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The IDK Legacy 5.8

Last update we had alot happen, We started with birthdays!! DNW, DND and AWOL grew into teens, with both AWOL and DNW rolling Popularity, and DND rolling Pleasure. IMHO went on the town with AWOL and DNW to find potential spouses (this was played before I had the neighborhood merge BACC idea). DNW met potential bachelorette Bruce Vidar, Coffee Siriorca, Rhea Andrews, and Bubble Charm Glittergaze, while AWOL met up with David Ugries, Roach Green, Pippin Summerdream-Grunt, Dale Forest and Rocko Rose. IMHO didn't get to meet any potential baby daddies, because none showed up...just Norah Deline the creepy voyeur. ASAP and James kept going after each other, and ASAP moved out. Not to be outdone, NSFW came home got her first kiss from her great uncle, FTW IDK and then moved out. On a second outing, AWOL met up with Phosphorus and Radium Element, and Aquaphobia Verocchio. We left off with the birth of IMHO and Nathan Deline's daughter, named BRB.

He just seems so happy to have yet another member of the family...he's such a poor Romance sim.

BFF just seems more annoyed that BRB is getting showered with attention. Listen kid, it's what happens when there's a newborn...get over it.

I'm hungry.

Why doesn't she ever make herself something to eat. She is always grubbing off of us.

It won't be like this when we go to Uni. Do you think our family would even notice us missing?

See BRB doesn't get all the attention...BFF gets alot too, though hers is because of a birthday pop-up I got.

So I got sick of trying to find him on a lot...and I have a picture somewhere of them meeting on the Hunter I teleported him here...Hi next baby daddy...Hermes Randolph rikkulidea.

God, it's so much easier to experiment in the city than in that po-dunk town of Willowmere, I grew up in.

*I wonder if our babies will look as good as BFF or will they be deformed?*

Meanwhile...DNW decided he wasn't going to wait for any direction....that bastard screwed Norma Pooklet.

And here is when I started to get myself nervous...Um that is alot of missing body parts.

And this would be RTFM getting the fuck out of the house...sorry but she won't be heir and I need space for babies.

Gee look who's back and so quick too.

Look I know you are just experimenting, but I want a baby. No jewelry, no cash, no nothing, just sex and then you never have to talk to me again!

That doesn't sound right, I'd want to take part in my kid's life if i have one.

Aww he's on the up and up.

Meanwhile...WTF happened here that these 2 are fighting is beyond me...but it is after 6.

Which means there is alot more testosterone in the house.

Stats...Ya well when ASL grew up...there is no Grilled Cheese on the damn menu.

Um sure...*scratches head* Was Licorice male or female?

Whoops...James caught him cheating again...he isn't happy.

What the hell bitch?! Why do you continue to cheat on me?

I guess he wouldn't mind finishing the job though. Hey, sex is sex.

Though LOL's friend started hitting on James...and well guess who was caught cheating.

Oh you have the fucking balls to call me out for cheating but you can continue to do it behind my back?! At least I don't hide my cheating!

You know what, maybe marriage isn't for us anymore.


What I'm saying is GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!! We're through!

Oh my God! Please not that..I don't have anywhere to go.


Where will I go?

Don't care, keep moving.

DNW didn't like the fact that his dad and step dad broke up. I love how Hermes is just oblivious.

IMHO doesn't waste any time getting to bed for sex...and notice the locked wants for both...really?! IMHO you just got divorced.

Pregnancy confirmed. There will be another baby.

o.0 YOU JUST DIVORCED HIM!! Why do you wanna be friends?

And the last kid finally grows up...someone slept through his parents' divorce.

*I think I may be pregnant. I don't remember Hermes actually having put on a condom.*

IMHO takes the domestic role now..He is going to do all the hands on parenting.

After all, he will be out on maternity leave soon.

But unlike other pregnant sims, like his sister, he actually eats when he is hungry.

*I wonder if Hermes is free for lunch tomorrow? I probably should tell him that he is going to be a dad.*

Well that is a possible option for you AWOL, Pooklet's sims have not been used yet.

Spam of birthday.

While having a headmaster visit. Oh great.

Chance card. I dunno, I think I wouldn't mind it as long as they can sing.

You should totally win an award for letting me take your virginity. I'll make you top of the class.

Ya University here I come.

Hey rikkulidea you gave me a pervy headmaster!!

OH no way are not getting knocked up at 13.

But that is how you get into private school without giving a tour of the house.

Oh thank you for getting dressed Mr. Pedo-master, wouldn't want you doing a walk of shame or anything.

That headmaster was very good at head.

*shudders* That is too creepy for me.

Daaaw AWOL is trying to be a good mommy figure...

while IMHO pops with baby OH HELL I GAVE UP COUNTING!

Aww my beautiful baby girl

Whats that bubble?!

*I could totally sell her for some gold*

o.0 Pedophilia, and human trafficking in one this family is beyond fucked up in the head.

OMG! She has elf ears!!!

*melts* She is just too adorable.

Oh and by the way here is IMHO's 3rd LTW. I dunno if he wil ever get it though.

Gender preferences...though you knew half of them already.

We need to start getting the next daddy on the back out to the community lots..this time by himself.

Why the preggo is sunbathing in the park though is way beyond me.

Haha well the next lot we go to tends to be a Quinkie hangout...and why not...she made the lot.

Well if this baby winds up with mental issues, at least this one has an excuse.

and a parting family shot. Still a crowded house.

SO next update sadly will be them in the merge. I tried to play the next update just before posting this but the game crashed a few I think there may be a debunked character file or something...I will try to get into the hood to get pictures of the kids and get them extracted for you guys...then I will post generation 4 and 5 for you to download. I really have no idea why I have been sitting on 4 for so long. I'm also going to update the family tree with generation 4...and don't worry Hermes's baby with IMHO will be born and put in the tree too. :)

If you were wondering, I'm still debating on my favorite for her...with the Simpsons doing a double heir I don't wanna overjam only one of them is going to be heir.
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