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Pippin's Cove : Week Two : Uberdorm

Sorry for the huge delay guys but my computer started giving me imminent failure errors and i was getting very i was backing up everything on my computer...then for christmas I got a new computer from my dad so I installed everything onto it, and I did play a bit before I'm posting.

So let's start off with our new dormies shall we? We have Edith Garcia dothesmustle

Savannah Roberts leenyland

Neon Element lionsatepree, Penelope Laurince rikkulidea,

Hibiscus Petal Behr simsforaranya,

Njörðr Bork rikkulidea,

Peach Starling and Hsigo Mythos tinykat.

First thing the students do is work on their term papers...after all a term paper done quickly leave free time through the semester. And it keeps Igor from trying to bed SOL.

Weekly challenge...oh what do you know...I have 8 sims in the house. Yet another free week.

Oh God you are fucking ugly bitch!

*surpressed urge to kill*

Probably the wrong person to say that to Edith.

Poor Epping still has no one with chemistry, why is he so bad with girls.

I bet he advertised that you can play with his balls and stick, he would get as much action as the pool table. It wouldn't all be welcome but hey, action is action.

So I have never seen a cutie like you here in the dorm before. Are you new here?

Yup just starting here today.

Uh-Oh SOL found herself yet another guy.

Well what do we have here Alpie?

Alperton totally found himself a girlfriend. Peach is a three bolt match. And I figured he would be the hardest one to find a match for.

Though, I think you kind of have to interest the girl in order for her to become your girlfriend Alperton.

There is no downtown yet Philip. I bet he wants to take her to his basement and lock her up.

Ok seriously, she JUST said there was no downtown, where the hell are you people coming up with one?

I am really excited that I came to this university. I never expected to find someone as hot as you.

You are so nice.

*mmm that guys is so hott*

Not to be outdone of course, these two have to fondle each other in front of everyone.

And apparently Igor wanted sex and booty called Ava. Wow wtf is going on in my game with the horny.

/woohoo spam.

*Wow the really hott girl is totally hitting on me*

So Neon, how do you like your classes so far this year?

And its the rikkulidea get together. Why they gamble non-stop is beyond me.

Igor is trying to wash the sex smell off of him. And he is going to piss someone off something fierce with his ability to make a huge ass puddle in the bathroom.

SOL still has the hots for Hibiscus Petal, and she still wants to have her first woohoo with him.

Lyndi Broke simgarooop decides to take a stroll by the dorm, reminding me that there are tons more dormies to work with.

OMG! Sorry I didn't know you were in the shower Neon!

It's ok SOL, accidents happen. *My plan is totally working*

You know, you have a really nice body.

Why SOL, are you coming onto me?

So Neon, can I ask what you find attractive?

I love people who are neat and organized.

Peach has just realized how attractive Alperton is, while he is studying, in his underwear. Yup that's when I would realize it too.

This relationship is progressing quickly, much to my dismay.

and it pains me even worse, when these two get along so well that Epping has no chemistry with anyone.

With that fight over, they head to bed.

Well Epping goes to his bed, SOL apparently wants to go to Igor's bed. This could be a problem.

Not that Iago is fairing much better than myself. He's losing at poker and I'm losing the plans I had for the future.

At least Ava isn't getting a glimpse in Igor's room, but thanks for the TV.

OMG! The adorable!!! How can I decide for her to marry someone when she looks adorable with everyone.

Wow while Savannah and Hsigo have their meal together, SOL has a crammed bathroom with her boyfriend and her snuggle buddy.

*my girlfriend totally has a great body*

I think Hibiscus Petal wants some nookie.

Hey beautiful, it was nice to cuddle with you last night.

Well this might be a bit of a problem around the dorm. theres like three guys in the dorm subject to her charms.

And DNW is hanging out with Epping. Some people have different principles for when they wake up. Some eat, others have to play pool.

Njörðr unfortunately couldn't hold it for another two seconds and pissed himself right outside the toilet stall.

AWOL thinks that shecan bluff her way out by playing poker in her undies, while that might distract her sister's boyfriend, it probably won't distract Peach.

Then she leaves, and Njörðr and Alperton join and they play a very interesting game of strip poker. Apparently everyone is down to their underwear, so that can not be good for anyone.

Hey dude, I know how you like things neat and clean, would you mind helping us clean up a bit around here.

Sure, I'll help out around here.

Natalia showed up walking past the dorm, so DNW went outside and greeted her. And now he's in love with her.

Epping was losing his mind, so using the crystal ball, I got him a blind date. Avalon Grant brilliantcat was his top match. I hope this will drag him out of his perpetual lack of chemisrty with people.

And these two here are just working to get one likes a flabby romance sim. And these two are inseperable.

Back downstairs a bit later, Neon has apparently worked himself up a stink something fierce.

This one is soooo not going to happen, nice try though AWOL. You are going to marry Paddington.

If I gave you jewelry, would you like me?

Not really, no.

Poor Epping can't even get with his highest chemistry chick.

And we go from person with no luck in the love department to the one with the best luck...I love that no one is even phased that she's going after love #4 and the romance sim doesn't even have that.

I don't know SOL, you don't really seem that organized and neat to me

If only you knew Neon, if only you knew.

