TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Pippin's Cove : Week Three : Chance-Capobianco

So you can get a blurb...I suck I was so engrossed in playing I took like no pictures.

Yulia is very engrossed in her garden, she wants to make sure that she gets to have her prize winning garden.

Ethan spends all day in the coffin...after all he is a vampire.

And the toddlers sleep...quiet day you think right...not quite

Cuz here comes the social worker. Apparently Petal wasn't getting fed enough.

OMG She took my baby boy!! I can't believe it!

So we start the wooing process, I do need someone in the damn house to take the next step in the damn challenge.

Then I get this message...Uh WTF game you just took the damn kids?!

Either Jason paid off the social worker, or she left the kids out in the cold to just really let in that Ethan and Yulia are bad parents.

No wolfie, we don't need you around here right now, please come back around later.

Mother-child bonding in front of what I thought would be a spouse but didn't pan out to be.

Birthday spam in the gross hovel that is their room.

And we have three grown children!!! Awww adorable!



and Rose...Not too shabby All adorable!!!

All the girls want is a bit of attention from their parents...and well Thorn is off doing his own thing.

A+ students, what role models.

Ethan has nothing to do but be sexy, poor guy.

And I leave you off with group studying...look at that list go!
Tags: family: capobianco, family: chance, week three

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