TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Pippin's Cove : Week Three : Hunter A

Trying to raise an idiot's aspiration blindly is not exactly the easiest thing in the world you know. It's even harder when teenagers call and want to talk to your hott wife.

Eggplant gets to be the dad that he's always wanted to be, while Blackberry is very thankful to have had a good date, though I seriously hope she hasn't lost her marbles.

And we have a pop...I guess all the vomiting at the Capobianco's was from morning sickness and not the food.

And it's not like Eggplant isn't happy about having more kids, he's thrilled to be a dad. No baby fears or anything. I'm kinda happy about that.

But more babies and no money kinda means that we need money, so it's time to start digging for something to sell.

And after a full hygiene bar gets depleted, this is the haul he has gotten. I can't say that isn't a bad one at all.

Oh please God no!

-_- Poor girl.

MEEP!! Absolutely adorable bug!! He's holding his daughter and reading!!! <3

Apparently Eggplant doesn't believe in waiting to get Blackberry re-pregnant. At this rate she will just be eternally pregnant.

Sure Q, a friend is a friend.

A pop and a birthday message. This can be good right?!

I don't know why Blackberry is thinking of offing Adrenaline. Is it because she can't have him to herself? Bad Blackberry, you should be looking to off Q.

Birthday party, and yes Violet and Adrenaline had to be there for the party. They are the aunt and uncle you know.

Such a thrilling party when the child's mom is walking around the house in her underwear. Blackberry Hunter, the ultimate party girl.

Baroness is adorable! I am very partial to her to be honest.

Pillow fights, eating cake and a starving pregnant woman, How can you be starving when there is a cake around to eat?!

LOL Blackberry breaks out talk of Harry Potter with Q and BAM! Good Time party. If only she started earlier it may have been even better.

Party animals tend to crash though, and Blackberry is no exception, I just wish she hadn't done it in front of the toilet. Imagine the germs.

Oh sweet! Treasure chest!!! Not much more til I can get them the Beauty Salon, then I can give makeovers.

Baroness came home and brought home Gale Riches, they could potentially get together. I think I'd like that.

Hey Mister, have you seen any birds around here?

You are a very strange boy.

What's with the bird talk?!

*OMG! My husband is so hott.*

Look dude, I have no idea what your kid was going on about but seriously, find out why he's interested in birds.

I can't say I could understand it at all.

Woohoo! Birth, probably the last kid of this house with the way she has been miscarrying.

Excuse me, random chick, why are you in my house?

/birth spam

Good luck with the kids, lady.

Well isn't Blackberry the popular one.

Honey, phone's for you.

That's nice, can you take the baby so I can finish giving birth?

Yes we have twins, a boy named Scar and a girl named Glory.

Scar - Villain in Lion King (like you needed an explanation)
Glory - Villain in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 5th season.

I think Eggplant only likes babies, he isn't very focused on Baroness anymore.

More crap to sell to finally get a damn Beauty Salon.

By Sunday afternoon, there isn't much money left to get them that Salon.

Which happens at 7am, Eggplant finds that final treasure chest to push them over the top, time to buy it.

YES!!! And with that, it's the first sim owned community lot.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 2
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Shrink Visits: 7
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 3
Self-Wettings: 17
Pass-Outs: 31
Fights: 9
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 5
Miscarriages: 3

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: family: hunter a, isbi, rainbow, week three

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