Feeling rejected by Neon, she crawls into bed with Igor.

Here is how well Epping's "date" is, he is playing pool, she is eating on the whole other side of the room.

Edith, that may not be the best game to join in on, none of them have really lost clothes in a while, though seriously, all that fine man meat, maybe one of them will lose a hand or something.

Epping gets a card to the gaming club, and DNW gets to stare at his girlfriend's boobs. Who wins in that battle?

Cram session before final...and everyone needed to study.

LOL i just noticed this but hehe Alperton has a copyright symbol on his foot.

Oh my god! I am going to die alone!

Sophmore year of college and he is already losing his mind...oh how wonderfully he will be as an adult.

These two finally realize that they can hit on each other without my interfering.

*I can't believe how awesome I am*

Igor maxes his skills and starts getting conceited. Oh how can I deal with this one.

Well bitch if you hadn't gone off to clas during the date, it may have been a little better.

Hey Peach, I was wondering since you had to go to class before, if we could try that date again.

Anything to get me away from Barbie on crack over here.

Look at the adorable...they are all pairing up so beautifully.

There should totally be an option to make pictures in the game without the exit/enter thing or portraits... I want to keep them locked in and use them forever.

SOL and Hibiscus can really ruin a mood though, they were tryin to get their sex on...again.

So Catherine Daggar walked into the dorm and claimed a newly vacant room. That room would be SOL's old room, since she decided to always sleep in the bed with Igor, I moved her in with him.

And Peach fails miserably for peeing all the way out here. At least Njörðr had the decency to do it in the bathroom.

Look, I don't know you, stop rambling on about your boy troubles.

But I need advice.

My advice, Igor is a bit of a nudist and loves to show off by sponge bathing. Probably not someone to get involved with when you are in love with Paddington..who I can now see has been very absent fromt his update.

This chick is really asking for me to drop a satellite on her head isn't she?

And the bitch still managed to flirt with him, even after I cancelled the action like 40 times. Poor Paddington is gonna be heartbroken.

And Epping continues to be lame by cleaning in his underwear, this poor schlub.

I think SOL needs to make more of a claim on Igor, or else her cousin wouldn't be trying to make claims on him.

I think you need to stop, I am already dating you cousin.

She won't please you the way I can please you.

Please just stop now.

Dude even the romance sim is telling you to stop, now you are just getting pathetic.

Honey, I love you, but hun you reek, go take a shower.

Eping, I know how you're feeling, I haven't gotten any loving either, do you see me crumbling to pieces?

But Iago, you are so focused on schoolwork to worry about a girlfriend.

Because I know I will find a girl, I don't have to worry.

I also think Hsigo is enjoying the view he has right now.

This is SOL's drama professor, is she home?

Not for you, I don't need no homewrecking professor around here.

And this begins the Epping-Penelope fight lineage. Trust me when I tell you that.

And its even sadder that his ass lost the fight with Penelope. That's just wrong dude.

Since someone has been constantly trying to ACR bed Igor, I gave into her want of sleepinng with her boyfriend, which I think Hibiscus will be thanking me for a while.

SOL, you look so beautiful tonite.

Guys, I'm eating here, please refrain from that.

Especially when the guy she just slept with is on the other side of the wall.

Dude, why do you have so much body hair?

No idea, biology I guess. Who cares, my girlfriend loves it.

If you are tired,, go to bed, don't wait for an elevator to take you downstairs when your room is right behind you.

I finally let ACR have it's go...since it isn't her virginity anymore.

Random I stole from simsforaranya, any male who has been abducted or is a kid of an abductee (or shows any signs of alien DNA [eyes or skin]) can become pregnant by risky woohoo. My odds are set to 25%, so when I roll, any multiple of 4 means a pregnant sim.

/woohoo spam again why yes..yes she is a whore.

Hey Epping, what are you upto?

Just watching the game with SOL...funny she just joined me too.

So Epping is a moron as well.

Igor you are just sooo hott.

Great, that slut is sitting next to that slimeball. I wanna kick his ass.

Now Epping is scared...probably for the lack of Paddington in the update.

And now Peach is playing maid...I guess it happens when you can't have a maid of your own. Poor girl.

*Wow Igor is really hott without his clothes on.*

But soon after, she's seen smooching Neon..poor girl really needs to pick a man already.

Why won't you agree to go out on a date with me?

Because it's 7am SOL. I need sleep for class.

But I came here to tell you that I love you.

Apparently Neon was waiting for that moment, cuz they ran to the couch and fell madly in love together.

I'm happy that we are finally a couple, but I forgot to put on a condom.

Kiss me fool.

Yeeeeeah who didn't see this coming...oh well 2 years of perpetual pregnancy for you. LOL look at all the love she has going on.

I love you baby, but I have to shower and get ready for class.

I'll miss you while you're gone sweetie.

Hey guys, does anyone know where I can get a pregnancy test? I think I need to take one.

Well, I am so out of here.

I found a place with the pregnancy tests SOL. Hibiscus will be happy.

*I could really go for a pot roast right now*

Seriously?! Now it's pot roast desperation!!! WTF?!

Back from the final, everyone made dean's list...and SOL is going to hurl.

So I seriously took forever to write this update...but I have my computer and really wanted to play first before I posted. Sorry guys.
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