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Pippin's Cove : Week Two : Hunter B

When you last saw Violet, her brother had given her a mystical turn to her life by turning her into a witch. So now she gets to study and get her stars like her brother.

But it's about time to get this part of the ISBI some idiots.

Hey sexy, wanna come over?

He sure didn't waste any time coming over.

But some pervy ass kid enjoys being a voyeur. Pippin's Cove has some creepy townies.

And Violet wants to have a pillow fight with a guy. Is that supposed to be innuendo for sex Violet?

Adrenaline moves in while on the date, I didn't get a picture but someone actually rolled the marriage want. I'll give you a hint, it was the heavily pregnant one.

How awesome is it that Eggplant will talk on his cell while FLYING to the party on his broom.

And here we have Eggplant arriving, while Leif Callaghan decides to take some food out of the fridge. What a mooch!

While Eggplant and Blackberry wait for the ceremony to start, because who the fuck knows where Leif went, Violet complains about back pains. Kind of what happens when you are like 6 months pregnant.

/wedding spam.

While the two couples decide to go after each other, Leif finally decides to make an appearance...after the damn ceremony he was invited to. Seriously dude?!

I think I loved this picture more because it was completely autonomous, I don't think I have seen it be autonomous before.

Sound asleep, yup these people are party animals.

Now nothing to do until the baby is born, may as well have her study.

But baby time will definitely interrupt it, I mean the excruciating pain, the water breaking, and the man of your house screaming like a little bitch.

Random of course, like I would ever choose anything else.

Ooooh soo exciting...its a multiple.

/birth spam...We have two beautiful girls..Cruella and Harley Quinn (This is why I had put on Facebook about great villianesses cuz WTF there are no real ones besides Maleficent, and no way I was typing that forever)

And back to studying she goes, after all, Adrenaline is very good at taking care of the babies by himself.

I mean look at such a great job he's been doing.

*why am I on the floor with the rotting bottles*

Poor Harley Quinn.

Aaw <3 supercouple.

And we have the stars, people we have an evil witch.

And we have a fired Adrenaline...poor guy, I just didn't have the job open yet.

Honestly I don't remember who this is, but he sure is a good mate for someone y/y?

Birthday time for the girls, This week already has so much in it, a wedding birth and now birthdays.

And dude is either bi or gay, hopefully bi cuz I don't have any single gays right now.

Ooo sweet free shit, that means money :)

Birthday time and there are no makeover pics or anything until later so I'll keep you in anticipation til then :p

OMG! Eggy I can't believe that my kids are already crawling around, it feels like yesterday I just gave birth to them.

It was two days ago I think.

Family bonding time, while everyone is sleeping...with a dirty diaper on the floor.

and more bonding while mommy tried to become evil, mother of the year right least she is living upto the black generation standards.

Only Adrenaline can get her away from that book, by being dead sexy in his skimpy briefs.

and wanting sex of course...its what they are good at you know.

Child neglect check, rampant sexual urges check.

Supremely evil witch in the bag...That takes care of the purple generation list...and black I can't do anything with because I can't see the wants :p

Random teen that Adrenaline knows calls (I think its David Peet) to check in while Harley Quinn looks for attention. Good luck Harley.

I finally managed to make over the toddlers...Harley Quinn is the one in the yellow dress while Cruella is the one in the pink.

OK this bitch here decided to knock over the trash can, and Violet has never even met Violet now gets to have fun with her...

while she sits on her evil throne.

Don't I deserve a throne? I'm Queen B.

and you're knocked up yet again, greeeat most people get population explosion in later generations of a BACC...i get it week 2. seriously?!

I did have Violet spend a bit of time with the kids though, after all she is their mother...but none of this crap I think gave them points.

Then back to her throne, the damn pregnancy is kicking her ass this time so its a good thing she has the throne to keep her moods high. Also its birthday time again.

I would loooove to be with Adrenaline for just a night, just because he looks like an excellent lover.

Harley Quinn grew up beautiful

and Cruella is stunning too...I shouldn't be surprised considering their parents.

a bout of morning sickness is actually the first to come around, too bad today is actually sunday, and I can't play til the end of the pregnancy.

Seriously, these two are all over each other!! If they didn't have to leave the room the probably wouldn't.

And two adorable pictures of Adrenaline to leave you off with, verocchio you did a fantastic job with him. *drool*

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