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Back to school means back to boredom!

I drove back yesterday after noon to make sure i was here by 8 oclock to watch American Idol...well the schmuck president had to have an interview and fucked up my whole TV schedule for the week...Bastid! Talked to my usual chat buddies mattymattymatty, its_davy_baby, and musickel77 til i went to bed at 3 this morning.

Didnt go to class today...what a shocker LOL. Talked to bartinigirl03 and she recommended some stuff to do online..and some Joshtin stories (Joshtin = Justin and JC)..and some Mah Jong =D...

American Idol was good...I really hope one of these weeks John Stevens gets the boot...Ooo how i can't stand that guy...Diana is still going strong!! I hope she gets close to the top and gets a record deal...speaking of...I contacted a vocal coach *Thorws party*

Angel was soooooo good tonite...No more Gunn *thorws bigger party* he wasn't killed off as much as he was temporarily indesposed!! and Lindsay is back!! And Next week looks even better than this weeks!! ooo I can't wait!!

I also found Britney's new vid online and have been playing it non-stop...its just the song ive been listening to....the window has been minimized...i think i watched it like twice

Found an interesting article in one of my friend's journals about the video

NY Post: About Britney's video

April 13, 2004 -- BRITNEY Spears, in an effort to be "edgy," has decided to keep a controversial suicide scene in her next video, "Everytime," shot by fashion photographer David LaChapelle. The video is a recap of her relationship with Justin Timberlake, as played by Stephen Dorff, who is shown ripping the covers off magazines with Spears' face on them. A close-up then shows her dead and bloody in a tub. Spears had considered cutting the scene. "The sad thing is, her label Jive is bragging about it because they think it is so edgy," sniffed an insider.

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