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The Hunter Awesimsauce ISBI 1.8 + poll

Last time, there were a lot of fights, a lot of abductions...and TONS of pixel_trade sims. and Cabbage grew up into a teen.

Fucking roach flu! Why does it infect everyone?

So mom, is it really scary to live in a house with ghosts?

I never saw a ghost, why do you believe in stupid things Cabbage?

Violet honey, are you filling your sister's head with all this magic and ghost garbage?

Not me mom, I don't believe in that bullshit.

Oh ghosts are real. I've seen a few in my day.

Oh so it's your fault bitch? Stop filling my kid's head with garbage!

Poor Cabbage can't even make it to the toilet. She's probably so excited over ghosts.

And showing up to the lot tonite is myself, and Nevaeh Deline. (rikkulidea)

Apparently RTFM IDK is pissed at Cabbage for something so she is stealing the..invisible newspaper? Really RTFM? (OMG Grandma Emma Jean!)

Cabbage has so much going through her mind when she sleeps, even I don't know what goes through it.

Um WTF?! (OK so I did look through everyone and no one had a social bunny or anything so I have no idea)

Bitch, Drew is MY man. Will you move the fuck out already? Your kids are old enough to take care of themselves...and I won't kick them out til they grow up.

But Drew loves me, right Drew?

*scrub scrub scrub*

So Él, do you think you can teach me how to cook? I need to know how to please my man.

Of course Cabbage, anything you wanna make for him?

THAT BITCH! How dare she steal the mother-daughter bond with my baby?

Cabbage must have stayed home to bask in the hotness that is IMHO, that would be the only explanation that I have?

Or she felt drawn to the bike...I should really have deleted that by now.

How the fuck can she be such a bad influence and not send her kid off to school?

Because she's having a mental breakdown?

New day, new batch of customers.

OMG! Isabella, how have you been? I haven't talked to you since my birthday party. Did you marry that guy yet? No?

So birthday spam...but also...

Birthday!! And wow that is a really bad dye job.

And with that...the shrink cometh!

Why did I have to get involved with a married man? I should have been married by now.

Blue makeover complete.

Aww poor James, I can't believe IMHO dumped him. He is so hot.

Stop flirting with my man!

I hate you bitch!

And wow Él actually won the fight. I'm thoroughly impressed.

and promptly pees herself. Classy lady.

And Cabbage passes out in a bathroom with a speaker 5 inches from her on earth?

Drew decides to roll a want to paint a he gets to work...child Bella and Morty from sims 3.

I'm hungry

Well you are in the

Stupid bitch. I'll kick your ass again.

Mom, Él, can we please just stop fighting. Or at least take it out on Dad?

*plunge plunge plunge*

New day, new customers...and Hi Isabella and Kelly.

These two do love each other. I mean Drew has 3 bolts with both Él and Athena.


Although Drew and Él still keep their quality time cooking. After all, they have a ton of fish.

Last picture of teenage Violet.

cuz now she's an adult. who kinda looks like she's pregnant.

and chalk up yet another shrink visit, I'm kinda shocked.

And Violet all purple-fied. So now there you have it. The last post of this generation. and You have a choice to make.

And for the 2 kids poll here you go:

Poll #1778629 Hunter heir
This poll is closed.

Who will be heir?


Should I bring the other to the new hood as well?


Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Shrink Visits: 7
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 3
Self-Wettings: 17
Pass-Outs: 30
Fights: 8
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 5

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: drunkenmiller, hunter, idk, simself

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