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Happy Easter my ass!

So today I'm woken up by my dad arguingwith my mom over whether or not i'm gonna stay here til Monday nite to be there when Sugar is buried....get up and did a bunch of stuff to keep my mind occupied and not think about her...was barely online and stuff like that

my family decided to do the smart thing and let me feed the cats. Well dishing out the food wasnt sooo mind went elsewhere...but when i went to put the food down and she wasn't there...i almost lost it.

Went out the Island to get my mind on better things and was distracted alot by my cousins 3 yr old...what a cutie he is!! My other cousin was there and gave me a bunch of tips on going for my masters in education. was good to get pointers

Came home and got online...started thinkin about her again and mattymattymatty and musickel77 kept me occupied and consoled....Then my sis tells me that she can't bury Sugar tomorrow cuz she has now i have to wait until Tuesday to go up to school...which Dad is not going to like, but i personally don't give a shit what he thinks. I will be there when Sugar is buried so I can say goodbye! and there is no way in hell i will be able to drive back after the im plannin on Tuesday nite return to school at least!

That was my day!! Hope you all had a Happy Easter!! Someone deserves to have a happy one!

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