TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

The Hunter Awesimsauce ISBI 1.6

Last time, we had a massive amount of passouts and peeing selfs. We also saw the birth of Cabbage, and Drew and Él became old. We also saw the first kid become an adult and get sent to the bin, Indigo who grew up sexified. Eggplant got it on with Athena, and well I got squeeked out. Violet grew up into a Pleasure seeking sim, and Cabbage became a toddler, then a child....Oh and Violet died.

So to start off with, we have a Knowledge sim complaining of hunger, are supposed to be the smart one.

But I'm hungrrrrrry.

Violet has been pulled into the magnetism of the exercise bike...didn't you learn the last time?

Not that it matters, she is the first sim to stat this update by pissing herself. At least we got in 3 pictures this update.

And my little genius tries to get his maxed skills back. damn that chance card last update.

Él starts to chat with DND IDK (at least I think it's her) about books. Really Él? I don't believe you have ever read a book.

Well I tried to have a family breakfast, too bad it failed miserably.

And Athena passes out, in the nursery? Why is she even in the nursery?

So I put a radio in the room, and have Drew turn it on. Time to wake up Athena >:)

You bitch, you did that on purpose, didn't you?

Oh yes, please set fire to the's just what this house needs.

Saved your hide there! I woulda killed you if that actually caught fire.

New day on the lot, and we have Michael Peet dothesmustle, Shamrock Crayola leenyland Bakuwana Mythos tinykat and everyone's wet dream, Michael Charvat rikkulidea.

And Athena losing her job because she wants to sleep in...Oh it should be fun with both of them home all day /sarcasm.

Drew's business rank keeps getting him perks.

THAT FUCKING BUTLER!!! I'll kill his ass.

HO SHIT! The house is on fire.

OMG! What can we do?

It better not touch my hair!

Oh it's a bit warm in the house for the masters, I'll go open a window.

SO I use Cabbage's one command to call the fire department, because it's not like the butler is going to.

Drew rushes in to try and save the day, but we all know the fireperson totally kicked ass.

Get the fuck out of my house! How dare you try to burn my family!

Oh my sir, I must have forgotten about the roast.


Right away sir *cowers*

So the butler lasted about 2 days.

And the fire has destroyed poor Cabbage's concentration. Violet isn't having any fun (oh here we go again with that one) and poor Drew is forced to get the food out of the stove.

These two fight right in front of Violet. She is super close with Él, but Athena is her mother...wonder who's side she'll take in a fight.

Look Danilo, I gotta go. Athena is using Él's head like a tennis ball again.

Él then runs upstairs to hang out with the kids...but where is Violet?

Being a class act by sponge bathing in the know there are empty showers and shit upstairs right?

o.0 That better not happen (it didn't but if it did, I was totally using the morning after pill on her old cranky ass)

Stop sleeping with her Eggplant. You will ruin yourself for whoever is lucky enough to marry you.

LOL customers are still locked out of the house, I will not let them roam around the house and use up the fridge for chips.

So I have this great plan to take over the world one day, but I need someone as charismatic as you to help Eggplant.

As long as the ladies come flocking, I'll do whatever you want.

I think Athena is kinda hurt by that statement boys.

OMG! I want another baby.

You lost your mind woman?!

Athena, that's crazy talk..there is no room in the house for a baby.

I'm gonna be honest...I have no idea who is cheating on who in this picture, but it's laughable.

Next day, SHAKIRA SOWHUT leenyland and Clive Dork katu_sims pop on over to the house.

And Violet bring home Holmium Element racing_oatmeal. I could definitely use and Element in the house.

Fuck this painting! I haven't gotten any love in 2 days.

Dude, ISBI kids don't tend to get love EVER. GET OVER IT.

Cabbage brings home DNW and well a horrible report card. Haha weatherman being all depressed.


I feel for poor cabbage, being peed on probably wasn't the best thing for her.

Drew maxes his skills again, and the boys have 5 days until adult...*resists urge to send them to Uni*

Really? Él couldn't you have passed out in the living room rather than in front of the toilet.

Because Violet really needs it right now.

So that dumb bitch Él passed out in front of the toilet. Why don't you punch her to get her to move?

Moooom, I happen to get along with Él, why would I wanna hurt her?

Because if it wasn't for her you would have made it to the toilet?

I pity you Él, I really don't understand.

I just pray that you wake up before you die, because that would be sad.

She's dying? Then I can totally marry Drew.

Athena, always the most caring of the bunch.

I guess she must have peed herself awake or something.

OMG I peed myself, I need to get help.

*I wonder what youth formula Taylor uses to make herself look so young*

Yes people she really did have an accident.


Roach Green roadtogreen pops on over to use the basketball court. Why would you come here and not to the park across the street where it's free?

Oh because here you have a game with a view.

(*gag* she's really going through the garbage)

*waves* Hi SOLAR SYSTEM SOWHUT leenyland!!

Awww my poor Eggplant. I have no partiality at all. >.>

Birthdays are coming soon, so be ready.

Will you fight if you are going to be mean. I don't get anything if you keep making her cry Él.

The children, however, will get the massive therapy bills because of what you are doing.

I finally had enough of the damn sleeping in the smallest room in the house, so i put a damn speaker in this bathroom so no one can pass out in it again.

So Eggplant pees himself instead...did I really just make that happen?

What will the ladies think if they see me like this?

Awww kind of a family meal...just missing Él and Drew...and you know, Indigo.

So it's about here where I thought, Hey why not teach the kids the business perks so that they can use them in the next generation. So I had Drew start teaching them to Eggplant.

Who promptly ran away when his mother went picking on Athena for like the millionth time.

Finally....just keep doing this!!

Drew chases down Eggplant to his bedroom so they can continue their lessons.

And continue they do.. Who is Él thinking about? Is it Dragon Snort Glittergaze?

Or the super hot fireman that I want IMHO to have a baby with? No Él, you got who you wanted.

Do not go stalking the men please...they are needed elsewhere.

and its the match of the century here folks. Its the too stupid to feed themselves vs the too stupid to stand up for themselves...who will win?

Now that he taught all his business rewards to Eggplant, now Drew teaches them to Violet.

Birthday time for the boys. (Eggplant hadn't shown up for some reason because he glitched out but I fixed him)

Adult time for the twins...They actually are pretty awesome. If it wasn't an ISBI i would have double heired.

Thank you to be a knowledge sim with a fear of not going to uni in a ISBI isn't it.

Purple makeover shots.

Eggplant goes to leave the house, and Athena is too late to say her goodbye, or probably hop in the cab with him.

And Mulberry leaves, leaving just the 2 girls for the rest of the generation.

Drew is still teaching Violet all of his business skills. (Though it was a complete waste because they are moving to a new hood next generation)

Just another night at the house, where everyone comes to hang out and fish.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Shrink Visits: 5
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 3
Self-Wettings: 14
Pass-Outs: 29
Fights: 3
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 2

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: drunkenmiller, hunter, idk

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