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Oh jeez...Hurricane Irene that evil bitch is heading our way...im hoping that we don't lose power because that would suck ass...but it would be the bottom of my priority list..have good luck everyone

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timberho August 27th, 2011
stay safe!

kingmike1224 August 27th, 2011
Thanks I'm staying indoors all weekend

simsforaranya August 27th, 2011
You have power? And phones? Lucky duck! When I was in Ami, we had to turn the power off since we couldn't get to the generators to put gas in, and the phones were out for like three weeks. XD

That said, BE SAFE! *hughug*

kingmike1224 August 27th, 2011
She actually isn't going to come until tomorrow so we still have everything right now, as for 8am tomorrow I have no idea, but I'm charging everything now

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