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Pippin's Cove : Week Two : Chance-Capobianco

SO at the very very end of the last update I moved in Yulia because she was now stalking by Ethan's house. I took it to mean she wanted in his pants and she can't have premarital woohoo. Here she is filling her generation requirements, no job and gardening.

Not that it matters it doesn't take them very long to find each other. They really do love each other.

Some very teleported wedding guests, sadly Ethan and Yulia don't have very many friends that would be willing to come to the wedding.

In fact, its also alot easier to just invite one guest and teleport everyone else as well. The only invited guest would be Alejandro Valenzula.

Ethan prepares the reception food prior to the ceremony, after all, there are pregnant sims at the reception.

/wedding spam

A good ceremony to have for all, even two of them found a way to lose their baby bellies.

Having to realize Ethan made too much food, I had him cook up another batch of burgers, but Yulia did not want to waste any and put them away as fast as he made them.

Yulia starts spewing spores of happiness, which starts to cheer up every single person in the room.

Oh I can't wait to start adding to our little family, Alejandro.

Wait, did she just say she wants to have kids already

Be thankful Ethan, we didn't even get married before we started having kids. Just be careful when you have them, the toys get everywhere.

Oh great, even more of a hassle for me to worry about.

That's right, congrats on your new girl Blackberry.

Thanks for inviting us Yulia, but we should start getting ready to leave, we do have the baby at home with Jason.

*Oh god my husband looks so hott dressed up.*

Apparently though, the burgers aren't agreeing with Blackberry, as she is now hurling into the toilet. Also you can see Eggplant has decided to hang out with Yulia on the kitchen floor.

Violet now decides that it is her turn to hurl into the toilet. Seriously, don't most people wait to go home to do that.

Is it something with my cooking? I mean I know I was dreading the day, but did I spoil the burgers?

Well despite the rampant stomach virus, the party was actually a huge success.

And as we can tell from this garden, Yulia hasn't paid much attention to it since she planted it.

And then the woohoo happened, they couldn't even go to the bed which is right behind them, they went to the couch.

Wow that was amazing for my first time.

You're kidding me right? Your first time was just now. Wow you aren't kidding.

Then Ethan went all vampire-y..I guess he smelled something he wanted to bite.

Wow that was really just insanely fast take.

But her garden of everything doesn't keep itself off to garden she goes. Maybe it will keep her from hurling.

While Yulia builds some friendships, Ethan gets to work on novel. After all, they do need money for the bills.

But having Yulia around inside all night is distracting, all she wants to do is flirt and kiss Ethan all night.

See what I mean, this was over the span of the night.

Ethan, I don't think I feel well.

Nah, just an invisi-pop.

After a quick change to her underwear, to show off her belly and skin, Ethan comes to find out what's wrong.

OMG Ethan, I'm pregnant.

I knew that already honey, remember, I am a vampire.


Some more PDA just for you guys, these two are all over each other.

Then Ethan gets to work on the computer. He broke it so now he has to repair it. Yulia is skilling in cooking, cuz if Ethan isn't going to be around during the day, someone has to feed the kids.

Invisi-pop #2 rikkulidea I think this needs a preg morph (I think you made this outfit anyway)

Nothing happened at all that day, that night however, Yulia spends her time talking to the plants.

And Ethan keeps "working on his novel", which looks alot like he is surfing iTunes or Amazon.

Someone here has been complaining of sunlight deprivation, so I tried to have her sunbathe but she got up like every 4 seconds complaining and quite frankly was very close to pissing me off.

And that would be when she went into labor. On the street, in her bathing suit. seriously?! What is wrong with sims these days.

Random of course, and a multiple birth, again of course.

Oh lucky me, it's triplets.

/birth spam. She had 2 girls (Rose and Petal) and a boy (Thorn). She finished the gnration challenges for 1 of DITFT.

Ya no more babies for Yulia right now, I don't need to go from 20 sims to 200 sims in a week.

Ethan is drawn to Thorn, after all it is his bouncing baby boy. No daddy's little girl for him.

Yulia gets herself a genie lamp for her gardening prowess.

And Ethan gets himself in the zone. Thats 2 hobbies maxed right now.

Birthday time for the triplets. Why yes I am excited to see how they will turn out.

And Ethan has himself a second good novel (and WTF with Yulia's needs and the red).

Cake time.

Rose looking adorable.

Petal looks amazing,

And though there is no front, Thorn is so cute. These kids look amazing ALREADY!!

And we leave off witth Ehan doting on his son, when I tell you that he loves being around Thorn, I don't lie.

First generation challenge:
Generation 1: "Your family was always into the farming deal. They spent their days working hard and asked for their children to do the same. So when you turned 18, your parents surprised you with your own plot of land to continue on tradition. And having always been one to want to impress the folks. You begin creating your own small garden, dedicating your time to that rather then dealing with a dreadful 9-to-5 suit and tie job."

- Get a gold gardening (or flower arranging) skill badge if you have the required EPs. (Seasons for gardening, OFB for flower arranging) (Yulia has a gold gardening badge, check.)
- Have a garden containing each type of plant/Make every type of flower arrangement (Yulia's garden has every type of vegetable in it, check)
- Get married, no premarital woohoo (as you saw, check)
- Have a boy & a girl (Rose & Petal; Thorn, check)
Tags: family: capobianco, family: chance, week two

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