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Pippin's Cove : Week One : Chance

Our founder of this family, Yulia, was booted out of her family's house at 25 to make her own living. They bought her this little house with a nice garden. Now you may ask yourself why this would be important...well Yulia is starting the Differences in the Family Tree challenge. So as the first generation she has a few challenges for herself.

Generation 1: "Your family was always into the farming deal. They spent their days working hard and asked for their children to do the same. So when you turned 18, your parents surprised you with your own plot of land to continue on tradition. And having always been one to want to impress the folks. You begin creating your own small garden, dedicating your time to that rather then dealing with a dreadful 9-to-5 suit and tie job."

So we start planting our garden, and she already is gaining nature enthusiasm. How quick can we get these done is the question.

First walk-by is Dexter Blossom, and unfortunately is a teen. No shot boy, now off to school.

The welcome wagon actually brings different people, I got 3 chicks...this young lady is Marla Askew. The other one though was a random townie.

Apparently they were boring Yulia, cuz she went to her bed to read instead of actually entertaining them. The kind way of telling them to get lost.

Silver badge already!! Sweet!

God I am sooo bored!

Um go greet sexy Leif (who is basically stalking every family until he gets into one of them.)

She does cook some nice burgers. Hey I had her skill during some downtime that she had.

Oh my God! You fell asleep in your food, what kind of fool are you.

Stalking seriously takes some energy out of you.

o.0 Already?! Damn no other house has gotten one of these yet.

And yet again, asleep with no one, not that she is allowed to sleep with anyone anyway...there really is no way for her to get it on.

God seriously...infested with bugs already? It's only been like 2 days.

As dawn breaks, so does something else...

It's my first plantsim...well i think it's my first one...and she so pretty.

And we come upon Doomtrain Magicakes. God how sexy is he.

Aww very adorable. She pulls the petals, kinda like a high schooler in love. Well the old days high schooler.

She needs money, as being a fortune sim with no money doesn't help at all. So i have her dig for something. But she pulls up shit.

Just a really pretty shot of Yulia, don't you agree?

Morning comes, and she is crying for sun...Um ok.

and the tomatoes are coming along really well too. Soon we could actually sell them.

I do think there is something wrong with this picture.

Leif isn't a friend, and the tomatoes would be looking amazing.

Marla, unlike Leif, actually calls her friends to stay in touch. Leif could definitely use a page out of her book.

Yulia is in the zone, and I am humming Britney. Bad termonology Free Time.

How can I buy it if I have no idea what it is?!

Hobby guy, you are sexy...get in one of my legacies.

She couldn't call, so I teleported him, unfortunately they didn't have very good chemistry.

And she starts writing in her diary all about Ethan...No joke 3 of the 4 bubbles were Ethan.

Off to the comm lot to see if there is anyone else to pique his interest.

Emmett Andrews is around, very appetizing for Yulia but no chemistry.

and a very sexy clerk. He wasn't here the last time I came.

Here comes me, with my huge ass belly.

And Spandex Vendetta starts very highly on Yulia...

but no flirting with him, he doesn't like that at all. (LOL Mac Sawyer in the background)

Andrew Broke comes to the lot and Yulia races to greet him, So many hott bachelors.

LOL Oh yay, the You are awesome I am going to tell everyone about you, seriously kind of annoying. What is that going to do for me?

Lastly we see me leaving the lot after a good workout...after she got home she harvested the tomatoes, but I apparently did not get a picture of it so no luck...she did make a mint on them though.
Tags: ditft, family: chance, week one

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