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The Pimlico VDS Legacy 1.6

Last time we got a better look at the kid who took my favorite spot...the wonderfully red-headed Alperton. We continued with the rest of ISBI week, and poor Paddy was the poor slave that had to do alot. Angel grew into a teen, with a thirst for knowledge...probably due to her lack of smarts, and Alperton grew into a toddler with an awesome faux-hawk. Paddy became besties with both Iago and Igor Simpson, and everyone caught the roach flu. Paddy went off to Uni, and the new challenge was rolled. Seven Sisters has to be a bread winner by wooing the female population to leaving nice gifts. Victoria used her points to make herself young again, because I didn't want her to die. Seven Sisters started his challenge with Coffee Siriorca racetrackd and Fallon Simpson. I sent North Wembley to Uni because he wasn't interesting at all. And left off with Seven Sisters leaving the community lot he was on greeting Gigi Creelman steezie_k

Quick family shot...look at how adorable Alperton is....ok so I gush

Skilling time for everyone...hey I can actually control them and Uni is coming soon enough.

But back to this weeks challenge...having Seven Sisters get some suga mama's to help pay the bills.

Gigi refuses to come over for a date. They did just meet about an hour ago so I will give her the benefit of the doubt this time...a nice conversation will do.

Meanwhile, Kew Gardens is off to Uni. Kinda sucks that he was boring too....To be honest, I only got attached to Paddy and Alperton cuz well look at Alperton.

Victoria is coping with the absence of her kids by cooking her favoritest thing in the whole wide world.

Thanks Fallon! Honestly I had no idea that playables could leave gifts at this point, but apparently its happening over at crystal_ridge as well.

So Mom, you know you are my best friend right?

*swallows* Alperton, go make some friends that are your own age. Leave me to my grilled cheese.

She's a heartless bitch sometimes.

Seven Sisters maxed cleaning. I guess he's a neat date. Yes I thought it was corny too.

A little bit of a chat...(Oh Hi there North Wembley)

And then the date...lets go Seven Sisters...the family is broke as it is.

Aplerton comes home from school...and brings home David Simpson...who is Harlequin and Griffin's adopted son (for those who don't remember).

And Seven Sisters moves his date to the extreme as they are already in the bed. Geez how about foreplay Seven Sisters.

Wow ok don't even kiss the girl or anything, just get right to the sex...hell I don't care as long as she brings shit for us to sell.

Oh so now you kiss you are a great playa...all the guys wanna be you. LOL if only his LTW was 50 dream dates, this could be such an easy LTW.

Haha whats wrong with your face?

What do you mean? Do I have some cheese in my teeth?

No it looks like it got hit by a truck.

What the hell is wrong with you skank? First you sleep with my underage son, and now you insult me. Do I need to pimp-slap your whore ass back to the corner?

Wow harsh much?!

LOL Gigi you have no idea what you got yourself into.

Is this harsh enough for you?

Oh bitch you messed with the wrong girl, fucking hitting me will get your ass beaten down!

Does your son know that you are such a bitch.

Don't fucking insult me in my house in front of my kids!

It's a shame that Victoria didn't have the brawn to back up her words. (and ignore her last was a super townie batch I had made with different creator sims)

Then, I sent Seven Sisters back out on the town to meet more chicks...he doesn't know many other girls besides Paddy's girlfriend, and the ones he screwed already.

And at King's Gardens we meet up with Dragon Snort Glittergaze simtasia,

Issey Emery simrenity, Bubblegum Von Prism radiationpoison and my very own Dallas Simpson. Dallas shouldn't you be home with your 6 kids?

After a few flirts, Issey is all ready to go out on a date with Seven Sisters.

Issey, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

So do you think he's in college yet or what? I wouldn't mind a date with him.

Um, really? Have you no shame Seven Sisters....wait, never mind, forgot who his mother is.

Hmm well if Seven Sisters was a girl that kind of reputation would not be wanted at all, but is it good for a guy to have it?

It's love for Seven that's a really good date then.

(Hi Hermes Randolph rikkulidea)

See...BAM! Dream date! Seven Sisters is doing pretty well for someone who is barely a teen.

While waiting for the wonderful ladies to come strolling by, Seven Sisters decides to start playing a game of chess with Alex Storm.

Brent Deline rikkulidea takes a stroll by as well...why couldn't Angel have rolled the damn challenge. Brent genes *makes grabby hands*

SO after waiting like 2 hours, NOT ONE FEMALE showed up...and I was getting pissed...Seven Sisters had about half his energy so i sent him somewhere else...somewhere I haven't been.

This guy looks confused as to why the clothing store doesn't close...and why a teen can work at like 3am without it being illegal.

Sorry there buddy, you are sooo barking up the WRONG tree.

