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The Pimlico VDS Legacy 1.9

Last time which was a whole 3 days ago, Alperton got himself abducted alot, Victoria got pregnant again and Epping and Kenton grew into toddlers, and children. We left off with Alperton going away to Uni.

New week, new challenge....I was actually hoping this one would come up. Instead of making CAS moochers though, I decided that the next 3 townies/playables would be the moochers, as Victoria is pregnant. The way I will be playing them is basically ISBI. I will only give them a love life...everything else...they are on their own.

Though it's not like Victoria will enjoy the next three days though. Tough luck stupid bitch.

That just looks all kinds of painful...your husband's head through your stomach.

Bleh! I feel sick! *+2500 asp points*

So she decided that she needed to wash every window in this room twice over. Well at least she is a clean nut job.

And she pops at like 7am. Lucky me, the vampire out of coffin during sunlight.

And our first sucker moocher is this lovely young gentleman. Roland Banks.

and our 2 other moochers are Fallon Simpson (who for some reason is still coming home with Dean while she is unemployed. The alien dude is Larry, that is all I know.

I don't think it should be legal for unruly skanks to be barging into our house.

What do you mean? It isn't legal.

Who do you think you're calling unruly skank asshole?

What did I do to deserve her coming into my house?

Correction, Victoria's house, not your house.

Yes, that would be Dean with a want to fall for his newly moocher housemate, and a fear of his impending baby.

Sylvester Simpson comes by to pick up his brother in law....yes that would be Happy's newly adopted brother, David.

Fallon entertains herself by building sandcastles, and Victoria needing fun destroys them all.

Why won't these lazy fucks move out?

I dunno hunny, why did you let them move in?

She didn't, I did.

Well someone had a want for homework help when he got up at 5am, so its a perfect time for the vampire to teach their kids multiplication.

Why is Larry passed out in the living room? I fear for my unborn child.

I feared for your first unborn child, but Paddington turned out fine. Though there was no complete strangers in the house, except you!

Pop number 2...only one more day to go.

These two, however, do NOT seem to be getting along. That may be a bit of an issue.

Oh they won't be getting together anytime soon will they?

Meanwhile Larry decides to get himself a date. Hamlet Simpson just really wanted to get laid.

But seriously, he needs to learn to wrap it up. I don't wanna be raising moocher babies.

So I see you met someone new today, Larry.

Yup, he was a great lay.

Did you seriously have sex in my bed?

I guess Roland and Fallon are still having issues. I bet there is hidden sexual tension there.

Fallon finally gets her first kiss, and I feel absolutely guilty that she's become the new Drew Barrymore.

Oh the joys of being all ISBI-fied and Roland being nosy...Bye Roland, see you after you have been butt raped.

Son, remember how mommy is having another baby, well when Roland comes back he's going to have a baby.

Oh kool I wanna see Roland.

Darn, I can't see him anywhere.

I don't think you wanna see him Epping? Kenton? (I have no idea which one it is)

Roland is back though, fully impregnated and everything.

Birth time. I wonder how lucky I'll get.

Because even though I was planning one, I still hit random.

And we do get ourselves a single birth. Yet another boy, named Acton Town.

OMG! Why on earth can't I get in the room to see the baby.

Because the door is locked? How stupid is she?

Well last time I had Larry take the day after pill, now that I will be caring for one, why not one more.

Hamlet, of course, still does not know how to wrap it up. Well, I hope he likes being a daddy.

Fallon is pretty boring, I'll be honest. She has no love besides Dean, and he isn't gonna touch her while Victoria is around.

HAHA! Not on your life hunny, not on your life.

The moochers are of some use with the baby, though I still wanna know how you passed through the locked door stupid.

Well it looks like someone won't survive the night, let alone the whole week. You know where the fridge is, GO EAT.

Even Fallon can find the fridge, and she's dumber than bricks.

Well at least he finally found it, even if he isn't pulling out leftovers. And Victoria is loving on Acton Town.

And then she cleans autonomously...and you wonder why I couldn't let this evil whore die.

Larry you are so good with Acton Town, are you sure you don't have kids?


OK well I am going to make myself some grilled cheese.

And Alien pop. This could get a little interesting.

What on earth is it with watching waves...seriously?!

And this loser can't even use a toilet. Ok who on earth do you think you are?

Oh no, no crying because you are a dumbass and can't use a toilet. Victoria should eat a hole in your neck for that.

Dean just knows how to win. He got promoted yet again. And WTF Larry, you know where the fridge is.

Why yes, that would be Roland in a puddle of pee, and Larry still complaining about food. You need to find the fridge.

Larry pops, and now Fallon is griping about food. This is just getting sad.

At least she found the fridge. I have hopes for her.

Oh and it was Acton Town's birthday...isn't he adorable.

Roland yet again passes out...he is horrible at being pregnant. And Victoria is totally using her free time ability to conjure grilled cheese.

And Dean, he is just being super dad.

And Victoria is being a great mom, seriously?! What happened to my gripy witch of a founder?!

What on earth is with the preggos and passing out? I'm getting very embarassed for them.

OK Fallon, stop showing off!

Ya they both totally pissed themselves. o.0 I'm just glad this isn't an ISBI.

What am I saying, Dean is super dad and I love that I married them.

Alien coming soon.

Ok here is where I get super pissy. Larry is in the coffin of the LOCKED bedroom. While Dean needs to get in there for his health.


And Victoria gets her tushy abducted. I weep for this family.

She comes back and cleans...and yes I gave her the morning after pill, she is NOT having any more kids.

And Dean gets himself abducted. I just give up. *hangs head in shame*.

Oh and the first moocher finally bites the dust. Poor Roland.

Oh please! Don't take this freeloader away. He brings the laughs.

Sorry toots! He isn't your family, he's mine.


And with that, Roland is gone.

See...Morning after pill for her, and look at how red Larry is? How is he still alive?

o.0 How on earth is Larry still alive and Fallon dead? And I had such high hopes.

Dean arrived back home, and they think he's too loud. I should beat someone, and laughed at your son, but not your husband?

Congrats kid on doing your homeworrk!

Is he kidding me?

I may kill him before he dies on his own.

We'll see Victoria, we'll see.

Not that he is actually being able to do anything, he either passes out or complains about food. I don't think he could have an interaction. (LOOK AT THOSE NEEDS!!! HOW IS HE STILL ALIVE?!).

Oh cuz he's dying now. Well survival of the fittest, and you are the dumbest.

Birthday Spam...and yes no more KIDS!

Toddler training is a go. Kinda sucks Vicky when you don't have a teen to help you out.

I forgot how long it takes to potty train kids!


Toddler walking is a go.

Epping is adorable. I love him.

Kenton, well they are twins.

Nursery rhyme, and OTH.

Ah you stop scaring the kids Roland! It's not their fault you were dumb enough to die.

And..I leave you with adorable father-son picture! Don't you just love it?

- ONE MORE UPDATE!!! I'm so excited!! Definitely will be posted tomorrow!!

- The moochers actually were dumb enough to starve themselves and well sucks for them.
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