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Pippin's Cove preview

Welcome to Pippin's Cove. A beautiful seaside college town just starting out. The town had been abandoned, until it had come across by the town's founders.

TomMike had just broken up with his boyfriend and felt he needed a new start, somewhere fresh to start his life over. His best friend, Rhys, would not just let him go by himself, so he quit his job and left his life behind. Now most people wouldn't do rash things though, but Rhys has a secret, an undying love for his best friend. Would a new beginning help bloom a new romance between the duo?

Iago and Igor have been inseparable since Igor hit his teens, going out to bars and other places is always the best, but the heritage of the Simpson name always brought too much attention. Gold diggers, investors, publicity hounds always came upto them asking for donations, or with very indecent proposals. Igor had no troubles with it all, and loved the female attention, but Iago just had enough of all of the crap. He saw a flyer in a coffee shop for a new settlement, quiet surroundings and peace. It didn't take long for Iago to talk Igor into going with him, at the very least it was a year off of school, and the way Igor looked at it, new women to have his way with.

AWOL and DNW have been the best of friends as long as they could remember. After all, being cousins born on the same day helped out. They grew up in a house of dischord, whether it was DNW's stepfather abusing his brother, the constant cheating, and the overall chaos of the house, they just could not take anymore. Being the first of their family, they decided that they needed to go to a university far away from home. As the baby of the family SOL always got the attention from her older siblings, except when their partners were around. The two people she could always count on were AWOL and DNW for whatever she needed, so when they mentioned to her about going away to University, she studied harder than anyone she knew. It was enough to graduate high school early and join her role models in their university class. Before she left, her father bestowed upon her the title of family heir. Will SOL be able to hold up the good IDK name or will she fail miserably and have to return home in shame?

Paddington, Alperton and Epping know what it is like to grow up in a house full of crazy. With their mother being driven nuts by the desire to make and consume grilled cheese, and then her abrupt turn into a creature of the night, it didn't help the situation at home. She calmed down a little when she finally married her long time love Dean Fry. The kids couldn't take it though and as soon as the university would take them they left home. But starting out at university doesn't help when your crazy mother stops by every day. Alperton found an advertisement only about a seaside university that was looking for students to uproot and move to the new town. Some of the kids just couldn't do that, pick up and leave with uncertainity, but Paddy, Alpie and Epping were game. Will this be everything they imagined or their worst nightmare come to life?

Now have you ever seen a parent be so hands off on their children that they didn't even care if they went to university? Thats what Eggplant and Violet can tell you. Their father was so drawn into his own home business and love triangle that he didn't care at all about his children's grades. Eggplant had to help raise his baby sister because his older brother was too obsessed with his body. Violet was a witness to her mother's constant fighting with her father's wife. She couldn't understand why her mother wouldn't just move out at that point, but love doesn't ever make sense. With a new town in their grasps, they decided that they each needed their own space, and that the family drama can stay where it is.

Yulia was a very happy girl growing up. Her parents were madly in love and she had everything going for her. When she turned 25 though, he parents bought her a house in a new town, and with a bit of tough love, told her that she needed to make a living on her own. They picked a little town with no jobs in any close distance so she would learn to survive off the land. Will Yulia be able to survive on her own?

Ethan Simpson grew up in Belladonna Cove over 200 years ago. When he turned 13, his great Uncle Marlon decided to share his secret of eternal youth, and turned him into a vampire. Since then, life just hasn't been normal. He barely survived getting a college education, while helping his cousin and brother raise their children in college. After graduating, he became reculsive and started working in a small store until she walked in one night. Victoria Pimlico. She was his picture of perfection, and had no flaws. Well besides her children with other men. He finally decided he wanted to be with her forever, and bit her. She was turned into a vampire. He was beyond happy until she married Dean Fry. Ethan just couldn't believe it when he heard her say it. He was looking to go back to his reclusiveness when his great-grandniece Happy came to him. She had heard her sons were going to a new development and asked him if he would go watch them. Ethan decided to give them peace and quiet, considering he had never met them before, and changed his last name. Will Ethan finally find someone to spend his eternal life with or is he destined to be alone?
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