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Pippin's Cove : Week One : Uberdorm (1 of 2)

This is the household, kinda psycho on my part but whatever. It has the 2 Simpson boys (Iago and Igor), the 3 IDKs (AWOL, DNW, and SOL) and the 3 Pimlicos (Paddington, Alperton, and Epping). I thought that the first Uni dorm would have everyone crammed into one dorm cuz it is being "refurbished". They moved into rikkulidea's new dorm that she built that is just awesome beyond belief. I have thus nicknamed the dorm Überdorm, because of the many households that it contains when it is done.

Epping, do you ever see yourself sitting behind a big desk at any point in your life?

Work? Oh no, I am so going to sponge off my wife for that and just lay back and relax the rest of my life.

Do you think this outfit makes me look fat AWOL? I feel so bloated.

No SOL, you are the farthest thing from fat, why do you have that thought in your head?

This was the best idea ever. And look, even Paddington came with us. This could be the best thing we have ever done.

I'm not so sure about our roomie Epping, he's kind of quiet and keeps talking to himself.

He came from just as screwed up a family as we did Alpie. What more do you expect? Mom screwed you up most of all, seriously you want nothing more than grilled cheese.

Mmmmm. Grilled Cheese.

This week's challenge for the Pimlico's can't happen because there is no Grand I gave them the week off.

And our first dormie is the beautiful Ava Laroux simplicist, While not every family here is pixel_trade, SOL and Epping need p_t spouses because they are the heirs to p_t legacies.

At this point, I was really debating making everyone p_t or not, but Paddy is awesome and if he wants AWOL well who am I to stop him.

Sexy dormie #2 is again courtesy of simplicist, Liam Fox. *purrs*

And things get off to a rocky start between AWOL and Paddington. He doesn't want her to flirt with him, seriously, you wanted to flirt with her?!

Dormie #3 is the first Alien to be seen, SOLAR SYSTEM SOWHUT leenyland

Savannah Roberts leenyland was also supposed to be a dormie, but I think she got side tracked because she never made it to claim a room.

But my eyes are glowing red for these two, she isn't allowed to marry Igor, yet he must flirt with her. And again they are totally adorable.

Next dormie, simsforaranya's Natalia Rowan, who is a vamp usually but isn't in my game.

Gah! You stole her first kiss...I may have to hurt you Igor.

Hibiscus Petal Behr simsforaranya makes the dormie count upto 5.

Again, a beautiful dormie, and yet no claimed room. I really could use some beautiful women in the dorm with all the straight men. (She would be Edith Garcia dothesmustle's FC2 submission.)

But Russell Sexcasual dothesmustle did, and he's a hottie too.

I think you are on my couch.

There's no name on it dude, lay off.

OMG! There is gonna be a fight, I just know it.

Edith is a bit of a hypochondriac.

LTW's for everyone. Wow some of them may actually be achieved.

Voltage Princeton selzi suffers the same fate as Edith and Savannah, no room for sexy Voltage.

God these all need to stop, I really can't take 8 of them going all at once.

But while they are at class, we will at least get more dormies. Here is selzi's Quay Crusher.

I feel bad cuz I can't remember who's beautiful sim this is but she isn't a dormie anyway.

But Chromium Element lionsatepree got a room in the dorm, making it the final dormie.

Oh yay though, the cheerleader has come to show me how annoying some NPCs are.

They did get back from class, and went right to eat.

God that class was hard work.

AWOL it was the first day, we did nothing but watch tv.

And SOL decides to start chatting online with Spandex Vendetta Glittergaze simtasia. Just don't get yourself abducted by him.

God this coursework is killing me Hibiscus, do you think you could help me out?

He's your best friend, you should help him out.

Dude, it's the first day of school what is wrong with you people.

I do think Hibiscus loves the idea of co-ed showers. Poor Ava is being creeped on.

But SOL to the rescue. She calls over Hibiscus to play some chess. Hey he may actually need some logic points right?!

Quay seems to want some company to eat, so she picks the table that Epping just happens to be sitting at.

Paddy and AWOL are finally starting to step up their game a little. Look they are actually flirting!!

Girl talk, probably talking about how the mac & cheese is going to make them all super fat.

The boys are used to storing their food though, after all they used to do it for nourishment. but what do i spy but the stupid cafeteria worker making even more food.

More cute shy can you not love them together? totally adorable *squees*

And cheerleader here needs some boundary lessons and to be slapped upside the head when cheering at 3 in the morning while Iago is sleeping.

Morning comes and DNW is arguing with Iago about the merits of movies and how they should stop turning great books into movies.

as Igor and Paddington rewatch Percy Jackson & the Lightning Theif. (So much is wrong with that movie)

OMG! Paddington is naked.

OMG! You come into a bathroom and complain about naked people? What is wrong with you? *laughs*

That won't stop Igor from tickling the bathroom...while Paddy is their underwear. o.0 Are you two sure you're straight?

Meanwhile Epping is lonely because he has no bolts with anyone. Poor guy.

So we take a stroll to the community lot. Since there are 5 households, there is a community lot. Iron Muscles sounds great.

And upon entering we meet up with Blake Ashby dragonfly3007 looking awesome.

Dale Forest simsforaranya is also here...

and Andrew Broke simgarooop.

Already here though is Yulia Chance rikkulidea,

and Aurora Hale simplicist.

SOL starts off by greeting some eligible bachelors, after all, she definitely needs a spouse.

2 bolts. Not bad...and alot better than the 1 bolt with Igor.

And then in walked Adrenaline Verocchio verocchio, and every female's heart just stopped. God he is sexy.

What the hell you loser, don't throw the ball that hard. Seriously, you need to learn how to get a girl.

Harlow Yin dragonfly3007 and Aqua Murray dothesmustle do start to hover around the guys though, They should be fearing for their sperm.

See now Adrenaline knows how to treat a lady, I think AWOL is pleased.

Back at home (because I was disappointed that my skill on comm lot hack is borked), Rocko ROse simmericangirl decides to take a stroll...Gah! Why must I have nothing but straight men and 2 girls.

2 majors down, actually all but Alpie have majors...i just suck and didn't cap them all. They rolled the wants coming back from the lot.

Seriously AWOL, what happened to your romance with Paddington. You wanna throw that all away for Liam Fox? (I was actually thinking about making them all p_t here, i'm still not sure though).

Well she did decide to go for the fling, and I was a sad panda here.

Ok Paddington, I have to be a good friend and tell you what I just saw...

AWOL was making out with that Liam guy from upstairs.

OMG! No. *shocked*

LOL Co-ed showers sometimes may actually help you check out eligible women.

While they may also make proper gentlemen pee in the cafeteria because there is a naked woman in there.

So we try a date with Blake but it doesn't get very far...he doesn't seem to be home.

So SOL starts to work on her term paper...after all it will be a big grade boost and leave for more dating at the end of the semester.

DNW tries to pique Natalia's interest by telling her "all the stuff he is into".

(AWOL's chemistry...she is a better match with I'm even more tempted.)

I can't type my term paper without having a blow torch somewhere around!

Ok seriously?! Blow torch desperation? I kid you not this is what happened.

Well AWOL might be kind of sad to find out that Liam swings both ways, and evidently likes Igor more than her. Poor girl, sucks to be her.

ANd I leave this half of the update with SOL finishing her term paper, and my stupid ass forgetting she doesn't have a skill to her name, so that was a waste.

Link to the continuation here
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