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Pippin's Cove : Week One : Capobianco

So this was meant to be in story form but with it only being a week and such I can not even begin to write it story style. I will eventually try a story eventually.

First we show off his house, Chateau de Rachel. simsforaranya built me a nice basement house for my as you can see vampire. I tried but it looked like crap. This house is just <3.

So being a vampire, Ethan slept the whole day and missed the welcome wagon. His first chore of business was to answer the phone.

Hey Yulia, I just woke up. How was your day?

Ahh the interesting day of a vampire.

Well he doesn't have a job, no business and this house cost every penny he owned. We gotta dig to get some finances.

Though the lightning strike to set fire to the tree is enough of a distraction.

Ahhh cooking is so overrated, especially for a vampire. But off to the community lot. He needs to find someone.

Oh hell no, If you don't have any money, I ain't interested.

But I live in a very nice house.

Once you have angered Aurora, RUN!

But Jay Johar strolls by and well we try every source of interaction we can get.

And then there is Bruce Vidar...I do <3 her.

And we also have Opaline Degenhart. She is super pretty too.

And apparently there is a strike for Blake winding up with SOL. He thinks Ethan is sex on legs.

But everyone is vying for his attention. Opaline wins though because she is female.

So what do you think of toys.

They can do anything, I use several.

Oh Ethan is so fiiine.

Opaline is trying to mark her territory though, I dunno she is very pretty, but no 3 bolters.

Very pregnant Violet comes strolling by in Maxis purple maternity...NICE! while Ethan and Opaline play catch.

Sure why not...If you don't want him why not help someone else get him.

Except Opaline gave us Zoe Dork, who is a sorry how about no.

This chick, while she has alien eyes, is in serious need of a make over.

But this pretty girl is alright with me.

It took all night, but Ethan restored his car and it looks awesome.

But you already own you wanna restore another one?

Look who decided to show up at the door. And look at his wants....seriously? just friends with everyone?

Bruce decides to give us a discount at the furniture store. Thanks, but ya I don't need it.

Trying to fill a want, I have Ethan call Yulia for a date.

Except it was like 2am...sorry Yulia. So we write a novel...some sort of money making.

In the big city, on a beautiful day, the son of a rich family was abducted by aliens and had a baby.

Whoops kinda forgetting to pay the bills :p

Writing a novel, its day and there was no motive decay. So i let him write...Yulia showed up and he got into the Literature lot.

Hi Yulia, are you stalking Ethan?

I wanna date him.

LOL It coulda been a family history.

Haha sweet, almost 3 grand for his nutty book...people probably thought it was great fiction.

Cute delivery guy. *makes mental note*

Finally it's early enough to get him that date. Let's go Yulia *cough*stalker*cough*.

And she arrived on the lot, while he is paying his bills.

A smooth talk because she deserves a rose. Though she is probably gutted he is giving her a plant.

and it's love. Were you surprised?

/adorable spam

/engagement spam (hey he rolled the want)

A dream date, hey well Ethan is a dream.

Trying to keep his past alive and well, Ethan paints his father's portrait.

And chats with the cute chick from before.

one finished painting to put on the wall.

Charles Andrews takes a stroll by the house, sorry Charlie (teehee) but there are no teen girls around for you.

Not that Ethan had minded, he was sleeping, but when he gets up. He rakes the leaves and acts like a adorable.

A romantic greeting brings about woohoo wants...well the only way you are getting those Ethan is to marry her.

And on Monday morning, Yulia moves in with Ethan, dropping off a house. Be on the lookout, because next week we may have a new resident.
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