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Pippin's Cove : Week One : Hunter B

So onto the second half of the Hunters...I did leave you off with for the non-heir...Violet. If you don't remember, Violet is the daughter of Drew and Athena Randolph rikkulidea, so she should bring some of the Randolph nuttiness tot he new neighborhood. I am playing Violet and Eggplant the same way, both are p_t awesimsauce ISBIs. So the child of hers deemed heir will marry p_t while the others can marry whoever they want.

Upon arriving on her new empty lot, what else would she do? Of course...birdwatch.

Though we have a new paperboy...I guess the different side of town brought a different paperboy. He's sexy too.

So greeting with the welcome wagon, it's of course Ethan Capobianco, Yulia Chance and myself heavily pregnant.

And here comes teen walkby Rafe Roberts leenyland. Well Blackberry thought he was hot, so we may as well have reserves.

But this weak excuse for a welcome wagon has me sending Violet out to the (very poor excuse for a first) community lot.

Unfortunately she wants to pick a fight with the very sexy Leif Callaghan dragonfly3007.

Does it look like I like to wear jewelry? Seriously, are you blind?

But along comes Nathan Byrne (I know that probably isnt his p_t name, but I can't even remember where I got him) and it does seem like they are getting along better.

Lol I think Violet is a better athlete than Leif...look at that throw.

Ash Lutzen simfinite comes strolling by and well he's actually eligible for wooing Violet.

WTF?! seriously, just one bolt with everyone...this is not helping int he romance department.

The pretty pixie Avalon Grant brilliantcat does take a stroll by the house and well she is just dead sexy.

Bubble Charm Glittergaze simtasia comes by as well, but apparently is skeeved out by something...probably a dirty old man.

But Spandex Vendetta Glittergaze simtasia can make everything right! Though it sucks that he is wearing the same outfit as DNW IDK...I will have to fix that.

And with that, We get our tushy home cuz she was being bitchy and the charleton had just shown up.

Back at home, Yulia has no concept of privacy when she walks into the bathroom on Ethan, and Violet decides maybe they want a lunch.

And then she promptly passes out in her bed, poor girl had a long day after all.

Well she needs friends...and that pesky locked want of sex should get filled.

Tyler Ashby takes a stroll by the house...just to toy with me I bet.

Get lost wolf boy, we don't need your kind around here.

The morning comes, and Eggplant calls up to check on his little sister. Isn't he a good big brother?

But strolling along outside is a very very nommy Adrenaline Verocchio. Seriously he is one sexy mofo.

Violet seems to think so too. It's actually her first 2 bolt match.

She asks him to come inside and cooks him some nice cheeseburgers. I think he likes her already.

So beautiful, do you always walk around in your underwear, or was I a special reason?

Nah, I just rolled out of bed and saw you outside

Stay classy Violet.

But yet again, she wakes up all alone. Is there ever any wonder?

Hi pretty, what nice eyes you have. Wanna marry someone?

I send Violet out to greet, because hey she could have a daughter, or possibly a gay son that could use a hubby.

Cale Peet dothesmustle stops by though and *purrs* he is a sexy sexy sim (God i need help).

Ya know Eggy, I'm doing don't need to call EVERY day to check up on me

Ya but if you get him angry he may not call again.

Since she has a good relationship with Blue eyes, i have her hang out a bit with Cale, much to Blue eyes's disappointment.

*cough* Ya I'm kinda shocked myself...what is it with these two and finding whores.

/woohoo spam

Philip Riley selzi takes a stroll by and well he is an eligible guy for Violet.

Um shouldn't you have found that out ages ago when you played catch with Leif? What is wrong with you.

Well with no finances and no service men, Violet has to fend for herself on fixing things.

Which could include electrocution..Please don't die, please don't die.

Stop holy shitting and help her...if someone helps they will get married in.

Oh thanks for nothing...cowards. What a waste of testosterone.

Next day, I send Violet out on a fishing expedition. After all, it's a good way to actually EAT and restock the fridge.

Woohoo. Bronze badge already!!

Oooo Nature guy is pretty hott. I think I may need to unlock another community lot so the hobby lot can be opened.

So Dale Forest simsforaranya and random townie named Austin were greeted, and proceeded to fight. Seriously go away then.

Oh thank you so much! *grumbles death threats* Adrenaline is still the best match for her too.

Oh well I guess its a good thing neither of you will be moving in here...cuz I won't be dealing with kicked over trash cans.

Fight number 2....oh thanks for the stat increase guys. o.0

Well with the morning comes a new day, and some wooing that needs to be done, after all by next week she needs to have herself at least her first kid.

Hmmmm a home or the sucky ass community lot...I wonder. (and the lot doesn't suck so much as I really should have picked a better first lot.

Ya sure she's a whore...but she's cold and well he looks great without a shirt.

/woohoo spam #2

So their entire first date they did absolutely nothing but have sex.

Well I guess that was just inevitable with all the sex, well generation 3 Hunter is coming.


I'm happy to report though that he stayed the whole night with her.

When waking up, I run the scanner...Oh yay. Violet gets to be the first resident of Pippin's Cove to have a multiple birth as it looks.

And she is already experiencing morning sickness, well lucky her.

/engagement spam. Well she may not have rolled the want, but they are adorable together.

And he is happy about it too. Hey for a Romance sim to be happy about engagement, it has to be destined.

and we have the first pop.

Why even bother bringing that small thing when I can barely see it in the snow?

And here we have proof that there should be more preg morph clothes. Shirt does, pants don't :/ and she has to deal with this until there is a clothing store bought.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 2
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Shrink Visits: 7
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 4
Self-Wettings: 17
Pass-Outs: 30
Fights: 10
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 5

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: family: hunter b, isbi, rainbow, week one

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