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The Pimlico VDS Legacy 1.7

Last time, which was like last week WOW...we continued on with our challenge of Seven Sisters being a man of the night, and living off the gifts which were null. Gigi tormented Victoria to no end, which was a bad idea. Then he sexed up alot of people around town. He convinced Ethan Simpson (soon to be Capobianco) to make his mother a vampire. Angel went off to school, and Seven Sisters told Victoria not to screw up Alperton.

And we start off with an electrocution...poor Seven Sisters.

So does Mom think we are mice or something with all the cheese she feeds us?

Mom hurt herself when she was younger and all she can think about is grilled cheese Alpie.

Um sure Rosalyn..Why wouldn't he be here?

So someone was getting all I had her booty call...and look who the booty call was....Hi Dean!!

You really have got to be kidding me?! Seriously...I'm kinda pissed now.

They are totally adorable so I guess I will let it slide.

And so I decided that it's been a long's about time that Dean and Victoria patched things up.

Um ya that kinda needs to be fixed for sure. There is no way she's getting 100 grand for nothing.

Dean, honey. If you haven't noticed, I'm kinda a vampire and have senses...I'm pregnant again with your kid.

Anything to get me to stay with you. What are you gonna say next? Um Dean I'm a witch or something.

Don't press your luck mister.

Easy fix to the hundred ninety grand in mortgage bushes...I figured he probably would have had ten grand saved in those years.

Some bedtime kisses...

and a marriage proposal. Well I wanted her to be happy.

He was just waiting for her...I bet he was crying.

No time like the present for a wedding, especially with a vampire.

/wedding spam (Its actually the first wedding I used Gadwin for so I got alot of pictures.)

LOL you didn't think I would honestly let him DIE on her did you?

I'm so happy we got married *bites neck*

That psycho bit me...great there goes my job! *negative wedding memory*

So Dad, I'm glad your best friends with us again.

Your mother just turned me into a vampire. If you don't shut the fuck up and leave me alone, I will rip your throat apart.

*backs away slowly*

She may be a cleaner...but she is a fat vampire. That is disgraceful Vicky.

It just means I have eaten alot of grilled cheese.

So on a slow Sunday...The kids have a study session.

and then some fun on the beach...

before they go back to skilling.

Alpie, which ones move in 'L's again?

*sigh*The horse does. Shouldn't you be teaching me?!

Yo fuckwad!

What now? Can't keep your legs together anymore?

No just popping asswipe!

And with that...Seven Sisters is off to Uni.

And a new challenge...Um well Alpie would be the only one for this, but with 2 other vampires in the house...I'll pass on this one.

Oh FUCK NO!! Not this one again!!

Ok this one is good enough for me...and the sim that was rolled was Alperton.

Not that a UFO would be able to lift fattie here. Dean is just appeasing her by eating grilled cheese.

So she sets about making platter after platter...hey its an easy aspiration point gainer.

Skilling, not an issue for vampires who get no motive depletion during the night.

Now i don't remember how Ifrit Magicakes got himself here...but blind date seems ok to me.

Not only can the guy break the laws of physics by sticking his leg through the wall...but the law of ugly by being heinously ugly.

So Ifrit gets the pleasure of becoming a creature of the night.

Oh he accepts...probably because he has the hots for Victoria...even with her big belly.


Deeper...more from your stomach.

Now to take care of the king of ugly..

I know my powers are weaker in the sun, but your existence is a crime against nature.


Notice how the death of ugly doesn't even phase Alperton, though the kid is in the ocean in the rain so he isn't all with it to start with.

Victoria's high matches for anyone who is interested...her highest match isn't even a Grilled Cheese sim...Wow that could be really bad.

Dean comes home with a promotion...and Fallon Simpson...who is unemployed mind you.

Hey beautiful, would you wanna hang out with me? Today is my birthday.

Sure handsome.

Hi little kid of my 'coworker'.

Birthday pop-up.

No party, but the boy did grow up well.

I told you it's my birthday.

Wow you are a hottie.

Hey sexy weren't you just a little kid 5 minutes ago? *is shocked*

Some important stats...hmm well he is straight.

So did I ever thank you for staying around?

Oh my.

You are incredibly beautiful, would you consider dating me?

Well are you handy? I can definitely use a repairman around my house some days.

I know my way around a tool or 2.

I could use some help with this puzzle I am putting together.

Sure I can help a beautiful woman like yourself.

The importance of this shot was to show you that I put portals at each edge of the visitors can walk across the street like normal people do.

Would you go on a date with me?

Sure Alpie. I would love to.

So I like how the moon makes your eyes look so luminescent.

Are you saying my eyes are pretty?

Alpie gets to get into a new outfit, and answer the phone.

Ya this will be a growing trend throughout the updates...she can't catch a hint.

So when are we going to have red headed babies?

*chokes on food*

Why exactly are you still here ma'am?

I don't think that chick has any best friends to hang out with.

She's a lunatic. Like you would sleep with her.

Loving them together...there may be a bit of spam of them...oh well.

She isn't even safe in the bathroom...ok Alperton may be a little stalkerish.

Pop 2 for fat bitch...and what the hell. Fallon is stalking Alperton.

Sorry I couldn't help myself :p

What the fuck is wrong with you bitch? You are ruining my first date!!

Like he wants a girl like you when he can have a woman like me.

Actually I want her, psycho.

LOL Oh my really Aurora...I bet he's a great date. Happy Birthday Alperton.

Now onto this weeks challenge...abduction #1

Like these two actually care...didn't even phase them.

and return.

OMG! The aliens did things to me.

Well are you surprised after all the kids she popped out and how many people she slept with?

Hello diverse looking townie. Sorry you came by way too one will be marrying you.

Abduction #2 folks...hey I don't think I'll have him get abducted all week, but a week's worth would be nice.

This time, they actually came out.

Asshole, Don't peep in my window!!

LOOK GUTTER TRASH! My stepson just got abducted by aliens. Would you be so kind as to get your white trash ass off my lawn before I rip your throat out with my teeth? *bares fangs*

WOW...*runs away scared*

Well to make sure they are ready, they decide to go back to skilling to make sure Alperton is ok.

And he returns, bruised but not broken.

I can't believe I was abducted again

What are the chances? >.>

These two rays of sunshine come out and laugh at poor Alperton. What a bunch of assholes.

and abduction #3 coming your way.

Oh ya, now you worry. This is his third time getting abducted you know.

Not that it matters much...time to explode for Victoria.

Like I would hit anything but this.

Oh YAY a multiple birth just for me..aren't you so thoughtful bitch.

Hey kinda wanna stop reading your book and hold the baby while I give birth to the other.

I guess so.

Hrm...Dean has a job, Victoria doesn't. I wonder who I'm gonna give the vacation time to. retarded game.

Now they are basically Identical...same tone (or very very similar), both have blonde hair...only difference that I see is eye you can see. The baby with the green eyes is Epping, and the one with blue eyes is Kenton.

- So i have like 3 more updates with the Pimlicos, thanks to the wonderful late babies...basically 2 weeks.

- I updated the IDK family tree with generation 4, and tomorrow I will get the download page working.

- Don't forget to vote in the poll for the IDKs while you are at it. Poll is here for you
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