NO idea how tempted I am to just marry them off...I love Pippin.

Ah quit your bitching douche, Anteros has nothing on are the one sleeping with your brother's wife.

Deimos, hey....ya you know that kid you fathered with my sister? I totally taught him a nursery rhyme since his father was NOWHERE around, douche.

You're right, I was a complete ass. To make it upto you...

Here's my friend Orchid's number.

Dude...I'm gay...don't want a lady's digits.

DNW hangs out with Deimos...I think Deimos is trying to make up for his past...too bad he's still a douche.

Dale Forest from simsforaranya gets a greeting...I don't really know if he is bi or not...but he was sleeping around with IMHO.

Norah Deline rikkulidea and Rocko Rose simmericangirl come on by...hell i could stay here forever and just meet everyone.

Look slut, stop macking on all the men, there will be no one left for me.

You should really get a makeover before you talk skank.

Suck it up and go kick her ass.

Cuz, why the hell did you let that chick beat you up...go slap her.

You want me to hit her.

Fucking skank, don't ever fucking touch me again or your makeup will be that LAST worry you ever have.

Whoa, ok there little girl, calm down.

The Fuck you say?

Back at home...

Dad, aren't you on maternity leave? Why the hell are you going to work?

I'm a promotion away from the top...and if I go, maybe they will see the dedication and promote me.

Deimos, I don't fucking care if you were in his life, I don't have feelings for you at all.

FOAF goes and tops her career and ASAP is a do you get to be a Uni professor if you don't attend Uni?

This family totally doesn't fit together at all, you cheat on each other all the time and don't say anything.

What is wrong with that chick that your uncle is talking to honey?

ASAP suck it up already!

Hey Uncle James, do you wanna go play with your kids maybe and leave him alone?

NSFW graduated as well...and LOL and Eros are getting frisky.

Why the fuck are you still living in this house?! You have a job get the fuck out!

It is my family's house, why don't you leave?

Why can't he just leave me alone?

Because your stepfather is a dick ASAP, He'll die of old age soon enough.

And ASAP gets to be scared for life by being witness of his aunt and uncle getting it on in the photo booth.

I guess IMHO was right...he got his promotion and his second LTW...I don't even know his next one.

DNA comes out to feel the baby kick in daddy's belly. To think tomorrow there will be at least another sim in this house.

How can James hate on ASAP he is totally a better father to his siblings than his father.

Ah but then again he decided to get himself abducted...I will kill him if he comes back pregnant.

In ASAP's absence, RTFM plays parent to the youngin. Still has no charm to me sorry.

ASAP has returned not pregnant surprisingly. I dunno, I have such a draw to him, but do I really wanna break him up with Cabbage?

Apparently his homecoming is the family event of the CENTURY cuz everyone is there.

You know AWOL, I think we should apply to Uni, and get out of here quick, this house is going to drive us nuts.

You know, I think you may be right DNW.

Time to move out ASAP. I debated moving out NSFW too, but I think she should get her first kiss first.

NSFW came home and I used the crystal ball to find her some love...imagine my surprise when FTW was actually there...Definitely need to use that since most of the other guys are either eligible bachelor or dating other people.

They are cute together though, I kinda like them together.

First kiss is successful...Too adorable.

Now to ship her ass out of the house.

Birthday-a-palooza part 2...I can't wait.

But first we head back out to meet some more eligible spouses. Spark Park this time around.

Phosphorus Element racing_oatmeal,

the shirtless guy would be Radium Element, and bandana girl is Mercedes who is still pregnant with GTFO's kid.

Oh here we start with this...I was waiting to see how long it took.

IMHO cooks some food too help get some people to talk to the kids...its a good idea.

Radium is actually enjoying a sports conversation with AWOL...this could work.

But we also have niloublue's Liam..he's kinda overused in stories...but he is damn hot.

IMHO goes to greet one of his boytoys..the evil warlock. (bye Él, go say hi to Drew for me)

It's an IDK reunion...IMHO's sister LMAO showed up to meet her nephew and niece while she checks out Aquaphobia Verocchio from the user of the same last name.

Vé Bork from rikkulidea decides to try fashion advice with IMHO...I dunno, I don't think Vé is going to wear pink pumps.

A quick hello to Bakuwana Mythos tinykat before she goes to find someone else to check out...and why you ask?

Well because he doesn't really want her, he likes the men.

Back to regreet Radium...hey you never know he could be the spouse.

Oh and here goes the other one. well at least they are adorable.

STOP BEING CREEPY!! There are tons of other people on the lot.

Like Tim Broke, simgarooop the adorableness. Her sims are the bestest.

OK well right before you leave if this is because of his acting with his sister, then I don't really want it. Back to go home.

Just in time to give birth.

Live for the moment, i guess.

A single baby, awww how adorable!

An adorable baby girl BRB, with Nathan's eyes and i think a mix tone...who knows.

So Ya i have a few more updates before the major hood transition, basicall my hood trasition will also be made into a kinda-BACC challenge to try and have myself update better as well...I'll probably write it all into the story though. But you will have to wait and see how I do it. ;)
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