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Pippin's Cove : Week Three : Uberdorm

Be nice, this was my first playing after I hooked up my new computer, so i was kind of excited and forgot some pictures.

So, coming back from finals, I had them all work on term papers. SOL and Igor decided that they needed a break from studying so hard.

Yay, yet another pertually pregnant sim. Congrats Igor.

Why yes SOL you have been pregnant for a while, and you will be for a bit longer too.

Oh seriously SOL, you couldn't be happy just screwing Igor, but you have to go after Epping too. You are definitely too much of a damn whore, even for me.

I have no idea what she is doing, but she's got a hobby membership. (I need to plot how I will use these)

Meanwhile, Paddington is sick of cleaning up after Igor and is getting kind of pissed off at him.

*I wonder if I got SOL pregnant? We haven't used protection in quite a while*

Where are you going Igor? I wanna flirt with you. Love me, even though I have a boyfriend.

Igor has a surprise in store for him, and AWOL is just being a nasty skank.

I think she only joined the game so she can be by Igor. Hello, he is sleeping with your cousin.

Alperton shows how classy he is by farting in Igor's face while he's eating. Stay classy Alperton.

Ooo the first appearance of Liam's ghost...maybe it will be smarter than him.

LOL so i downloaded the mascot head just to see what it does.

So you want me to rob a bank with you? Why is that?

Well it will be something that will keep us together forever.

Cow mascot being extra creepy.

No bother though, Igor to the rescue, as the cow pleads to not be turned into hamburger.

He just looks awesome being all evil. I do love him.

Where did that overgrown hamburger go? I'm not done with him yet.

Does it matter, it may not come back which is what we wanted.

Here is a picture of Paddington being all adorable. I swear I think I love these sims the most of all my sims, except Bevin of course.

Upstairs we find the dormies gambling away their tuition money. Bixbite and Lyric Cruise just have no cares in the world. Lucky bastards.

So you know an exclusive club I can join. Is there a lot of people there I could meet?

Well it's a small club, but I'm sure you would fit in nicely.

Ya, basically the straight male population of the campus. Some exclusive club.

You know you are sexy in your underwear, Evan.

Why thank you SOL, I have been working out.

Whoa, just because you are hott doesn't mean you can try to kiss me.

Even I got those signals mixed, don't feel so bad SOL.

Hey Hibiscus, have you met my best friend Alperton? He's engrossed with grilled cheese.

Oh so you're the nut who's room smells like cheese.

Poor Alperton.

Well I kinda figured that this would be found out eventually.

That whore.

How can you go around cheating on me? I gave you the last two years of my life. And you try to cheat with my best friend.

*Why didn't Igor stick up for me?*

*How could my cousin cheat on her boyfriend? Is she taking lessons from dad?*

*I think DNW needs to take a shower.*

Very interesting thoughts from the college minds.

God, the love of my life and my ex are playing games and now I have to smell this gutter trash. What has my life become?

What you made of it, cheating whore.

I kind of feel bad for AWOL, no one wants to associate with her.

Well you should worry about yourself, cuz I'm going to kick your ass.

Smart idea Bixbite? Don't attack someone in front of their brother. You may be on the receiving end of an ass kicking.

Honestly, I have no idea how Igor was cheating on you, but I think you so do not have the right to hit him you whore.

Oooo FIGHT! Kick her ass!

Wait?! What the hell?! I bet it's because he's pregnant.

Last day of summer, I decided to let them enjoy the pool. As you can see the preggos loved it.

Alperton surprisingly has found lover number two in Penelope Laurince, or rather Penelope found herself a lover.

Epping and Iago come home with Igor from class. Igor is depressed beyond belief that he lost the fight.

Come on Igor, let's go kick her ass.

What on earth is it with my male sims and getting into fights with females? This gender fighting is not always the best.

We do need to keep relationships up, so SOL asks Hibiscus out on a date.

Hibiscus, stop breaking the fourth wall.

o.0 If there was hobby enthusiasm for sex, I think Igor and SOL would have it maxed by now.

No idea why I get the cut scene again, but I'm not complaining...look at the cuuute.

I honestly don't even know. But AWOL is burning all of her bridges.

Hello little baby, you are so adorable I'm going to tickle you.

Wow he's so good with kids.

Tangerine is kinda a weirdo.

What is it with everyone and babies? Is there something someone isn't telling me?

I have no clue either dude.

Oh Tangerine, seriously?! The bathroom is right behind you. What do you think this is, an ISBI?!

Dean's List for everyone, like you'd be surprised.

Why does everyone always cheat on me?

