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The Hunter Awesimsauce ISBI 1.7

Well to keep it short, last time there was a whole bunch of FAIL, and Eggplant and Mulberry grew up and moved out.

Let's start this off on a happy note for once, verocchio's Adrenaline Mikelisryker looking all fine.

And poor Drew is being all noble and cleaning up the house.

Ah you be quiet Apollo Randolph rikkulidea, You couldn't marry into this family...and why would you wanna continue to be an idiot.

Well since this was played WAAAAAAAAAY long ago, this little trick was to get IMHO to get to meet Nathan Deline rikkulidea (yes you will see alot of them).

And there is the happy guy...and FTW IDK, Minerva Starling tinykat, and Hestia Randolph...yes I will not tag her every sim of hers...just remember that Randolph = rikkulidea.

I totally want to be your best friend IMHO, you seem like a great guy.

Awww thanks *i wonder how big he is in those jeans*

WOW the entire household is actually at the table and being civil...THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!!!

Well, you knew that the calm couldn't last right. Especially with a love triangle in the house.

I'm sorry honey, It's not like I flirted with her, she grabbed my ass.

True, but if you hadn't brought her to live here, we wouldn't be facing this.

Drew being the playa that he is, stalks his women when they are half naked. Stop staring at her boobs Drew.

Well that was bound to happen when you do NOTHING but exercise.

Some basketball time with Bubble Charm Glittergaze simtasia and Malochite Crayola leenyland.

And here we have Hermes Randolph, Mario Hardy selzi and i believe the blond with the ponytail is a selzi sim as well.

Hey Taylor! No sorry I gotta call you back. Gonna do my girlfriend.

and so he does. Drew that will probably piss off your wife.

Ok Deimos Randolph, no being a douchebag here please...I'm aware Athena is your daughter, but she's doing well for herself. Go play with your granddaughter. (Platinum Element racing_oatmeal is fishing with her).

Hermes Randolph, prior to being a daddy, plays some b-ball with Vé Bork rikkulidea. Hey they have to be friends since they come from the same creator. (Él probably would be friends with Athena if they weren't sharing a baby daddy).

Hobby plaques displayed! I got bored with the ugly undecorated wall.

So many sims...I can't even tell you who is in the picture.

And Él gets her stupid ass abducted. Go Él. WOW its actually the first stat change this update.

and Drew gets to fix the broken tub. I kinda feel bad that he has to do everything.

Someone's bitch ass is dumped back on the lot. Thankfully she is too old to get pregnant.

Hey Natalia, I know we just met but I would love for you to turn someone into a vampire for me.

Oh Drew, of course I'll do it for you.

And thus Natalia Rowan simsforaranya turned Spandex Vendetta Glittergaze simtasia into a creature of the night.

Well if you wanna make it better, then make it better.

Drew, your garden looks fantastic. You should buy some lawn furniture to enjoy it more.

A discount before the vampires flee. Well it is the thought that counts.

OK ladies...this is not a buffet of man-meat...there is one man in the house and he already has enough to think about.

But they all decide to spend a bit of money to stare at how hot he is...hey I love the guy too, but I'm not about stalking him.

Business rank up...and well...yet another stolen kiss between Athena and Drew.

But SNORRI SOWHUT leenyland and Roach Green roadtogreen decide to help out and get business booming by having SNORRI take off his shirt.

SNORRI stop being an asshole to Dragon Snort Glittergaze, he may be needed for a spouse.

Underwear modelling by Dallas Simpson and Nadia Laurince and a townie decide to get some game going.


Honey, I haven't done anything since she grabbed my ass.

LOOK BITCH! I'm young and attractive and you are really starting to piss me off.

Whoa there whore, no one brought your skanky ass into this conversation.

Oh YAY! Another abduction for Él..Thanks a lot for that.

WOW hello random assorment of sims #2...i spy Rhys Rowan simsforaranya, Aurora Hale simplicist, Calcium Element, Cordate Verocchio, and FOAD IDK.

WOW WTF...How do you reject Rhys Rowan, Cordate? He is definitely a great catch!!

Oh great job Drew, go get yourself won't get pregnant at least.

Oh and you wanna get abducted again...really?!

I'm hungry!!

Is this bitch for real! The fridge is right in the next room.

And apparently Athena didn't take kindly to that comment.

I'm hungry.

A chip off the old block.

Look honey, you need to have a man in your life before you start begging for food. You look stupid when you aren't pregnant.

Thank you stupid dog...not like I actually wanted the trash to stay in the pail.

Look Violet, Drew made can actually eat some food.

Teen birthday for Cabbage...and with a family dinner...kinda feels like one of my birthdays.

WOW what an ugly hairdo Cabbage. You definitely need your purple hangover.

Stats for your viewing pleasure. Yes thats right our new teen is into fur and nuts...hey I can skew it anyway I want.

Purple makeover...she looks awesome.

She totally doesn't look better than me.

Oh I dunno about that.

Oh YAY...Roach flu in an ISBI house...thank you so much.

WOW Ok, WTF is this fight about?!

Not surprised that Violet won, she is stacked with body points. but seriously, why?

YAY Roach flu really is just what I needed.

And of course while Él is sick with the flu, Drew decides to bed, or rather couch, Athena.

Drew comes home with someone...kinda looks like Bubble Charm.

Oh AGAIN with the getting caught cheating. Seriously...I love ACR and all, and this definitely is encouraging for an ISBI by what the hell.

and yes...yet another roach sad is it when the only healthy person in the house is an idiot...literally.

Good job, yet another fight..and a noogie.

And Él kicks some sorry ass on Athena...but at least she has the physical prowess to back up her attacks.

Random swarm #3...Platinum Element, Eros Reality mysimsreality, Aidan Roberts leenyland, and David Ugries sounseelie coming to the house. Enjoyable man meat for Violet possibly.

Athena is getting close to being time flies.

Not that they do much, except fight like loons. Poor Violet is being traumatized.

Ok, its let's impress Violet...not Platinum.

Drew was getting very close to very he got to knock a few years Él is older than him.

Mmmm Sutherland Green decides to take a stop by, while Ingrid takes a stroll by (I think it's Ingrid...but definitely a selzi)

Look at Drew being the social butterfly. Dementia Glittergaze, Hsigo Mythos and Nathan Deline...

and WTF IDK. Man it is a packed lot today.

Not that these two mind, they are way too busy attacking each other.

and Él wins yet again...and Drew watches approvingly...oh What the hell is wrong with this family.

Not that Athena takes crap anyway. She doesn't back down...Athena Randolph-Hunter...the next Captain America.

Oh Cabbage...we were doing so well...not one bad status til now...grrrr.

Oh and why the hell are you pissed at her? Its been so long since you actually fought.

GO EAT! sheesh some stupid people.

Domestic violence always brings people running to the lot. Apollo...go home.

Noah Deline and my simself stop on by...Well it will be nice to meet my own people.

Awww Jared wants to talk to his know I should really age him...the continuity would be so broken.

One more day til Athena is an old maid...she'll never be married *cries*

Oh hey FYI, how is life? have you had sex yet? Isn't it fantastic, i just can't get enough.

Awkward conversation...*slinks away*

I'm hungry for your man!! So back off, he will be mine.

Or so you think slut.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Shrink Visits: 5
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 3
Self-Wettings: 15
Pass-Outs: 29
Fights: 7
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 5

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: bork, drunkenmiller, hunter, idk, simpsons, simself

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