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The Pimlico VDS Legacy 1.10

Last time which was like 2 days I am really getting better (or i am just really anxious to play the legacies in a BACC)...there was the weekly challenge of Moochers, where 3 people moved into the house and basically wasted space. The happy occupants were Roland Banks, Fallon Simpson and some alien dude named Larry. They were basically played ISBI style and only got help to get some loving, which only worked for one of them. Roland got abducted, and Larry hooked up with Fallon's nephew, Hamlet. The week was a success...until they all died. We did also see the birth of Acton Town...the very last baby born to these two. Who was growing into a child when we left off.

Lets start off with the next challenge...and OMG I hate this challenge! I really need to adjust this challenge roller with some other ones that seem more make x enemies.

Evidence of my house being demolished (ya the other house did suck alot but I can't build for shit)

Although seriously, I love the look of this house...the only issue I realized after I played it was that there was only one bathroom.

Eating grilled cheese makes mom happy, after all, Grilled cheese is her best friend.

And here we have a useless picture of Epping, which i love.

Dominic Simpson (Catalina's husband) not to be confused with Glory's boyfriend Dominck Deline. takes a stroll by the house. I kinda miss playing him, and I kinda really need to find that hair he had that I deleted.

Acton Town brings home Drake's daughter Lily (or Veronica i can't really remember).

Game, she died on this lot. I didn't teleport her here...WHY IS SHE STILL COMING HOME WITH DEAN?!

So someone got knocked up last update, so she's taking her pill for that...and LOL This is Epping in his underwear, last picture was Kenton.

So I love art. I wanna marry an artist and live in Paris with him.

That's nice

Keep dreaming Whichever one you've been a kid for like 500 years.

Epping wanted a date, after all he is a Pleasure sim. So with the magic of the crystal ball we get...Bubble Charm Glittergaze (simtasia), random slutty teen townie that hit on Kew Gardens, Lynette the garden club lady from the first generation of the Simpsons, Shiva Magicakes (rikkulidea), and Sigihild Heart (racing_oatmeal).

So I can't believe how dreary it has been around here. I'm glad you showed up on my doorstep.

Aren't you like 15? Why are you trying to hit on me?

A very mature 15, and I know a pretty lady when I see one.

OK so Epping won't go in there because his father is in the shower, yet Sigihild will just walk right in. Boundaries much girl?

LOL, so this creepy stalker just moved in, and wanted us to help take care of his baby when it was born. But he died.

OMG! That's funny. There sure are weird people in this town.

*Where is my sexy wife. I wanna have sex.*

Then this idiot walked off on his date to go build sandcastles. At least she stalked him here.

I was just trying to get you all alone. You are a sexy woman, and I like that.


Let me caress that beautiful cheek.

Um don't touch me. I don't want to go to jail for pedophilia.

So she's fickle, what do you want from me, go ask Alexei.

Dad, I'm so glad to have you around to talk to when I need advice.

Of course son, now don't bother daddy, Die Hard is on

Adorable picture, Yes?

Hello beautiful. I picked this flower for you.

Oh Dean, you didn't go outside in daylight again, did you?

Just for you.

And thusly he proceeded to impregnate her.

Epping is playing in the tub. I haven't had one of these autonomously in forever.

Fallon go away, if you weren't bugged to come home with Dean, you would still be alive.

Kenton, we can not go to Hawaii on vacation. Your father and I will die if we go there. WE ARE VAMPIRES!

Oh bullshit Mom, you just don't wanna spend the money to go. We all know vampires aren't real.

What is wrong with this kid?

What did I say Fallon, GO AWAY!

Look who called, Ifrit MAgicakes (rikkulidea). I wish I could marry him in.

Kenton is kinda flirting with Candy Mix Behr (simsforaranya). I guess they can flirt since when they go to college, it will be in another town.

I really don't know how Shiva knows Epping, but sure he's available to talk.

and the leotard duo decide to hang out in the crypt. People are just weird.

How the fuck do you dare gossip about me you little ass.

Holy shit it's a ghost.

Damn it! but seiously who would what a paper on A World Without Toes? Really?

Hi Creepy man, no I don't want to talk to you. You may kidnap me.

Mother-son bonding time...trying to clean up the bathroom. Hey its something to help them get closer. He doesn't fight with her like Kenton.

While mother-son bonding is going on inside, father-son bonding time is the rain...jumping in puddles. and Deep Space Sparkle, you are getting dangerously close to creepy now. GO HOME!

Uh oh! what did Acton Town do now?

That little shit told me he wants a haircut. Not while he's living under my roof.

OK so Epping is going to try his hand at another date, since Sigihild wanted no part of touching. Let's try Shiva this time around.

Wow this date has already surpassed the last one, she actually touches her date.

First kiss for Epping is accomplished! Sweet!

Wow ok so first make-out also accomplished. I guess I should have started with Shiva.

LOL Only so-so you are playing tonsil hockey with a hott blonde. I would say that rates pretty good.

A quick handhold...

and it's love. What are you looking at Shiva?

I wanna see it.

She really really wants to see it. o.0 Bad Shiva.

Kenton tries his hand at dating and gets Iris Siriocra (racetrackd).

OK creepy dude, get it through your head. Acton Town does not want to be molested by you.

Epping, don't ruin your brother's date...he didn't ruin either one of yours.

Ya, I have no idea why I teleported Jayden Nota (leenyland) here, but here he is.

Say, would you wanna go on a date with me?


Actually I don't feel like it, peace. But I had a good time.

o.0 what on earth just happened here?

So both of the teens went to lay in the sun.

Epping got himself burnt to a crisp...

while Kenton got himself a nice tan. Awesome!

And it's actually Sunday again...and its Acton Town's birthday.

He's pretty handsome. I am happy with how he turned out.

Stats. A knowledge sim...wouldn't have pegged that.

Seriously Fallon, you are starting to piss me the fuck off.

New challenge...Oooo tempting challenge I like it.

The papergirl is the first victim...she really shouldn't go to work sick.

The second victim is I have no idea, I don't think the satellite cared either.

And finally someone was retarded to go for a walk in the hail. Well serves you right dumbass.

Epping goes off to college though, bye Epping!

Kenton is off as well. That only leaves 3 sims in the house (OMG I don't think I have ever had a household that small).

Victoria does some household chores. Why does she always seem to be the one doing it?

LOL The way these 2 go at it on the couch, you'd think they were the only ones left in the house.

NO WAY DUDE! Stop impregnating your wife.

Damn skippy she is taking the pill. I should have just put her on birth control.

LOL The papergirl has been out haunting. At least SHE has a reason to haunt, not like Fallon.

LOL Family bonding while watching the cooking channel. At least they are gaining some experience.

A bit of homework...

before he goes to college. He was kind of boring to play by himself.

Uni movie LOL.

Uni entrance (And each fucking one with their 'Dad') I couldn't believe Victoria didn't show once!

And here are their makeovers...I love them...but I really couldn't stand Acton Town's hair he shaved his head. And Funny enough, Epping went off to college right after rikkulidea posted his hair, so I love it.

- That's it...every legacy is posted to the point that I played with. There will be an interlude post before I start to play the BACC. I'm too excited about it.
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