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Pippin's Cove : Week Three : Hay

So with week 3 and the purchase of the first sim owned community lot, I decided that a new household should be added.

Meet Ste Hay, named after the Hollyoaks character. Yes I have personally come to love the clips I have seen and I absolutely hate that I can't watch the show live and in person. There will be another Hollyoaks character to come in a few weeks, yes I am that much of a geek.

Seriously? I haven't unlocked that career yet, you can't have it Ste :(

Ste moved into the recently abandoned house of Yulia, and had enough money to purchase all of this. Impressed yet?

Well with no money to his name, he digs for crap to sell. Not bad for the first item to dig up.

He digs up more crap, all the while Yulia is checking out his butt. Why yes Yulia, it is sexy.

Welcoming party consists of A good warlock, a widowed evil witch and a plant. I'm surpised he hasn't run inside yet. Also see him swooning for eggplant...well just like his character I did make him bi. (Ste startted ouaingg acchiktensad he was I'll put the line down the middle.)

Ya, even I don't know what to say to that Ste. As per simsecret, I do tend to overuse bitch, slut and whore...and quite frankly I didn't even realize so I will try to refrain from using such generalizations.

Violet just makes herself a charmer by tormenting poor Ste.. You know Violet he could actually marry you if you are nice to him. (or probably not cuz they have no chemistry)

But they do decide to have a group get along and just chat about the latest fashion crazes going on around town.

Do you know I saw the ugliest pink dress in a magazine the other day?

Pink is so passe, haven't people heard of purple?

Wow OTH discovered already. I call this a good day already.

Stop swooning over the married man, you have no shot.

*That plant chick knows how to kiss*

So do you think you can give me some tips on how to raise my stock in this neighborhood, I kinda wanna settle down.

The girls talk about how rain is like the best thing ever. I can see these two being besties.

While Ste leaves his guests to go build a snowman. Dude, you need to make friends.

Gratuitous sexiness. No need to thank me.

I had him run on out to meet these young ladies (one being the mail person) and this chick starts kiss kiss darling him...could people make it seem he is any gayer.

I wanna be friends with the chick with the whole body tattoo of vines.

Dude, she's a plant. You know leaves and all that.

I said friends, I don't wanna marry her.

I had a great time the other night, Yulia. It was nice of you guys to come over and make me feel welcome.

Meanwhile, the black dress chick, is not making friends with ANYONE, last time I saw her, she was abusing poor Phosphorus during week one at Eggplants.

You know, I just bought HOOPLA! this week for the hood, so why not have someone actualy use the club.

Wow what an arrival party. Rocko Rose, Njörðr Bork, Autumn Lutzen and the hott cashier.

Mrwor. And Craig Dorsey.

I feel you man, I haven't even had my first kiss yet, let alone found anyone to love.

*is bored with this conversation*

Ste, not the way to make friends.

Upstairs, after Ste pulled himself away from the hot tub long enough, we have Violet, Susana Heart, a DJ with a mullet (seriously game?!).

And a very very attractive bartender.

And a good warlock...dude If i wanted to get Ste into a warlock, I'll have Eggplant do it.

Not that this dude cared, he was a boring person and frankly a waste of a sim on the lot that I could have had someone else use.

With the birth of well over 5 kids, there is a definite need for someone in the education slot. Ste decides he will shape the minds of the youth.

Off to work for Ste...he's the second one to actually have a career.

Dunno why Ethan and Yulia decided to stroll past the lot, and definitely no idea why Ethan would go out know daylight. This isn't Twilight Ethan.

Harley Quinn also decides to come past the house...when her butt should be in school.

Wavefest 2012. I bet Ste is excited to be home from the kids.

Cameron strolls by the house too, now he is so could you not love him.

I saw this ugly pink dress in a magazine teh other day.

You know my friend told me the same thing, and said it would look better in purple.

Oh well they are right, and I would love to try it on.

o.0 Cameron are you becoming your book character (I have been toying with the idea of switching Tris and Cameron's sexual preferences, butomake up I would have tomake one of the girls gay as well so it's still being planned...everything will be figured out in week 4)

He is seriously obsessed with Cameron. When Cameron left, he wanted to be friends. So why not just use the phone and make them friends.

Another snowman, seriously? Haven't we talked about this already?

Shut up I have nothing better to do.

Another day at work and Casey Blossom walks by the lot. Well I will be sure to let Ste know you came by.

Comes home and sleeps. Wakes up showers and gets a call from Cameron. I think my game is trying to tell me something.


This dude is kinda hott.

Ste seems to agree.

Cue them flirting, thank you ACR.


Why not, you're hott.

Not very nice Ste.

Cameron ADD still...i still can't believe they aren't friends.

And a good night's sleep...tomorrow is Saturday, and we have the whole weekend to play.

So we invite over the object of our affections, namely Tom Broke.

Really? Who would you wanna bring to the house of the guy you're seeing?

Ahh some random townie. And she watches as you get groped, not awkward at all >.>

Some flirtng...

some pillow fghting, which normally would lead to woohoo, but no double bed :p


tickling..Why yes they are on a date, how could you tell :p

That's romantic, cute slow dancing.

And that isn't. Tom is lying about his wants, and Ste is swooning over another man. Honestly, I don't even have a clue what will happen with Ste.

More romantic cues...then Ste goes to bed while Tom is still in the house.

Another flirt. They do make a cute couple.

Um no we didn't Tom, I have no idea why you would think Ste would have an underage boy in his house overnight when there is no room for you.

And Ste thinks about his date and how awesome it was, as he goes back to bed.

I was kinda excited to play him so :)
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