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Pippin's Cove : Week Four : Uberdorm

The happy college household, I was happy to play them again :)

After leaving them from their last final of junior year, they were pretty miserable. Wouldn't you be too?

I honestly just have no idea about this picture, it was a good teaser but they all look like they need some fun.

And Carrie is starting to get herself to be a bit clingy, remember no one likes a clingy woman Carrie.

Lyric Cruise decides to start stalking some of the guys around the dorm, Notably guys that SOL are trying to get to sleep with her.

Oh geez, Bixbite is still picking on Iago, and Epping is still being a pain in the ass by attacking Penelope and losing.

And these two, completely and utterly clueless, at least they have each other. That may not work out so well for AWOL.

And a ton more abuse happening, seriously people, you need to stop with the abuse. It doesn't make you look god at all, and especially because it's not an ISBI.

Oh feel smug Epping, you beat up a girl, one fight won, like 9 lost.

But I finally won, maybe she'll leave me alone now.

Not likely.

I honestly can't believe some of the people living in this dorm, My friend's bully wants to play games with me, and the chick bullying my brother is getting hit on. Whack Jobs.

Says the man with the grilled cheese obsession.

So I haven't really been well lately, so today I went to the doctor. He thought I should take a blood test.

Why the heck would he want you to take a blood test? It's probably the flu.

The people not involved in the serious conversation decide to play games and enjoy themselves.

Because he thinks I might be pregnant, you know we have been sleeping together the past four years Igor.

*chokes on food*

These two have been assigned as the maids today, after all they don't have alot going on in their lives.

Epping more so than Paddington, because Epping even fails at doin well with a 3 bolt match. Alperton however suceeds at maxing game enthusiasm.

My rules for hobby lots are very easy...a hobby lot becomes unlocked when 2 households have a member that has access to the lot, so it can't be unlocked by two family members. (dorm is considered one household until gradution.)

So DNW has the have 10 bf want, so looking in his panel, Edith was pretty close to a bestie, why not give her a call.

Paddington seems to have moved on from AWOL to the very pretty Tangerine Drop. I approve of this relationship.

Well someone here was in the red, and kept crying. This want just happened to roll, so why not, right?

I get the feeling she said yes, what do you think?

Someone here needed some creativity skills, she was the only one who started Uni with absolutely no skills behind her, I'm surprised she got this far along.

And let the failing of the update start...Bixbite likes to pass out on the portal.

A new fight starts with AWOL, but who is she fighting with now?

Igor! Well i guess he needs to start getting frustration out thinking he is the father of SOL's fetus.

And with a cook around most hours of the day, Savannah still manages to starve. She would have been a great ISBI spouse.

Meh SOL had the best relationship with her in the house, why not try at least.

o.0 it actually worked out. What on earth are the odds of that?

In your face Grim!!

How the fuck did I lose?

So as far as grudges, there is all the playable men vs AWOL, Iago and Bixbite, Penelope and Epping...and now Caranir and Paddington? LOL the cheerleader just can't bear to watch.

But she can watch as they beat the snot out of each other...there is some issues with this chick isn't there?

What the hell you smelly asshole, leave Iago alone?! Your hottness doesn't mean you get to be a total dick.

Iago overcomes it though, and does his term paper like the good little knowledge sim that he is.

Honestly?! why must you guys fight?

What? o.0

Oh great, she's managed to seduce Iago. what the heck is Carrie going to think about this.

Oh for fuck's sake, really SOL?! Gotta get him pregnant too?

Last minute studying to get those grade bars up...there isn't alot of time left in the semester.

Meanwhile we do need to try to find some spouses for Epping and AWOL.

And the only thing that happened on the lot right now is Epping losing his damn mind. Congrats there Epping.

Back to school we go.

Final flash, apparently nothing of interest actually happened in this span of time.

With the last semester, I re-enstated Igor and Iago's secondary aspirations, and rolled for everyone else. I don't have Epping or AWOL, and honestly I don't remember if they rolled one or not.

Trip for Iago and Epping brings about some interesting finds, Iago likes SHAKIRA SOWHUT and Epping finds sugar hotter than his three bolt match. Very strange.

Doesn't stop Epping from jumping in the hot tub to do her...hey at least it isn't SOL. She has taken too many people's virginity.

Epping is getting himself in with Avalon...who knows, maybe they were meant to be after all. Iago though is trying to pick up SHAKIRA in front of SOLAR SYSTEM, who just happens to be her brother.

Carrie does show up though, probably has a tracker on Iago or something and well I guess Iago has made up his mind too.

Term papers are getting themselves done. It is kinda nice seeing that no one is beating the snot out of each other.

And skilling is happening at the same time. Hey Paddington will probably need it.

Um why are you gaining cuisine enthusiasm for kissing Neon, SOL? Don't care, because this officially unlocks the cuisine hobby lot. Both SOL and I have membership. One down unknown to go.

Tangerine is not ashamed to walk around that dorm in her undies reeking like no tomorrow. Good confidence on that one!!

My sims are definitely in the right dorm. This is a page out of most sims games though, everyone strutting around in their undies. I used to do it in my dorm too.

DUDE! You are so in the way of the TV!!

What's up Iago? Wanna watch the One Tree Hill finale with us?

Don't you two have girlfriends?

Look who just happened to stop by the dorm, our stalker female fan, Carrie.

Honestly!! Damn girl has got game!

I guess Alperton took Iago's words to heart, cus he called up Peach to try and spend time with her.

It's a stink-a-thon!! Everyone apparently reeks.

And that brings this dorm batch to an end. (Graduiation post will be right after this). Since this is my first go, I felt it was too long and have since after this shrunk down Uni to a week. Jason's Uni days will be in one watch out for that.
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