TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Pippin's Cove : Week Four : Chance-Capobianco

So here we have the brood of kids that Yulia and Ethan brought forth...They are very purdy kids.

Well if you didn't want her to be a plantsim, why did you turn her into one? Hmmmm.

Birthday spam, and Yulia is apparently the gossiper who started the rumor Violet eats rats.

This could be really awkward when they become teens if they are this close now.

Ethan, however, is using his free time to start writing a new novel. We need a bit of cash in the house.

Star Novel..the story was a bunch of crap though.

Thorn hides in his room and does his homework, at least he does some stuff on his own.

Cake time!! I wonder how they turn out.

Stats, how much enjoyment can you get from them.



and Thorn.

What a generation. 2 straight and a bi. Will wonders never cease.

The kids decide to waltz around in their underwear, not that I have any complaints about it.

And that would be the cooking lot unlocked. 8 or 10 more to go...i dunno.

This could be a bit disturbing...Your parents having sex on the couch while you sleep in the bed. Talk about scarred for life.

The kids bring home Tris Riches and Medusa Hunter, let's see if Thorn has any chemistry with either of them. Sadly didn't happen.

But with three kids bringing home A+s and Thorn realizing he loves sports, it's been a good day.

Ste calls to catch up with Yulia. He hasn't talked to her in like a day. Poor guy.

EEEE! Thorn did this all on his own. Such the cutie and having personal hygiene.

No Ethan, you are not allowed to flirt with my daughter so just take those lightning bolts away right now.

While you think this is actually turning the vampire, Ethan is just drinking some of Thorn's blood. He was hungry.

Unfortunately, Thorn does pay the price for having his blood sucked by passing out at the table.

After having this want locked for at least two weeks, we can finally fulfill the want be making some BFF time with Adrenaline.

And just look at those new wants, shiny bright and Yulia centric.

I don't know why they flock to this bed when they have their own beds upstairs in their rooms. What is wrong with you people!?

The kids take a field trip to HOOPLA to try and find some interest for their love lives.

While everyone here is fawning all over Petal, Rose has her eyes on Vanity Princeton. I love the fact she has her eyes on someone conservative. No flashing her hoochie around.

*I wonder if he is marriage material*

*I am so hott*

*God, he is fugly* Um nice to meet you but I need to go somewhere else right now.

She does, however, love the looks of Njörðr Bork. Something to keep in mind.

Back home the teens head, at least one had romantic prospects.

Well both of them seem to love Eerie Black Crayola, well that seems like a good sign.

Except he seems to be a bit over friendly. Dude she just met you, no hugs.

Wait, are you telling me you're bi now too? Well no Ethan for you!

OK the over-friendly aspect of your life needs to get going, no one wants to hug a stranger.

Aww Snuggle times...I love how the vampire needs sleep as does the plant...interesting theory.

Thorn goes into the cuisine zone, and why not...the memberships help enormously.

And yet another person to join the elder club. Yulia is gettiing all old now.

LOL not confetti, but leaves. LOL this is the first plantsim i've had that actually got old. The leaves made me giggle.
Tags: family: capobianco, family: chance, week four

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