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Pippin's Cove : Week One : Hunter A

So we left off with the Hunters at their poll. Well after a strong tie, rikkulidea was the tie breaker making Eggplant the winner. As you can see, the border reflects the generation awesome am I? LOL nope just a copycat.

So I can't actually fault Eggplant for actually birdwatching...because there is nothing else for him to do...he doesn't even have a house, but I don't think there are any bluejays around.

Look, it's a canary.

Um no that would be the paperboy. He isn't even yellow!!

But a good introduction is a great start to a new life.

Duh! I have a housee, but no visitors...when can I get laid?

How about you meet other women besides your sister?

Well it's not a woman, but Jay Jacobs dragonfly3007 will suffice. Hey he is sexy.

Dude you are so awesome, I'm gonna spread the word how cool you are.

Um ya thanks...where's my TV punk?

The welcome wagon arrives bringing Yulia Chance, Ethan Capobianco and sone random townie bitch.

While she is totally hott and adorable (OMG! I love her!!), you can not have her.

So Eggplant introduces himself to this little cutie, while she isn't p_t, I can use her for a date.

Thanks cutie...that could definitely be put to use soon. (I'm pretty sure it was a TV)

OK seriously you two, I kind of love you two together.

Some free time benefits for Eggplant...sweet talking is the best invention EVER!!!

Oh hell no, get your hands off of me!

What I thought you liked me.

So after being heartbroken by that whore, he sent everyone home to study cooking. Girls love cooks, right?

So apparently this chick likes Eggplant and thinks he is just super awesome.

Though she is a serious bitch, she goes right after Phorphorus Element (I think it's him at least).

She attacks him though, raising the fight least it isn't something in the house. Moss Harman verocchio and a wolf decide to watch though.

Wow even the wolf doesn't like Phosphorus...and Eggy is chatting up some townie whore that looks like Carnaptious verocchio but isn't.

And this bitch doesn't even wanna go out...what the hell is going on?!

I guess the lack of dates is causing Eggy to act like a child...jumping in puddles and whatnot.

You need to learn to recycle asshole. You are going to kill our planet!

What the hell are you talking about? I just moved in yesterday.

And yet another night Eggplant spent alone. What a sad excuse for a romance sim.

Lets get him to meet some women.

We have Tyler Ashby dragonfly3007,

some hott townie chick with alien eyes, Carnaptious

and Mim Starling tinykat.

So I sent Eggplant to work out, and this is where I got pissed that my skill on community lots didn't work.

But Emmett Emery-Andrews came on the lot and I was soon calmed. I heart him.

The girls, including Rosalyn Carter simrenity take to the cardio equipment,

and the guys stay to a different floor...look at Emmett being all butch and manly.

Eggy does go meet Gloria Sawyer radiationpoison...but no 3 bolter yet.

To keep himself cam and needs up, Eggplant sunbathes and waits for eligible bachelorettes.

Finally after a few hours, Nina Callaghan dragonfly3007 shows up.

I decide to stroll by the lot heavily pregnant...

God my back is killing me.

Why am I you here then?

LOL Blackberry Pie is chatting up Eggplant while Adam Maximus and Nikolai Potts arrive on the lot. (Blackberry and Adam by simsforaranya, Nikolai by katu)

Well that is probably a good reason for me being here...cuz hubby is here meeting the residents.

And the evil witch shows up just to make the lot more interesting, oh what fun.

With a quick greeting to her, we head on home. No need to stick around anymore.

Getting home, Aline Harmon selzi decides to stroll by, seriously? where were you before I left to go to the community lot.

While using oil is bad, our dependance on it is too frightening.

Are you gonna get naked or is this just a lost cause?

Romance sims *shakes head*

So after chatting up the evil witch, we ask her out on a date to try and work her to making Eggplant a warlock...after all, generation 2 should be warlock/witch.

After she leaves, cuz she is a moronic bitch, we get ready to try for generation 3 starting..first up is Blackberry.

and she is a whore...and I told simsforaranya while i was playing...she came on the lot..and they went right for the bed...damn slut.

So that teen Rafe Roberts leenyland is really sexy. I'd love to get him naked.

Oh what the hell you psycho.

So even I can't follow that one.

Dream date of else when the chick is a whore.

The other date starts...with Nina...but look who strolls onto the lot...her brother...thats a cock block if I have ever seen one.

LOL the date starts and Eggplant rolls wants for Blackberry...sorry Nina, signs aren't looking good for you.

I apparently missed some caps, but they did sleep together three times...of that, two of the three times caused the game to crash. >:( But yet another date for the bad witch.

Sweet!!! the option finally showed up! Of course show him the path. Duh!

Eggplant is all glittery...and evil.

That poor teen though...he better run with 2 evil magicians on the lot.

This picture would have totally been the teaser, but it may have given it away,

So I don't actually want him to be I have Eggplant study the path of light...right now, he's at the neutral step.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 2
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Shrink Visits: 7
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 3
Self-Wettings: 17
Pass-Outs: 30
Fights: 9
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 5

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0

(I am going to copy the same stats to Violet..and they will break off from the last Hunter update..both families are going to run as ISBI's
Tags: family: hunter a, isbi, rainbow, week one

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