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Pippin's Cove : Week One : Uberdorm (2 of 2)

Getting back into the swing of it...make sure you check out part 1 first or else this won't make alot of sense.

I'm bored, can I go do something fun?

Sure SOL, sorry it was my stupidity for you to waste your time right now...expect a cram session before the end of the semester.

Let's try this date again, shall we?

Seriously, Blake is starting to piss me off. I'd like to get her to start having choices dude.

So I hadn't seen Hibiscus in a while, so I had SOL storm his room, and when that happened, he peed himself. Way to go, such the shining example for everyone.

But he does say yes to a date, and he is indeed sexy.

So I don't really know what major to declare SOL.

I could give a rat's ass, don't interrupt her date.

These two are very in synch with each other...kinda scary.

So Igor finds himself someone to date...why not another Romance sim...Ava.

Ava, you are so breathtakingly beautiful. Have this beautiful rose.

Oh of course I am super wealthy, I come from a very prestigious family.

That's like a million miles away...and you won't see a penny of the family money.

But apparently anything to sweet talk that 3 bolt lover.

Though he could have picked a better place to ask Ava on a date...or at least moved from there.

I love meeting new people, it's the reason why I moved here. And I'm sure glad I did.

Wow is it really that easy to get someone to bed?

Someone isn't happy about the blossoming relationship though.

Why haven't I gotten laid yet?

Because you started hooking up with a random guy while Paddington was at class.

Elevator sex, don't mind if I do. Especially since both of them want it.

Hrm? Why is Cale Peet calling up at this hour?

There is no downtown, so how are we getting there?

This is the last try for him, if he doesn't answer he is outta the running.

Haha I guess he heard my threat?

Oh Grilled Cheese, how I miss your warm goodness when the cafeteria lady doesn't make you.

Alpie, well he has kinda lost it.

Cuteness of can you not LOVE her!! Though she is being kinda slutty coming out in her underwear kissing a random guy.

No no no! I deem this incest since you "came from the same parent"...and SOL likes you Hibiscus.

Oh ya, I am totally gonna get laid.

You will not be deflowering my heir. Bad thinking of it Blake.

Dream date baby!!

So with SOL having such a good time, and Igor having had a great time...why not let Paddy have his turn at a date.

She definitely seems to have changed her mind about Liam. Look at her swoon. Either that or she really wants to get herself some sex.

This is gonna be good, I hope.

Awwww. Paddy got his first kiss. AWOL that slut woulda made it better if she hadn't macked on Liam and they coulda shared their first kiss together.

Cram session...time to make sure everyone is at the top of the bar.


Woohoo! Dean's list for all...and a nice big bank for me!

Now these two are starting to remind me of an adorable couple. I'm happy (and if I had made everyone p_t they would have cheated to be the only non-p_t)

SOL, however, needs to start skill building...She came with zero skills, while everyone else came with at least some skills.

They are being ridiculously adorable!! I do feel for poor Iago, he still hasn't gotten any nookie. Look at him pining for someone like AWOL.

AWOL is in love with Paddy, it would be nice if he returned the feelings.

Natalia is showing she is a bit of a romance sim by flirting with DNW. Seriously, what is it with all of my sims and wanting to be whores.

Now if this isn't a picture to beat all...I kinda love this picture. I think I can see the love in SOL's eyes.

Do you know this random kid I have never met did something I don't know?

No way, what a loser.

I guess the horniness has started to spread across the dorm..what with the ass grabbing and everything.

If you couldn't tell I think Hibiscus is going to wind up being the IDK spouse...I kinda love him.

And in turn he kind of loves SOL.

Though not too much later, she reciprocates the feeling. Mutual love..everybody say it with me now...Awwwwww.

But just to throw a wrench into the plan, we also call Blake, who now answers the first time I call...i see how it is Blake.

But she loves him too...oh decisions decisions.

Poor Epping, I swear this guy is getting like 0 love in this update...and I do love him, hence why he is the Pimlico heir. But he's being boring.

For some strange reason, Quay just up and left. She didn't even leave me a note. But Sigihild Vanessa Heart lionsatepree decided to take up her dorm room, I totally don't mind that exchange...she may even be some chemistry for Epping.

Awww see someone has love for Epping, too bad its SOL and she can't have him because she loves two other men and he isn't p_t.

Just some cute romance for them...ya I don't have a preference >.>

Hey Alperton, what's wrong with you? Why are you so obsessed with grilled cheese? Loser!

*why is she being a bitch to that sexy guy*

While Chromium may be a bitch, Sigihild is just adorable.

A bit of sexy spam for you all. You can thank me for it later.

Now this could look promising for Iago...or I need to keep an eye on Ava.

Epping = adorable win. Shy dancing.

Igor is one sexy badass.

Hey dude, why don't you put some clothes on?

Does she know what dorm she moved into?

So the hott brunette from upstairs has totally been hitting on me. I think this could be my first girlfriend.

Dude, thats great, I wish i could be that lucky.

Hey SOL, looking good today.

Dude, that is your sister. You could get arrested for hitting on her.

Doesn't he know that was just a compliment?

Hey Sigihild, how are you doin.

DNW would you mind if I talked to Alperton alone?

*mouth breathes*

And SOLAR SYSTEM SOWHUT now knows what it feels like to be a third wheel.

Now seriously...just rubbing salt into SOLAR SYSTEM's wounds.

So let me tell you why I am awesome and you should sleep with me.

Poor Liam is just lost all of his marbles hasn't he?

I am so much better than the chick with purple hair, I mean this is my natural hair color.

More dating for SOL and Hibiscus. Ya he is dead sexy with that chest hair. (I random roll 1-6, 1-5 stands for which selection of chest hair from the module, and 6 means smooth body).

LOL she's pissed at him, for what I have no clue, and he wants to get her in the sack. Oh typical man.

Oh really?! Well I'll lock it, but you won't get it yet.

So SOL, you wanna come on up to my room and snuggle up in my bed?

It's only 8pm, it's too early to go to bed.

So she isn't the sharpest crayon, but how can you not love her.

Awww Paddy is being an awesome romantic. He wants to propose to AWOL.

And there goes his competition, Liam decided he wanted to starve to death in his underwear.

AWOL ran to try to save him, but she sat around for a while instead of running, and well he's dead.

The rest of the morning was spent in silence, everyone missing poor Liam. Sure he was annoying, but he was awesome.

3 bolt love, as they do the horizontal tango.

When will you find me love?

I am looking for you, You must have the perfect woman!!!

Yes there is alot of spam for them, but Love them!!!

Icaro Broke simgarooop takes a stroll by the dorm as Quay and Iago have a quick chat on why she is such a bitch.

Skilling, why it is alot of fun, making out with a rampant whore is apparently even more fun. That, and it's the last day of fall, so i kinda wanted them to use the perk til the end.

I can't believe you found true love in just one semester, how did you do that?

Well, I wouldn't call it true love, but...

Hibiscus, just let him ramble, he hasn't even had anyone show him interest.

See rampant whore...he's farting in her face and she doesn't even care.

The end of the week for Uberdorm, and it worked out well. I decided that every year the dormies would get switched I moved each one of them out...with the exception of Hibiscus, and had a new round move in.

Njörðr Bork rikkulidea has hearts a fluttering for SOL already, sheesh is she like love magnet or something....everyone wants her.

Now this picture made me laugh, Caranir Moore rikkulidea and Hsigo Mythos tinykat (i think its Hsigo anyway) decided to hit on each other...Cartanir was not allowed a dorm room because he is biologically DNW's dad and that would be creepy.

That ends the week with Uberdorm, next up is Eggplant Hunter.
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