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Pippin's Cove : Week Three : X

I have no idea what it is, but everyone has to birdwatch in my game. Come say hello to everyone Maudie.

Maudie X comes here to escape the crowding of her childhood home. Poor girl barely had a bed to sleep in.

Wanna give me money to have a better life?

Sadly her LTW is one that won't happen. She doesn't have a degree. This is why you go to college people.

And her cute little shack, which left her with like 12 bucks in the bank. She sure is rich.

I really wish i had a big screen TV. I'm gonna miss the Grammy's and their tribute to Whitney.

So we kinda need to meet some people to get this off the ground, though Maudie is in a game of sike with the paper girl. She doesn't seem too bothered it looks like.

OMG! some ugly dude gave me a free computer. People are too nice here.

I've heard of the portal being blocked, but Eggplant couldn't even get anywhere near the mailbox until Violet was far off, it was funny to see the back up for flying brooms.

So our welcome wagon has Eggplant and Violet Hunter and me...well there will be no help on the spouse hunt from this.

Really no help...Maudie here is into chicks. Make sure you don't tell Eggplant, he may want to watch. (Which I never really understood)

Well, time to get a date finding...

off to the club, at noon on a Monday. Well I never said this game made total sense.

Look I know you are just trying to do your job by trying to sell me some games, but I just came here to meet new people, I don't have money to buy anything.

So she heads to the dance floor and scopes out the room, and of course finds Yulia hot...Everyone finds Yulia hot.

Out in the hot tub though, DNW and Sigihild get a bit closer...they don't have to worry, none are exclusive relationships.

And why helllo chemistry!

What a great body over there *stares*

Where's the body? and why does the DJ have a mullet?

It's so nice to meet some new people, I kept thinking I was gonna keep seeing the same faces.

*OMG! She wants me!*

They did get to cuddle a bit, but no hanky panky cuz someone had to leave the lot. Probably had to go work on some homework or something.

Meanwhile Bixbite here is getting fondled by the Charleton and Ethan just laughs. What the hell people.

Look I'll give you 5 bucks, and you do what I want.

But i seriously don't wanna go anywhere near you. Please go away.

Aww poor Bixbite.

I see Maudie in a bathhing suit is gettinng leers from Leon O'Brien. Sorry dude, she doesn't want you.

But look who has come to the rescue, Nunu Simpson-Bee. She makes fast friends with Maudie by mocking someone's dance moves.

You dance like an injured lemur.

I guess they were mocking Jay, cuz he so doesn't look happy with Nunu, but they got the moves.

She comes home complaining about how tired she is, and she still has the welcome wagon on her front lawn. Ya I wouldn't be happy about that either.

Hey hon, how are you doin? Did you have fun the other day? You kinda got up and I thought you weren't having fun.

There is no downtown yet. -_-

That doesn't mean she can't come on over for a date, does it?

I'm not sure whhich one led the charge but hey who am I to say anything if they both want it.

Very satisfied ladies it looks like, hi nipple.

A dream date like no other, or like every other depending on the person.

I'm so happy I lost my virginity to you, it was the best time ever.

No surprise on my mind, I figured she'd wind up pregnant with the woohooing.

-_- Why must there be no downtown, then these messages would stop.

Clean clean clean, i think someone in my game may be a bit OCD.

No honey, a parrot did not get you pregnant, though I think that would put your enthusiasm thru the roof.

Pop and cleaning toilets o.0 Well to be fair she was cleaning, so she did the toilet and then she cleaned the newspapers.

Pippin Summerdream decides to call and try to persuade Maudie to go out on a date with him. Sorry Pippin, but she is kind of pregnnat with another lady's baby.

No idea why I took this picture, but look how calm she is sleeping.

Um ya this doesn't really work all that well for me, bottom half of the belly morphed top not.

Pregnnat or not, someone needs to get herself some money for bills, so a digging we will go. What we have found is enough for the first weeks bills...A map for a vacation she will probably never take.

And a second pop...lucky girl wil be a single mom soon.

Do you think Sigihild realized she's gonna be a mom soon? I mean that belly has GOT to be in the way.

Well, that is definitely a warranted want for next week.

and at least its a mutual want. It'll definitely be good for next week right?!

Yet another dream date, at least the flowers are a nice decoration for her kinda dank house, it doesn't even have exterior wallpaper.

I know she's based on literary characters, and the fact that she doesn't have a tv kinda sux, but seriously all she ever wants to do is write in her diary. It probably is like "I had an ok day today the baby kicked me and i had a coke zero" or some shit like that.

Here's an idea, instead of just looking in the fridge for munchies, how about you cook something? Wait..maybe not, you have like no cooking points.

STOP! Labor time....ya so what :p

Lets live dangerously...i mean I can't honestly be looking at quads when Violet JUST had a set of them.

I jinxed myself dind't I?!

Well here's one baby...

A beautiful baby girl.

Well thankfully it was only twins, though she had to sell the wall seperator cuz she is as broke as anything. I decided to base my names on the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night's Dream.

These young ladies would be Helena and Hermia.

Ya, so she doesn't have much of a mother's instinct but we can work on that.

Especially with the help of Sigihild...who came by to meet her daughters...on their birthday.

LOL as you can see I didn't get good pictures of them as toddlers right now, but that could be for next week.

ANd a closing shot of the family and how dirt poor they are. Wish them luck.

Sorry I was actually typing this up last night, and then I hear about Whitney Houston and got wrapped up in reading articles, hunting down songs and downloading videos.
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