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Pippin's Cove : Week Four : Hay

Ste's life has been super difficult. Cute underage boyfriend, and a plant for a friend. No sleeping with the teenager.

LOL this is exactly how i look EVERY morning when I get up.

Hi familiar face! Sorry Ste isn't home and doesn't want you as a wife, please move on.

Promotion...lets give him a date for that.

Honestly, I mean I know there are no pets on my lot or anything but why would you go upto a strange animal Cameron?

I'm sorry, You're in a bad mood? No your dumb ass got skunked..there is a difference.

Cleaning up before company.

So there wouldn't be a huge gap between Cameron and Ste, I had Ethan bite him and turn him into a creature of the night. Good luck with that Ste.

And we end this with a newly vampire Ste. For some reason printscreen didn't catch anything after this...no idea why though.