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Pippin's Cove : Week Four : Uberdorm Spam

Epping's Graduation party only had hanging out (and the after pics didn't come out nice)

Alperton's party had a lot more spammage...what with him proposing to Peach and then the pictures.

And SOL popped...yup at graduation, I resumed all the pregnancys.

DNW's party with pictures and proposing to Natalia Rowan.

Paddington's party doesn't have a proposal because well he already did his.

AWOL's party has some popping by the Brothers Simpson, and she apparently has the best relationship with Iago. It's a bit scary to think about.

Igor's party was pretty tame, nothing out of sorts.

SOL's grauation party started with myself closing her poll. It was a tie, so I broke it with my vote...and Igor got picked as spouse. So she proposed to him and had a great time and her regular outfit is a towel LOL.

Last but certainly not least is my favorite sim of them all, Iago. Proposing to Carrie and having a great time...I almost did a huge spam with all of his pictures but I decided not to at the last second. And there you have this round all done.