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The Pimlico VDS Legacy 1.8

Last time, Seven Sisters moved away to college. Victoria finally rekindled her romance with Dean Fry and they got married...then Victoria vamp-ed him. Victoria got pregnant and gave birth to twin blonde boys named Epping and Kenton. We started a new week, with the challenge that Alperton had to get abducted...several times. After his teen birthday, he decided that all he wants from his existence is Grilled Cheese because his mom fucked him up royally.

Let's start this update off with Alperton returning from his recent abduction...poor guy has been prodded more times then a teenager should.

but he still knows that there are two other people in need of his care...after all, look at who their mother is.

Why do I keep getting abducted? I just wanna spend some time with my little brothers.

Awww Alpie, I'm sorry...but it will be over soon.

And look you have some wonderful company in Deep Space Sparkle Crayola. She can help you take care of your brothers.

Not that Alpie was looking for help or anything...he just wants a little quality time to get his body all buff for his girlfriend.

And buff is what he did...Alperton has a sexy body.

Abduction #4 comes and goes while Alperton is wearing skimpy underwear...don't mind me.

Abduction #5 right after...ok the poor kid is getting probed. I wonder if he even likes it at this point?

Hello! I smell after all of my romps with the aliens.

Woohoo! Welcome home Alpie. We missed you!!

Lies...boldfaced lies.

Morning comes...and it goes back to boredom. Alpie is at school, and Dean went to work. Victoria is home alone and locked in her coffin.

Dean goes and makes himself a win card with an easy chance card. Why would anyone ever cover that bullshit up?

Don't you see what I mean? He thinks about the aliens even when he is doing manual labor.

Even though Fallon Simpson stalks everyone...I mean really she is UNEMPLOYED, why does she continue to come home with Dean...daily?!

Birthday spam.

And when it turns to 7, birthday time...Momma and big brother Alpie get the honors.

Think of this times two cuz I am a spaz and didn't get 2 pictures.

Abduction #6 already.

and how does abduction #7 feel? a weeks worth in like 3 or 4 days. If only he were a knowledge sim.

Look how well adjusted they are...sleeping on their beds and everything.

And well Dean doesn't listen to me and goes to bed in a bed instead of a coffin...and dies.

What do you think you're doing? Why are you taking my undead husband from me? Can't you tell how much he means to me?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...Here, have him back

Oh Yeah, guilt trips always work.

Oh Grimm is going to get your ass, and I don't wanna be around.

Don't know why I have this picture, but here is a picture of Victoria reading and Candy Mix Behr playing chess.

Despite the lack of pictures together, Dean is actually a wonderful father to the boys. He is always doting on them if I don't have him doing other things.

Now I am just curious how many abductions he is going to have before he leaves for Uni at the end of the week...this is #8.

Oh Damn...see I should never say that my families are well adjusted...Then they always wind up failing at something.


Yes I have absolutely no sympathy for you mister OMG its a telescope lemme go look thru it.

Though I do admit it is nice to see him get along so well with his little brothers.

Oh yay...let's play 'How bad can we scar the kids?' Victoria's score: off the charts...most times they wind up in underwear at least.

Oh you better not be pregnant.

Abduction 10...hey his week is almost up.

King of fug. why do you grace me with your presence?

You can see me? Aren't you the slut that killed me?

Duh! why do you think I can see you?

And 11...with toddler birthdays coming up too...God, sucks for those kids.

And we start with the toddler training, let it be adorable. I do love my Alperton.

Grrr I hate you are fucking going to drag this generation on forever aren't you?

Say bear.

Panda bear.

(tribute to my mom's favorite animal...awww)

and birthday spam....I got about an hour to finish training.

<3 totally adorable. I wanna frame this picture.

The twins grow up platinum...helps to shoulder training to the last minute :p

Last minute mother-son bonding by cooking some grilled cheese. So sad to see it.

But Alperton is off to Uni. And that ends this update...and on a Sunday as well. how exciting.

- So yup that fat bitch got knocked up again.

- there's 2 more Pimlico updates before the end...and funny enough..they are all cropped, edited and uploaded. I'll probably have the next one up tomorrow nite. Sorry to rush it, but I have been anxious for play my BACC...which seems to be growing in starter households...I'm gonna have a neighborhood explosion.

- sorry this update is kinda quick lined, but my neighbor's house got broken into. Oh the fun o.0
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