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Well today was the day....Sugar is buried in the ground now. She was buried this afternoon as my heart broke in half...She is finally gone...I saw her in her little casket and said my good bye...was very teearful...there will never be another cat as good as she was. I watched as they buried her into the ground. I wasnt in the mood to do anything at all...i just didnt wanna mov. this will take a very very long time to even begin to start healing. *cries*

As my sister and I are driving home from the cemetery...she tells me that my mom's office's recep was mugged today of 4000. the issues that arose from it make me think she did it...and especially with the corporate guys in the office :\ o well.

I also wanna post a thank you to geekydork for my great ezboard icons

if i get anymore bad news, i think i will hurt someone!

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