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Pippin's Cove : Week Four : Riches

We start off the week with Rhys climbing into bed at like 3am...good job there Mr. I wanna be the mayor.

And i have no idea why Charles is in Tris's bed, but if he wants to be in the bed, iwon't bother hiim....tonite.

Jason decides he wants to be in the zone for cooking while he sleeps. Yes that's right my son is a food addict.

First day of school for the little ones, which means I actually have the house to myself. Niiiiice!!

So I sleep in and have a nice relaxing bath, ahhh the pleasures of not having crying babies or toddlers.

Jason scores some free cash, and Cameron gets his girly self on.

Second one in the zone for cooking. And Gale looks far too happy to be coming home with homework.

Cameron has a pesky be bf want with Ste and what better way to get it by inviting him over.

Ste just seems to love the idea of visiting the founding family...or rather Cameron.

Well Cameron wasn't too happy that Ste wasn't in a bathing suit, but a change and BAM instant attraction. Why yes that does mean I switched Cameron and Tris.

Cameron starts getting his game on, while Jason just ignores it. He is the Romance sim after all getting no nookie.

I always figured Cameron to be the nice older brother, the kind that got picked ON rather than the one who picks on people.

I do have all the older sibling teach the younger ones how to study and do their homework. Look how nice Jason is.

See, this is what I figured would happen. Finally someone doing the picking on.

Wow now if only I had a picture of my father doing the same thing. o.0 Why the hel did they decide to go nap in a chair rather than sleep in their damn bed that's like 5 feet away.

No idea frizzy haired chick who came home from work with Rhys. How did you not know this?

Ivan decides to start pestering the damn house with phone calls, wanting to talk to people he hasn't talked to in years. But who am I to argue? He's hott.

Jason is gonna be a master artist with his awesome splatter skills, I think my nephew has colored better than that...and he's 3.

Cameron has decided that he doesn't like this chick for some reason and assaulted her. Go Cameron, beat that chick who did nothing wrong to you up. o.0

and the first Genie lamp goes to...Gale...who totally can't see the creepy lady tip-toeing on the porch to deliver the lamp...Honestly?!

Upon coming home from school, I finally remember that I haave unlocked a salon, which means we can finally buy new outfits. Jason is definitely loving it, since he isn't really into track suits.

But he brings home Keith Condom, which is always a welcome gift to me.

And then this beautiful lady walks by my lot. Definitely need to get her number...hello spouse material!!!

Not that Jason cared or anything, he beat his brother at losing his virginity at the very least.

The little ones brought home Luke and Medusa Hunter, which I don't mind because socialization is healthy for children.

Um ya, I guess Rhys and I need to have a talk with him about KISSING before sleeping with someone.

But Jason is the talk of the school now, with the girls and guys calling left and right trying to invite him downtown (which I still don't have).

Cameron finally sucks up the courage to ask out Ste, and Ste of course says yes.

Awww it's love!!!

Ya so, Ste and Cameron have their first kiss, and thanks to stretchskeleton, it isn't all sorts of awkward. They did it right (and yes I spammed cuz damn it, I have an awesome computer that plays better)

And then they make out. At least Cameron is taking it step by step the right direction. I won't let him sleep with Ste yet LOL.

Hey Ste would you sleep with me if I wasn't 16?

Absolutely hott stuff, come to papa.

Cameron is aaparently not very nice, cuz he cheats at chess, and gets caught alot.

LOL doesn't mean he won't still try to cheat, I love it.

Jason I have plans with, but since he is technicaly 18, he doess nothing but sit at home all day and wait until I ship him off to Uni. Time to build up those skills.

Brenna Roberts comes home with one of the teens, and look how pretty she is.


and here comes Yulia, injecting herself into another family's update. I do believe she has been in them all now.

Why do people think violence solves any problem? and why are the townies fighting in my damn house.

Why yes this is for me, you can share if you like :p

Jason however gets no free time, he needs to skill, my plans for him do involve him with high skills.

I'm kind of glad I have the pool table. It's a great group activity for the teens, and it could help get them a scholarship.

why yes, this does not shock me in the slightest bit. I always figured Gale = total macho man.

Viktor Kraft decides to take a stroll by the house, showing everyone that I wil replace townies as they get married into the houses.

Time to party!! And Yulia, you should know already that there is no downtown!!!

Some vital stats for my three straight babies. I think the only one I predicted was Gale being a romance sim.

I do think Gale came out amazing. I seriously can not wait for him to have babies!!

But just like Cameron, he is a bit mean. Cameron is getting a taste of his own medicine and not liking the taste.

So we get him another date! Ste is like one of my favorites!!

What a way to start a date. It's like they haven't seen each other in years or something.

but they make it official, and are going steady now. <3

That dude with the purple hair is kinda hott, have you seen him?

Meh, can we talk about something other than how hott the neighbors are?

Jason the romance sim, not wanting to talk about the hott people. I don't think he is feeling well.

Good morning honey. *blows kiss*

*passes out in his eggs*

Why didn't you come to bed last night? Ste?

It's time for the first elders in Pippin's Cove, I don't think I'm ready for this.

But right after we age up, Jason gets his tushy shipped off to college.

Hey, I don't think we look so bad for elders. But I miss being young.

Sorry for any typos, but my keyboard has been acting up lately. I have the final uberdorm update capped and uploaded....just need to type it
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