No hunny, it'ke why do you cheat on everyone. Slut.

I love you SOL, you know that right?

Alperton, how can you just go to class in your underwear, don't they say anything to you?

No but it is getting a bit cold out.

Pool is definitely what brings all the boys to the yard, cuz as you can see, not a girl in sight.

What the hell, girls come and there's's always the women isn't it?

Iago and Bixbite decide to go at it. i would say probably for awoman's affections but Bixbite is as gay as they come. Also, what the hell Tangerine?! Another bladder failure?!

Iago kicks ass, like the evil genius would ever need anyone else to fight his battles. And he does it with a sexiness no one else can hold.

What is your deal AWOL? You think that you can cheat on my brother and I'd let you hit on me?

Oh I playing the field before I go back to your brother.

You think he would just take you back just like that?

SOL, you know I would never play any games with you right?

I know Igor, like I would never play games with you.

And with it being the second semester of the year, back to doing term papers. A term paper done is a guarantee pass if they have the skills after all.

I don't know why I took this picture, but DNW is eating breakfast with his dad.

Oh seriously, what does she have beer flavored nipples or something?! Why does everyone want her?

Hey SOL do you have a minute to talk?

Ya, how about we get you someone to focus on that isn't the dorm bike, k?

Top 5 matches brings some great looking girls, including Carrie Andrews. She's in, for now at least.

Iago and Carrie hit it off swimmingly, no bad interactions at all.

*Wow she is really pretty*

And they continue their game of flirting in front of everyone. I wonder how AWOL would react, besides you know, accusing him of cheating.

Stay classy Igor, stay classy. Shower is literally behind you.

Hey Carrie, would you like to go out with me?

Of course I would Iago, why would I ever say no.

Carrie is amazing by the way.

Wow, the coach is actually very very pretty. I kinda wish she was an adult.

Carrie is actualy stepping up her game, she's macking up Iago like she's in love.

But apparently the rampant over-sexualization of the house has gotten to everyone, Hibiscus starts making out with Lyric Cruise...

and Igor calls up Ava for a booty call. Where the hell is SOL when this is going on?

Why calling up Neon for a date, she has to keep relationships up, not to mention especially with her baby daddy.

And a smooch shows him exactly what she thinks of him, a sexy stud for her pleasure.

Wow SOL is really getting around, that's like the third guy I have seen her with.

Poor Iago, he actually was into her for a while.

Oh SOL, I have missed you, where have you been?

Shut up and kiss me.

That kind of looks like it hurts SOL.

o.0 How on earth?!

MUCH BETTER, No idea how on earth what happened before happened, but it is alot better.

Dream date. No idea who would have thought any different.

o.0 Wait, you actually rolled a want to do something with Neon after the date was over?! Could this be a sign that you wanna settle down?

Look bitch, I don't care what you say you saw, I know that SOL lovves me, and would never cheat on me.

Look dumbass, I just bang the orange guy outside. I don't care about you,I just wanted to let you know.

And back to Hibiscus. This chick realy needs to make up her damn mind. I love that she has many options available, but enough is enough.

See Igor, you know where the shower is, you don't need to spongebathe in the sink. You may want to start peeing in the shower though if that toilet gets any more disgusting.

I honestly don't even know who is fighting in the picture...

but something tells me it did involve AWOL, seeing as she is hanging around.

That and Iago and Bixbite are fighting on top of DNW and Alperton.

SOL does take to charming yet another guy, I think she would have made a better Romance sim to be honest.

NO! You have Carrie for now...and possibly someone else if I find that perfect girl for you.

No bitter skank, that definitely is not for you.

Epping attacks Penelope again and for some reason Harlow is at the dorm talking up Hibiscus...probably giving him pointers on SOL.

Look you whore, stay away from me. I have no interest in you at all.

Now I kind of feel bad for poor AWOL, but she kinda deserves it...and all of this in front of SOL. At least Harlow knows how to keep her attention.

I really should just beat her with a hammer, then all the guys in the dorm can breathe a sigh of relief.

I kind of wonder which girl he is talking about.

Just to let you know, DNW still has the hots for Natalia.

This whole production better not be a show Igor. If you really do love me, that's fine. Just don't tell me you love me and not mean it.

When haven't I been honest with you. I told you from the start that I love you.

Awww you two are so adorable together.

Carrie kind of needs to butt out of some conversations.


And everyone passes their year with flying colors...theres only one year left for them, I think I will miss Uberdorm.

And everyone comes back all at once, that just looks like fun.

And now that leaves you guys with a vote...Who should SOL actually marry.

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