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Pippin's Cove : Week Two : Hunter A

Last time, Eggplant was shown to have won the heir poll for the Hunters. He went out on the town and met alot of beautiful ladies, including Blackberry Pie and Nina Callaghan.

Being the only smart one in an ISBI leaves many chores for you to do around the house. Not that there is anyone but himself living in the house anyway.

But he did find his one true hobby, at least that is a perk for living by yourself. And it definitely could add to the finances of the house.

There are always the random walk-bys too, too bad there wasn't a single wooman in the bunch. But that would be where plan B comes in.

Asking the beautiful Blackberry out on a date here in his house. Where else can a guy feel comfortable, and that the only community lot is a gym which sucks ass.

Someone is just a little too eager to have female company this week...and it is only Monday.

o.0 really? Well if you want it..

/engagement spam.

By the end of their dream date, we all know she will be the spouse.

Damn the chick is rich...if only everyone could be that lucky.

Re-losing her virginity.

And pregnancy ensues...ACR does a job that I don't even have to do.

Who on earth are you calling to say you just had sex?

Anyone who will listen.

You haven't been a virgin since you were like 14 dude, remember that.

Ah crap!

Well, I'm soooooorry but I think she should be given a break for the trauma she faced.

But it didn't take long for her to get knocked up again.

Yes yes I know Blackberry missed work...she isn't allowed her job though.

December calls to chat away with it was all planned so Nina couldn't have him huh.

Using some of his new skills, I send Eggplant outside to extinguish a fire (or start one, hell if I know anymore).

Glitchy magic user flirts with girlfriend. News at 11.

But Magestivism is awesome, if the house didn't need the bookcase I'd sell it.

Second trimester already. This hopefully will work out better.

Well Eggplant is happy to have a baby coming.

So much so that he calls up his sister to share the news.

She brings her fiancee over, and Jay is back around too.

Eggplant sleeps,, Blackberry stalks him and Violet and Adrenaline make out in their room.

*cue the game crashing*

End of the dream date, brings a beautiful bouquet.

Sexing it up again...this poor guy is like in groundhog's day isn't he?

Someone stepped up his skills, and is stalking his fiancee. Oh this family is so screwy.

After being re-mmade over (which lemme tell you is quite annoying with every level of witch), We have our purple. The reason Blackberry isn't purple yet is because all makeovers have to wait for the beauty salon to open.

Not that Eggplant minds anyway, she would be sexy bald is what I'm thinking.

Re-pop I feel this week the damn family should have like 6 damn kids by now.

Look December, you need to tell that Nina chick that Eggplant is my man. He's my baby daddy and she ain't touching him no more.

Baby rub #2. or should I say baby rub #1 re-take.

Eggplant doesn't mind though, he still loves her all the same.

Oh you have got to be kidding me?! This bitch has had more miscarriages than I have ever had in my game.

o.0 Well that didn't take long, did it?

Get your bitch ass inside before you catch cold, and have yet another miscarriage.

And we have a pop...again.

*squee* Look at the blue stars!!

We have to get her to stop being psycho, maybe a date will help her out.

Not that she cares, she'd rather write in her journal, so study study away Eggplant.

Pop 2...holy crap she may actually have the baby this time.

LOL she had a terrific you are surprised by that.

The second date, however, doesn't end so nicely when she goes into labor.

Is this the reprocussions of unprotected woohoo?


Of course random.

and just one baby coming.

And we have one beautiful baby girl with Eggplant's eyes and hair. The theme of this generation is going to be Villains, meet Baroness Hunter. Baroness is the badass villainess from G.I. Joe.

Blackberry was given 3 days off, which sux because she actually still has a job and this means money coming from a job she can't have.

I can't believe I'm a dad.

Hello cutie, I'm your daddy...and I'm awesome!

After finally maxing out his witchiness, we have some unfinished business to do.

Namely dragging Violet's ass to the house with a spell and making her a witch, finally.

She's a witch, and apparently not pregnant anymore.

Just to show, Eggplant is just all awesome. Infallibly good warlock and everything.

But this house has fallen apart with cleaning, so we get a little supernatural help with the cleaning.

But for the little bits of magic there are, there is always family to have around to make you feel rich.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 2
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Shrink Visits: 7
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 3
Self-Wettings: 17
Pass-Outs: 30
Fights: 9
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 5
Miscarriages: 2

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: family: hunter a, isbi, rainbow, week two

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