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The Chempound Round Robin 13.2

So I was an idiot and totally posted the wrong number on the last update...sue me.

Quick family shot...don't they all just look so happy.

A look inside and we see that Cora is not having any fun, well being a mom of triplets doesn't help.

Birthday spam...oh joy, 3 toddlers now.

No makeovers for anyone LOL but Pyrite is behind Chlorine, Cryolite is the girl and Quinine is being read to.

And Acetone is kind of a bitch.

LOL everyone smells like ass and you are worried about him being fed.

Kids are awesome...and LOL at the obvious kid before marriage.

Cora got herself promoted.

Birthday spam...

times 2. LOL like I said, it's kind of sucky of me but I really wanna play my BACC.

Birthday time

LOL 3 grew up well, 2 grew up bad...i feel pity for the poor family

Stats for the new teens.

And Acetone greets Neville Laurince (rikkulidea).

And the girls are straight.

a bit of niceness...

to go with the chaos in the kitchen.

Cryo kicked butt.

Welcome to the ghetto.

Another fight with Quinine and Cryolite

then she picks on Pyrite.

Homework help for Cryo (to try and get her to stop jumping on the bed.)

Big sister bonding...HEY she has a bald spot.

Even Cora is worrying about the bald spot

boys playing sports...totally awesome bonding.

LOL poor guy...he kinda wanted to live happily LOL.

and finishing the homework help.

Uggh fat belly...what is this Chlor...get your ass working out.

OK WTF is this BS...this is the fucking fat morph?!

Cuz its perfectly fine when he's fit.

kids are keeping themselves occupied...

until the fights start again.

and Quinine totally whoops her butt.

and now she's being a little bitch...oh get over yourself.

no idea why this is here...but amuse yourself with it.

So i loaded the game...and it kinda went through 2 days without me...and they all survived.

kids swinging and everything.

Until fuggo tried to hit on Acetone...not happening dude.

She isn't even into it...get over yourself.

And the nanny kinda couldn't take the hint of ending her I had Acetone fire her. I feel for the nanny though.

New Asp for Chlor...Oh this should be interesting.

And he's with daddy's little girl...has no problem ignoring the boys though.

I think thats why the boys have taken to hating her.

a pre-school fight to build up the adrenaline.

and a fight.

with Quinine winning of course...they are addicted to the basketball court...she is to jumping on the damn bed.

but she attacks Quinine anyway...again...this is kind of insulting.

cuz then she attacks Pyrite.

With everyone out of the house...Chlor asks out Orchid Laurince

Who is kind of a slut.

a really big slut.

Chance card win

and a dream date for Chlor...he's kinda good in the sack.

and comes home with a promotion.

day 2 with Phoebe Randolph...

If she were, you know, Orchid again

OK WTF bitch....we dont even know you (i invited him back and killed him though)

Birthday spam again...sweet.


Stats and orientation...hey with one bi surprised only one kid wound up gay.

They each got a date...Cryo got Pippin broke, Quinine got Holmium Element...but the only one to get any was Cyanide with Rafe Roberts (leenyland).

And I was done...i've had the round for 3 weeks...So this is can vote for your favorite. (the download page is up as well here (it includes Cora too if you want her.)






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