So Seven Sisters decided that this pretty lady would be a suitable idea why I am missing pictures.

Grrr that isn't a dream date...that means no gift...try again Seven Sisters.

Say hunny, you said I was fun to be around, how bout we go out again right now?

Sure cutie.

With a nice date going on, Hannah Montana decides that she needs to interrupt the date in order to start macking on Seven Sisters. Wow talk about being a ladies man.

How the hell is date chick not beating down Hannah for stealing her date...I would be kicking her ass right now.

But we got our dream date, so we can end it with her and start a new one with Hannah, see how easy it could be.

Hannah, you know you could have had that before you started the date with Seven Sisters...the clock is ticking.

Hey bay, why don't you give me a call?

I'm on a date with you but who is that over there?

Why is that pretty woman in such an ugly dress? She rally needs to get a makeover.

Will you shut up and do me already?!

Hannah Montana ladies and gentlemen.

I love your hair Hannah, it brings out your eyes.

Aww that means alot to me.

How can they hear each other when standing in the middle of the fight?

Oh well lets just jump right back onto the couch for round 2 then.

But who do we have here...Drew Simpson and Nyx Randolph rikkulidea.

Hannah is a dream of why even keep the pretense of interest going.

Um ya...sure Seven Sisters...the lightning bolts are giving you away.

Here's a rose for the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Wow this kid has game.

Hey trying to get gifts from people requires enough schmoozing.

Now this handsome man belongs to someone...i think from GoS but I can't swear on it.

A quick introduction before getting back to the date.

o.0 WOW Hello Nyx's boobs.

Well there goes the whole date pretty quickly, lets hope for something good to come.

Woohoo...just as I sent cranky home...Pretty blonde townie shows up on the lot. Score another phone number for Seven Sisters.

Back home, someone is still seething from her bought with Gigi....well bitch, next time kick her ass.

She's setting a good example right now though by cooking for her children that are still awake.

How could you not love Nyx...she was an easy date...Bitch i want gifts.

Hey that's the lady that beat up my mom *cries*

Look you whore, put the newspaper back down and just go away.

Drake has taught his kids well on how to stand up for themselves.

Why did you come out here moron? You want me to beat you up in plain sight of everybody now?

LOL So I guess Veronica couldn't take the thought of watching that fight. Talk a big game but not back it up. I see how it is.

So this was another reason I decided for the hood switch...WTF kinda want is that?!

So Victoria needed someone for loving, and she had a high enough score with Ethan, so presto. But there is another reason for bringing over Ethan >:)

Victoria finishes off her elixir, and the kids are wasting space.

Wow Rosalyn Carter [Bad username: simrenity)]

But apparently gets disturbed when Ethan and Victoria head for her bed...and Ewww I really need to change his underwear.

So I hear you fly around like a bird, how awesome is that?

It would be better with someone to enjoy it with. But it's bearable.

Sexy babies...THANK GOD!!

Mr. Simpson, I can't bear the thought of my mom getting old, is there something you could do about that?

What do you mean? You want her to like stop aging?

And thats when Victoria Pimlico died...and became a member of the undead.

So is it like the movies? Do I have to live off of blood or what?

Honestly, I wasn't given a manual either. No one even asked me, I was just turned. I've been eating anything I want, so eat what you want. I've been alive 500 yrs already.

She made sure to show him how much gratitude she has for him, in more ways than one.

Well since her needs don't suffer at all during the night, guess who gets to do all of the housework...thats right. She's the fucking slave now.

I don't think the kids really mind that Victoria is a vampire, they tend to stick to themselves anyway. Angel is usually watching Alperton.

And Seven Sisters is either on the beach or on a date with one of his many suitor women.

A rose,

a make out

and woohoo, to make every date with him a dream.

Just so you know, I am not going out with you again. I know you are a womanizer. BUt I just had to see what all the hype was about.

Well we don't need you anymore. Look at that date score.

So Rosalyn keeps wanting a date with Seven Sisters...but I don't really want downtown to come into play...sometimes it sucks to go there.

So we denied a date...and a hang out by some teenager. Fucking teen...he's straight.

But it doesn't mean Rosalyn won't be invited over for a nice house date.

Like there was any shot of it not being a date, really?!

Victoria also has she calls up her booty call...Mr Ethan. I wonder what happened to all of the other loves in her life?

Uh mom, you know that you totally screwed me up when I was growing up.

I did.

Do you not see your son screwing every woman in the damn town?!

Shut the fuck up, I'm talking to my kid Kew Gardens.

Mom, I'm Seven Sisters. Kew moved his stuff over to Uni already and is waiting for me. Just please don';t screw up Alperton like you did with us.

That's the girl right?

No, he's the red headed child you told to get real friends his own age. Angel is the girl.


Not that she can screw up Angel anymore...cuz she just went off to Uni.
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