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Pippin's Cove : Week Three : Riches

We left off with 2 very pregnant men and 3 children, hello population explosion.

And of course being the house hubby, I still have to do all of the cleaning around the house. It's not like there are any maids around.

But housework always manages to get cut short when you go into labor. This is where I wish there was the Sims 3 aspect of taking them to the hospital, but at least the kids aren't home to see this.

Press random, get a single baby. That's the odds I love.

We have one adorable little girl with black hair and blue eyes. Her name comes from the Hunger Games. She is the main character and well you really should just read the damn book LOL.

And I absolutely adore my little girl, who wouldn't.

Rhys gets the time off, it's kind of like living in Norway, where hey give paternity leave.

And while we are at home with our new bundle of joy, I decide to "commission the building" of a new public place for the town.

Since there is a college campus around, we need to get ourselves a club for them to enjoy themselves at during the off time.

And it's about time Rhys pops out our other kid, he took his sweet time after all.

And one kid it is, thank God, this house is getting too crowded as it is.

*Great, I'm not even the baby anymore. Not even two hours old and I'm a middle child.*

One handsome little boy named Charles. Charles comess fromm the Percy Jackson series.

Charles Beckendorf - A son of Hephaestus, known to be able to build almost anything. He is lead counselor for Cabin 9. He had a minor role in the first four books in the series, but has a larger role in The Last Olympian. He has a crush on Silena Beauregard, whom he starts dating from the short story The Bronze Dragon contained in The Demigod Files. Most members of Camp Half-Blood call him by his surname, Beckendorf. He sacrifices himself at the beginning of The Last Olympian to destroy the Princess Andromeda, a ship that was Kronos' headquarters, unaware that it was actually because of Silena (acting as a spy) that he lost his life. - Wikipedia

(I'll be honest, I felt he was super unappriciated)

I think Rhys will take special focus on Charles, but you never know. He does work after all.

o.0 Rhys, why are you still pregnant?!

And this is the message I got coming back to the lot. That would be when I had enough of this lot and quite frankly needed some more space for the family. So I moved them into this house by rikkulidea.

And when we got to the lot, I forced Rhys into labor again. No eternal pregnancy for my hubby.

and it's another single birth, sweet.

A bouncing baby boy, named Gale. Gale is one of the main male characters in The Hunger Games.

*Uggh again I'm not even the baby and I lose out again to a boy. At least I have the girl thing in the bag*

*Seriously, why are you guys still having more kids when you have me?*

Like you weren't expecting that to happen, I mean I don't need 40 million households when they all get to adult, although they can actually intermarry.

I love that all of the kids in the families are getting along...who knows what will happen to the ISBI families in later geenrations.

Jason however is being super anti-social and playing video games. What on earth you are the oldest kid around, show up your siblings and go play sports.

A shot showing where the new house is. A nice house by the water.

Making a nice breakfast for the hubby and the kids. Eggs are definitely the best breakfast ever.

Rhys went out and splurged some cash on a convertible...Ya i think he may be embezzeling some money from the city funds but who cares, Rhys gets to travel around in style.

Freetime chance card that I actually won! But seriously who the hell is he talking to? Cruella or Harley Quinn?

Knock yourself out, you can't give me any more surprises.

OK I totally didn't read this right and that would be why I chose to vote against the bill. I really should actually read these things shouldn't I?

Its birthday day!!

And we do start with Jason, of course.

Look at how hott he is! I'm happy with that turn out.

Important stats.

Now it's time for the babies.

Baba, dada.

Seriously?! Already, you just grew up.

So I'm not father of the year. It's not like you people care anyway. :P

Orientation for Jason, basically Jason will screw anything with two legs.

The todllers find their room, but for some reason Charles wants to put his head through his pillow and sleep on the floor. Who am I to argue with what the kid wants?

The next afternoon, cuz seriously the morning must have sucked ass or something that I don't have pictures, Jason does manage to bring home Moss verocchio, who does make a very pretty teen.

I take to starting toddler training with my adorable little girl,

Jason, being an excellent son and wanting to help out, starts to train Gale, despite the activities going on around him.

That night one of the residents comes by to talk about his family, and to thank me for the bright new start to his life.

Jason spam.

Rhys takes on toddler training Charles. Unfortunately, it isn't the best skill.

Next day Jason comes home and needs something to do to kill time, so why not get him a date.

and Rhys brings home a promotion as well. Good days all around.

It's also birthday time...time for no more toddlers in the house.

Gale grows up and apparently wants to have a taste of Asian influx in his life,

Katniss looks fashionable, but when I actually get the damn Beauty Salon opened, I can make her look somewhat like the character she's named after.

And Charles kinda looks nerdy, complete opposite of how I picture his character...hopefully I can change that soon.

That date that Jason had gotten earlier, was with Dean Carmichael brilliantcat, now thats a hottie.

.I couldn't have wished for a better looking date. I heard in some towns there's some old hag with a crystal ball who brings you shitty people with beaks.

God no way would I ever want that to happen.

These two are still besties. Cameron is actually the calmest out of all the kids.

Katniss, how much did Dad pay you to come spy on my date?

Dad didn't pay me anything, I came to do it all on my own.

Snoopy little siblings around since the day they came around.

But Charles being an awesome little brother calls Katniss over to engage at who has the better logic to win a chess game.

Chance card.

Meanwhile the kids plan a lazy day about the damn house, and play with the leaves.

Though seriously how adorable is this shot!!

And Jason is just a fucking athlete if I ever saw one. Look at how fast he built his body skill.

Rhys comes home with even more money, and Jason is heading for his next maxed skill. That would open yet another slot in the Science career that doesn't even have one person in it.

Jason also is the social butterfly, making friends outside of the damn house and actually getting out, even if it isn't the best of ideas.

Dean pipcks him up in a fricking limo, how awesome is that!

Though I think Jason would have preferred a junkier car if it gave him a ride home.

That afternoon, Jason calls up his good friend Adrenaline to invite his family over for the twins party, try and get some socialization outside of the damn family for the family.

Look A, I need some pointers on pool, I gotta know how to play better so I can hustle some money to go out.

I'm not so sure about that Jason, you could always get yourself a job, can't you?

Hustling money is easier though.

I guess Adrenaline agreed to show him some shots. Jason can be very persuasive.

And Katniss befriends Cruella through their mutual love of watching The Lion King.

And it's time for the party to really start.

Harley Quinn bounces even before the damn cake, she kind of pisses me off being all anti-social like that.

I mean even the random stranger came to watch, wait why is there a random stranger in the house?

Tris looks amazing, though I am not surprised after seeing how Jason turned out.

And Cameron is great too. Wow not too shabby with them. Funny enough I think they actually have the personalities of their characters.

Are you serious?! Cameron is the straight one and Tris is the gay one? Does the game even know who they are named after?! (I was so planning on making a Tobias sim just for Tris too)

No way dude, you are too young to be a father, even if the damn kid is adopted. and your parents are NOT ALLOWED ANY MORE KIDS!!!!

No matter how horny they are for each other.

LOL so he hasn't even gotten a stitch of tinkering enthusiasm, which is his life's passion, but maxed out gaming. Someone needs a tinkering car or something.

And that ends week three for the Riches. some surprises definitely came out of it, tyhats for sure, but finally a second community lot.
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