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So I think I may actually have to suck it up soon and buy a new computer. The highest CPU upgrade for my current one is a 2.0ghz one and both firefox and sims eats the entire thing up, firefox more than sims. Im thinking probably around Christmas is when it will crap out, but it's had an awesome run. I got it back in Jan 2002 so it'll be somewhere around 10 yrs old when i finally give it up. Kinda sad to think about giving it up though

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simsgirl August 11th, 2011
My hubby's been after me for several years not to get rid of my laptop. It was bought in 2004. At the time it was the best XPS laptop that Dell offered, and I spend way to much on it and the upgrades, which is making it hard for me to part with it now. It does still work pretty well, but after using our newer desktop, it kind of feels like the turtle verses the rabbit, lol

kingmike1224 August 12th, 2011
I know the feeling...though mine isnt about all the upgrades that I have done to it or anything, but my mom got my my computer for college and she's passed away for over a year so its kinda nostalgic for me...i'm half tempted to buy a new computer and have them put all the stuff in this one so at least i can keep the chassis.

feenie August 13th, 2011
2002!?!?!? Dear god, man, get a new one!!

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