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Pippin's Cove : Week Two : Riches

Sorry for the lack of updates, but its the wonderful time of year where my job is open until midnight and quite frankly sucks. Last week, I fell in love with Rhys LaRoux and got knocked up...after a super shotgun wedding , we had an adorable little boy named Jason. Oh and I was pregnant again.

So well I finally decided a theme this family. It's actually my favorites, or pieces of my favorites. Jason is named for Jason Grace...main character of the sequel of the Percy Jackson series, The Heroes of Olympus. <3 Percy Jackson series books.

OMG! I had a horrible dream!

Nope you're pregnant with child number two. Sucks for you.

Meanwhile, with no service sims, Rhys has to play handyman around the house. Fair trade to not be pregnant right?!

Though the adorable pictures like this more than pay for it.

This pregnancy though, was definitely not like Jason's. Let's just say that this would put most ISBI's to shame it was THAT bad.

Look at how adorable Jason is!! I love him!!

And well Rhys just makes everything look so sexy in his underwear. If i were any sort of creator, pin-up calendar!!

*squees* He is completely adorable with the baby!! And look at me being all passed out at the table.

Woohoo! What an awesome dad...He taught him to use the potty in just one sitting! Fall + being smart= genius child!!

And the rest of his adorable are half of the pics I took.

Though my fat pregnant ass somehow woke up and went to bed at some point...during the day.

Daddy, why are you as big as a ship?

Daddy is going to give you a brother or sister.

I dunno I am always looking to rally for the Llama land but seriously this damn thing is fucking confusing, but hey anything that will get Rhys skills is good.

Now to get to work on some of his other skills...some painting perhaps?

Party time for Jason! I invited over Newman and Ivan Mayte maytesims.

OK Preggo, stop swooning for the moocher. bitch is raiding your fridge at a party.

OMG he is just too adorable...why does he have to grow up!!

Especially into that outfit *gag* and sadly I gave myself a outfit changes until I buy a boutique. (Also no makeovers after toddler until there is one).

I can finally feed myself!!

Hey, you weren't starving before you know.

Rhys!! This incredibly sexy man is blocking the TV.

And me thinks Jason saw how TomMike swooned, cuz for no reason at all, shocked the shit out of Newman.

So ya, Ivan is a sexy bitch..I kinda wanna marry him in somewhere.

Family dinner where everyone can actually have a conversation. I think I would be disturbed if I were Jason...parents sitting there in their underwear, kinda skeevy to me.

Rhys teaches Jason some sports...though I would have liked him to have at least put on PANTS.

But there goes another accident for me...I swear this pregnancy was just horrible.

And then passed out in front of the dishwasher. This is ISBI fail at it's finest, yet this isn't an ISBI.

Labor time...finally!! The evil pregnancy can be over.

I always pick random because I am a glutton for punishment.


I can't tell which one is which, since they have almost the same genetics. Its a girl and a boy.

Girl - Tris. Named for the main character in the novel series Divergent, Tris chooses to leave her family behind for a life of adventure...only to find herself in the middle of a civil war of sorts. (Big thanks for lionsatepree for recommending the book to me)

Boy - Cameron. Named for the main character in A Really Nice Prom Mess. Cameron is a dorky gay guy who wanted nothing more than to stay home from prom that to go with a girl he has no interest in, while his boyfriend goes with another girl. With a night of strippers, cops and nearly naked men, how else could you expect a prom to be, when you don't wanna go.

HAHAHA! Not gonna happen!

*I totally deserve an Oscar for my acting*

Someone is a bit arrogant, isn't he?

Only in the sims, does a 7 yr old do his homework at 5am with his father's help.

Jason is such a unsocial nerd...doesn't bring home any kids, no social wants...just skill and homework...what kind of kid is this? Ok so he's probably an outcast because of his outfit.

No you two need to stop...this family does not NEED any more kids.

See poor Rhys just can't make up his mind about the kids...which one does he want to hold and feed and obsess over?!

Birthday time comes though...I can't wait to see!!

LOL or maybe I can by the way I look...*cue Chandler Bing* Could I be any more excited?

And we have two very adorable toddlers. How will I ever pick an heir...oh that's right I'm not.

I totally remember the first time we had woohoo. It was the best ever!

And woohoo was had. And the people rejoiced.

Why they changed into outerwear when they were done though, is beyond me.

And then more woohoo was had...sometimes having three bolters kind of sucks.

So kids, daddy is gonna look like he swallowed a beach ball in a few days


No more babies daddy.

Very adorable Jason cuddle pictures., bask in the cuteness.

STOP! Seriously, there are more entertaining things to do in the damn house but THAT!!!

Wow, I'm pregnant!

So I guess I'm not getting that soda.

Prolly not Jason -_-

Oh seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?! You two really need to stop humping like rabbits.

Just for proof for you guys, that is a bump and he is on maternity leave...asshat -_-

So this is what it feels like to be pregnant.

*when is he going to woohoo me?*

Despite being pregnant, these two do need to learn some skills...after all, they have two wonderful fathers. well two fathers who are great when they aren't getting each other pregnant.

and yet again, I pass out, I must like this spot, because I seem to pass out there alot.

And back to skilling. Like they have much of an option.

How do you describe a second pop of one of two pregnant people?

Cam, we are gonna be surrounded by babies.

I say we smash the babies.


2 very pregnant men fighting for the toilet, that could be very entertaining.

Birthday for the twins! And totally adorable...or in Cam's case, adorkable.

So this TV thing, is it awesome or not?

Oh you will love it Tris, best thing to ever happen to people.

o.0 How are you snuggles up that close with your huge ass belly?
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