TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Pippin's Cove : Week One : Riches

So meet the founders of Pippin's Cove...TomMike and Rhys, needless to say, Rhys doesn't hide his feelings.

Poor Rhys...doesn't he know that I just had my heart broken, even though he is just seeeexy as hell.

I mean seriously...BOLTS everywhere.

So a bit of hanging out to start off...and we have two walkbys...the paperboy and Newman Slyndsey slyndsey.

But oooo look at the paperboy...I am happy for him to be in my game.

Haha see a bit better known and now we get some successful flirting...I bet Rhys smooth talked me.

And I guess Newman is one of the welcome wagon....who else is there though you ask.

Why it's Ethan Capobianco (non-vamped for now) and Yulia Chance rikkulidea. Look how pretty she is.

She's so pretty, how can anyone not love her!!! Even Ethan has eyes for her.

Look dude, do you have a spare room so I can smooth talk the hott chick?

It just isn't safe for such a hottie to be on the street. We should go inside

And being boring.

And now he is just being creepy.

Dude, personal business...get out.

Ok seriously...I think i need to have a talk with myself, no being torn.

You are really attractive TomMike.

I guess that isn't the reaction he was hoping for.

Apparently either Rhys doesn't like Ethan or he's threatened by him. Who knows at this point?

So my parents raised me and home schooled me. When I turned 21, they bought my my house and threw me out saying I had to meet new people. That's how I wound up here.

Interesting. *I wonder what she looks like naked*

Newman is still being a creeper.

While that is going on downstairs, this is going on upstairs. Seriously?! What the heck. (and of course I had the event camera off at this point).

Was it really cold where you came from? Would you ever go back and visit, or are you giving your parents the cold shoulder?

Well It was pretty nice where I lived, and a nicer house than I have now. As for my parents, I don't think I want to talk to them after what they did to me.

That look of longing, I think Ethan may have found his new love, someone to help him get over Victoria...too bad she's off limits.

Doesn't mean that they can't have a fling, right?

Really? You have guests downstairs and you resort to this?

Look at what the guests are doing, they should be getting entertained!

OK, we need to get you guys a hobby or something, sex is not going to be happening every minute for weeks at a time.

Oh well I guess I don't have to worry about having a million's only my first day here and I'm knocked up.

So that is why I went scouring through the fridge for food, at least that explains it.

What? Newman had a positive interaction with someone on his he may actually have stopped being a creeper.

Well I like food, and I have nowhere to prepare it? I think that may be a bit of an issue.

I dunno...I really am debating letting them have a fling, but Yulia has some very strict rules regarding her.

I have a passion for food and yet I burn the shit, go me.

And Yulia has now turned into a creeper. What is with the creepiness of everyone?

I guess either they are talking about love lives, or Rhys was actually right and should be worried about Ethan.

Now Yulia decides to join us, I guess watching Rhys sleep didn't interest her anymore...And I am sorry for the sucktastic part of this update :p

WTF you guys will sleep in the same bed, sleep together...CUDDLE DAMNIT!!!

And its an early morning in the house, the sun isn't even out yet.

Now at least this isn't AS creepy.

Rhys you are so hott in that tight shirt. I can see your bulging muscles.

And cue the kitchen romance. I am so adorable!!

And of course, Newman has to interrupt us.

No I am not going to tell you anything about our sex bomb yesterday! What kind of creeper are you Newman?

A very big one Rhys.

And we decided "Hey, let's break in the couch".

o.0 How did you not eat at all yesterday that THIS is the first time you ate to see the cuisine hobby?

Ahh the fun of having 3 bolters. the endless stalking.


Ya and because people don't put preg morphs on everything you get to go clothes shopping.

I'm so hungry, why aren't I eating?

I don't know? You have a brain, use it.

Well someone will have a good cooking skill soon...You know...if I can remember to eat.

Finally a cuddle! *claims victory*

I do have to say, I think this was the most adorable interaction ever included in the game.

I don't know if I'm ready to be a dad, I'm still too young.

It's Ok, we will be great parents. Everyone is always nervous with their first baby. I'm not leaving you, hell I moved 500 miles away from everything I know just to be with you.

Aww you really know how to sweet talk me Rhys.

I don't know hun, I think I like you better curvy.

What you want me pregnant every waking moment? Not going to happen buster.

Obligatory belly rub.

Hmmm massive influx of new residents, I guess i should go out and greet them. I can't let TomMike go out that pregnant.

And that is how Rhys got his start in politics.

God, what am I getting myself into?

And Rhys spends his last day of freedom with me. Now engagement spam.

/engagement spam.

Then we go inside where Ivan Mayte maytesims gives a call to congratulate us on the word travels super fast around here.

Why don't you take a nap hunny while I make you a sandwich.

How did you know I was tired?

Well Rhys does need to schmooze some people, why not get some charisma?

Say hunny, do you wanna call it an early night? I am going out to meet some of the new residents tomorrow.

The baby kicked! Honey the baby kicked.

But do you want to call it an early night?

Rhys gets himself some fun watching TV while I make myself some cereal.

Off to meet some new people.

And I pass out in my cereal...I'm gonna drown before I give birth aren't I?

(Chance Card, not gonna skip them but kinda goes against the plot so no witty story)

Well Rhys brought home one of the new residents, Nathan Byrne. (I know he was made by someone, but I can't remember who and it's been ages since I downloaded him).

Rhys, this guy is blocking the view of the TV.

Oh, sorry there bud.

Red hands for the win!

/wedding spam. No bastards born this generation.

And it's baby time. It's about damn time.

Always random...why not be dangerous.

and only one baby *phew*

Its an adorable baby boy with Rhys's eyes and hair. His name is Jason.

And I just can't help but cuddle and adore him. You'll see why soon.

More cooking, after all I have all the skill, why wouldn't I be the cook.

Unless you count me passing out in my food, and no I am not pregnant.

I really am an excellent father, I guess Rhys was right.

I swear three bolters really should never be put on a lot with high autonomy ACR.

Though, Rhys is a great father as well...he rolls wants to cuddle and hold Jason.

I need to take some of these pictures and make actual pictures for my may be nice to put on a wall.

And it was this point where I got knocked up...again.

Susanna Hiba Heart lionsatepree decides to take a stroll by the house. Wow she is beautiful!!

*see above*

Hey we haven't heard from Ivan in a while...why not talk to him.

I catch him up on recent events, like my engagement and wedding and you know Jason.

Birthday time for the first baby born in Pippin's Cove.

*dies from the adorable*

o.0 and I took him straight to the go me.

Potty training face standard...check.

I can honestly tell you I love playing my family...writing for it should definitely be better next week.

When I am yet again...pregnant.


Now this picture does need a bit of explaining...The food actually caught fire and the house was burning...and the house came with an i kept deleting the fire truck while Rhys put out the fire on his own...hence the intense hunger.

And this ends the first update. I have more played...may possibly update tomorrow.
Tags: family: riches, week one

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