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The Chempound Round Robin 14.1

So perchalicious finished her turn and has passed the heir on to me...so here is a quick round...sorry but I have been way to excited to play my BACC that i haven't been as great a legacy person as normal...so sue me.

Meet our torchholder, Chlorine Urea. He's a romance sim...but not for long. My generation has the challenge to re-roll aspiration every week...it's actually kind of interesting *debates rolling this challenge into BACC*

The new neighbor crew brings along an adult Kitten Fauna, from my round in that round robin...kinda feel bad for poor Kitten. She's actually pretty in her own way., but got no love.

Wow sadly enough, the highest match he's met is IMHO...No you can't have him Chlorine.

Tyche however you can have, if she ever calls...which she hasn't yet.

First day in the slacker career he wanted. and yes, i show you my hacks.

New people came strolling by, Cora Bradley and Doomtrain Magicakes (rikkulidea) Ya her sims tend to come by very often...another reason why my BACC will be nice...no overpopulation with just one person's sims.

But I settle on Cora...she has eyes that I love. I hope she passes them on.

A bit of sweet talking...

before they decide to head out on a date.

and the inevitable happens.

Seriously?! you give that piece of crap to your boyfriend.

Another date...

What the hell, Phoebe Randolph and Orchid Laurince (both rikkulidea) are trying to tell Cora what a player Chlorine us, after all he did hit on both of them.

But she moves in anyway...she is a glutton for punishment isn't she? :p

Someone is knocked up...woohoo...baby with the eyes.

A bit of the skilling, with cleaning and painting...she needs it for her career at any rate.


LOL her skanky ass went to work in her underwear...ya i made her go but still, she coulda changed.

A very pregnant Cora paints...

then decides to give birth.

Twins...both girls. Top is Cyanide and the bottom is Acetone. (yes i know its been used, but Acetone is such a girl name)

Cora got promoted, then goes to check with her babies.

She loves babies so much that she tries to get pregnant again.

LOL they both tried to lecture the babies for soiling themselves.

Uggh Nanny...why do i have to hire her?!

Cora gets herself into the hobby lot...poor girl.

New week, new aspiration...I decided that instead of re-rolling I'll just move clockwise around. So now he's a family sim.

First order of business...get them hitched...since he actually rolled the wants.

and its also the twin's birthdays.

Acetone is on the top, Cyanide is on the bottom.

The love they still have is kinda scary.

A rare quiet moment in a house with twins...its calming.

Chance card fail.

Seriously?! WTF are you playing in the toilet?

Potty training...oh yes Chlorine gets that chore.

Cora got herself demoted...damn freetime chance card i forgot to screen cap.

o.0 poor Acetone is scared for life...look at her face.

And Chlorine impregnates Cora...again *facepalm* It better have your eyes bitch.

Daddy's favorite...

and his worst nightmare. Whoops.

Hobby lot and birthday spam.

Acetone grew up well...

Cyanide not so much.

Well...not Cyanide is scarred...way to screw up your children.

Ya...Cyanide is a bit of a bitch.


Onyx Crayola (Leenyland) comes home with Chlorine...mmm Onyx.

LOL Imagine if this was the scene you came home to.

Chlorine is apparently not worried about criminals.

Cora apparently doesn't care the state of the bathroom, as her skanky ass jumped in the shower.

And we influence Onyx to do some repairs...why should Chlorine do it anyway.

Onyx electrocuted himself and Cora passed out in the doorway...wonderful.

You little shit...stop bouncing on the damn bed.

Why on earth would you do that when your children are trying to sleep?!

LOL so apparently Acetone is everyone's favorite, not just Chlorine's

And someone has taken notice.


New week, new Aspiration.

and its a birth...random of course


We have 3 babies...Quinine, Cryolite, and Pyrite

We are totally gonna be on TV like that Kate + 8 bitch.

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Acetone is beautiful!!!

LOL All you need is 3 more babies to be Kate +8!

haha yes but that WILL NOT HAPPEN...i think i put Cora on birth control

I know that is why I wanted like a beauty name for her...Acetone = nail polish remover

Do you know where I can download Cora Bradley? :) She's cute.

I love the cute kids, especially Acetone. :)

I can upload her for you when I am done...she is actually a game made townie

thanks for reading

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